Patriot Act Reform: A Hoax

Congress is scrambling to save the anti-American PATRIOT Act by pretending that a “reform” re-authorization bill, the FREEDOM Act, will protect our liberties. Former Rep. Ron Paul legislative director Norm Singleton joins the Liberty Report for an inside look at Washington maneuverings.

Original Youtube video here.

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These videos need more views


Actually "The Freedom Act" name makes sense… it's only acting, its not real.  We love you Dr. Ron  keep fighting the good fight, this country is worth it, and when the constitution and bill of rights is restored during Dr. Rand's presidency (YES!)  folks will realize what they allowed to slip away, and America will once again be resurrected a great and vigilant nation… maybe even resurrected enough to put an end to the corrupt private banking cartel FRB, and their Nazi enforcers IRS.

Bill Pitman

Is congress legislating laws to preface Jade Helm 15? Can't they put Glass Steagall back into law? Why hasn't Clinton's repeal of the 1933 act been adjudicated as treasonous? That seemed a real turning point for the demise of the American citizen's freedom from Ma Bell's bastard step children…Just a few thoughts Dr. Paul

jump oricakle

it looks like ron paul will not run. I doubt he will run against his own son.

Secret Squirrel

Okay, where do we get that flag in the background?


They're barking up the wrong tree. There is no fixing the federal government, as it is accountable to those not of the United States.  Our hope lies in strengthening our respective states first, then working through state infrastructure to restore the country, ie. breaking up fascist monetary institutions eliminating Marxist control structures.  Nullify using the 10th Amendment.  Take each nullification to the SCOTUS if need be.


I'm a bit concerned about the 2012 Obama revisions of the NDAA granting the authority to indefinitely detain citizens without due process.  Combined with the Patriot Act this is the recipe for tyranny.

Matthew Mccall

Let the Patriot Act die and stop arming, training and funding terrorists!!!!!!

TrumpArmy ofKentucky

I declare this a true libertarian real freedom Rand Paul free zone.

Laura Brown Merrell

love you Ron Paul..voted for you everytime   sure wish you were president  thanks for all the great info here  i trust you


The Patriot act has done nothing to prevent acts of terrorism. Mass school shootings still occur, Boston Marathon, cartoonists getting turned into tomato soup because they were cracking wise on someones prophet; the list goes on. Also the restrictions it places on its citizens are not worth its empty promises to begin with.
Those Who Sacrifice Liberty For Security Deserve Neither. -Ben Franklin


A few things that independents and progressives agree upon; getting rid of the patriot act/surveillance state, overturning citizens united, reinstatement of glass-stegal. Rigging elections is another cause of concern.  Electronic voting is untrustworthy.

Mike Garcia

(o_0) I'm absolutely appalled at the government's poll results regarding the amount of Americans who support the renewal of the Patriot Act Provisions. (O_O) I was totally unaware & caught completely off guard to discover that 63% of Americans are legally RETARDED! Where do they conduct their polls for such unimportant things like this anyways….The White House's Country Club Member's ONLY Golf Coarse?!?

TheDark Nite

Ron Paul, the only ethical politician since Jimmy Carter. And on the sidelines too. Malheureusement!


P.s Ron Paul I am a reregister voter and I tried to vote for you but for some reason my name was not on the list to vote they said it was some kind of mix up . They made me wait for about 30 minutes sorry but I gave up and went home to take care of my sick grandma .