On The Ropes: 60% Don’t Trust Media

A recent Gallup poll showed that six in ten Americans do not believe the mainstream media is trustworthy, a continuation of a steady decline in confidence over the years. The mainstream is in a panic — they want to control what we think. What are the reasons for the decline? What is the future?
Sources: http://wapo.st/1GexQnO

Original Youtube video here.

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Luis Rosales

the media revolution on YouTube and Vimeo, etc. will really change the game. there are some very passionate individuals making videos about any topics, this will change education especially.

Long Kang

for the time being, any and every and all mainstream media news start their news with ISIS and end with IRAN.
until they have new lies…


Very sharp for an 80 year old man.

Greg Rayner

dont forget Greg Hunter from USA Watchdog……….

No No

Atleast the media has the honesty to say that only 40% of all Americans believe them. There were countrys like the DDR in which they would make us statistic on e.g. the election polls and lie about "trust". I wouldn't be suprised if this is happening in Germany now too. If you talk to a German you will probably here that he/she does not agree with the politicians or the Lügenpresse (press of lies)., however the press and the politicians continue to say that the majority of the population supports them.


Operation Mockingbird

Christian Correa

Media is code for Jew. Just say it already. All these euphemisms.


Hey guys, I love the show, but I have a request:

When you talk about specific reports or articles, could you put a link to the source material in the video description? It'd help to have that readily available when sharing your videos on social media.

Thanks! And keep up the good work!


Has anyone done a 'Ron Paul was right' compilation? If that could be spread widely, more might seek out his wisdom. We sure need it for the direction of this world currently. Thank you Dr. Paul for your amazing, selfless, enduring drive to educate the masses.


When the media decided that whistle blowers were the enemy I new it was time to check out. The media made the truth and those who desire the truth the enemy of the state.


My favorite media moment: 2012 Republican Primary, on the left side of my TV screen, four candidates: Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney, John McCain, and Ron Paul. On the right side of the screen a talking head who proceeds to discuss the "three candidates": Santorum, Romney, and McCain, as if Ron weren't there. It was like a "1984" Big Brother scene: "How many candidates do you see, the State says there are three." There were four, though I personally think there was only one 🙂


Everyone is sick of the msm "info-tainment", biased dogma, lies, and hasbara propaganda.

Mountain Man with JimmyJam

good job


Ever since 911….

Informed Americans Support President Trump

The fact that 40% still trust the liberal MSM, shows that millions of Americans have been brainwashed.

John Mastroligulano

Love what you choose to do with your time thank you.

Ralph Deep

100% of people with an IQ over 70 don,t trust the media


BBC reported the World Trade Center Building 7 free fall collapse 20 minutes early!!! How obvious do these pedos have to be… The main stream media is the Fascist U.S. Government and they had the story for 9/11 already scripted because they perpetrated it!!


Of course we dont trust the media. The media is ran by the zionists. Trusting the MSM is trusting the bad guys.

What are your thoughts on MSM/CNN/false flag events? Agenda to reform gun control or is it reverse psychology to make everyone in the USA to buy more guns and ammo…


And most people don't even know that the government recently passed a law allowing them to use propaganda on the citizenry.
If everyone knew about that,it would be around 99% that don't believe the mainstream media.


"On The Ropes: 60% Don't Trust Media"…I believe these numbers are very conservative…or…another way of looking at it is, 40% of the people are sheep. Here in California, when the politicians (the family) lose votes, they bring in more "undocumented migrants", give them voting rights and jobs here in the state, with checking accounts, welfare, etc. What I find rewarding is when we have a reporter go "5150" on-air, taken off the air, givin' a vacation then slowly fades away, replaced as if nothing happened (really loved Dylan Ratigan rant, watch it often),,,good times, good times…All my love to the… Read more »

DamLieBusters DamLieBusters

Thank you Dr Paul.
Thankfully people are waking up to the falsehoods of the controlled mainstream media.
There are people out here who are TruthBombing youtube and websites to try and wake people up. Feel free to join in!
Wake your families up people!! ADVANCE THE CAUSE OF LIBERTY

Jihadi Justine Turdeau

Which brings us to the TPP …


Jews owns Mass Media