Playing The Blame Game: The Political Farce Of The Government Shutdown

The talk in Washington – again – is of a “government shutdown.” We are supposed to fear such a shutdown so much we will turn a blind eye to anything the duopoly does to avoid it. But what if it’s all just a big farce? Please support the Ron Paul Liberty Report with a tax-deductible donation to the Ron Paul Institute:

Original Youtube video here.

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Fawad Charkhi

What an empty life if you just let it waste to go became what? You’re being pushed low and low. —. —. —.You demand and dare, fight for justice and fair Put shoulder together to bear burdens and care Oh dear dear, dare no fear, share love and care Keep on going no matter if victory is far or near Come together wipe all blood, tear, sweat and fear We all get hurt in different ways and many layer Revive,nourish feeling for love and pain to share Noble you are, if you widen love care and Prayer Oh dear dear,… Read more »


an't you see what all of this ( boarder fence , clean water act, Stormy Daniels , Etc ) these are nothing but distractions to keep the bases fighting against each other , while the real culprit that is sucking America dry is the $780,000,000,000 military spending = approximately $2500 for every man , woman and child ! If all you news pundits would start to pound the living daylights out of the illegal wars and death and destruction day after day( like MSM Doesyou when they push their lies} along with the true costs of the wars , 17… Read more »


If Trump would stand up to the war mongers and the deep state and then end the wars bring our troops, and stop supporting all aggression and cut the military industrial complexes' budget in half would be a real Merry Christmas !

Ray. Lee


Christina Thompson

IT IS INSULTING that congress spends money on itself to be present to pass a budget , why bother with a budget , since i am one of the ones being plundered i would rather they just spend and tell me as an aside as an after the fact instead of saying they will spend one amount then raid social security , or fanny may or freddie mack , or do what the military does just spend and oh well we lost it in the accounting process , what would happen if my bank that holds my mortgage wanted one… Read more »

Everton R

Great show guys!!!!

silent watcher

They should shutdown the US dept. of defense, CIA,NSA, US dept. of justice, pentagon, US office of president Trump. After they do all these, surely war in Syria ,Afghanistan,Iraq and other US hostile acts will suddenly stop. The US and the world will have instant peace.

Allan Larmour

They need to shutdown for good

End the Reds IV

Money will not solve our problems Dr., and something tells me you know this by now.

Sam Sticka

A wall on our southern border will make us like Berlin. Jesse Ventura warned us of that, but no one listened.

Usufruct Empire

A federal corporation is not a government.

none none


Paulo Raposo

We can go around and around but whilst we remain in this sick capitalistic oligarchy system, we are doomed. A wise 15 year old Swedish activist, Greta Thunberg, recently said at the UN " And if solutions within the system are so impossible to find, then maybe we should change the system itself."

Paulo Raposo

great final words Ron Paul " Governments all around the world, JUST GET OUT OF OUR LIVES!!!"


In the meantime – A Texas Elementary School Speech Pathologist Refused to Sign a Pro-Israel Oath, Now Mandatory in Many States — so She Lost Her Job.

Libra 4 Justice

Tell your Senators and Representatives what to do. Join up with Downsize D.C. They have many levers to help and make it easy.

Hugo Benito Gonzalez

Why isn't Dr. Paul not talking about the Yellow Vest in Europe???
Paul doesn't (((HEADLINE))) it in any of his Titles. Makes a big difference. ???

The God Emperor

Government shutdown wasn't great for people who lost their jobs, you know? That stopped being paid. Not all government spending/jobs are bad, only an idiot deals in absolutes.

Elliott Holsworth

Please answer your emails.

Fla-bushcraft Prepper

Born in 1966 and a Democrat from age 18.
Not one of us 4 voters in our house voted for Trump in 2016.
We say build the Wall. Employs people and puts money into the economy.
We hold everyone who does not fund the wall to blame.
We will be voting for Trump in 2020.
Bring home the troops and use Army Core of Engineers to help on the wall.

Michael Solitro

America is no longer a nation.
It has emigrated itself out of nationhood.
Since 9/11 America has become something else.

Bill Woo

Man, when he gets cranking on delivering that conclusion, so polished and brilliant, it takes my breath away. They just don't make 'em like that.