Netanyahu’s Iran Nuke Show: Should We Believe Him?

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave a dramatic presentation yesterday where he claimed to produce new and shocking evidence that Iran was violating the nuclear treaty and continuing its pursuit of nuclear weapons. But much of his “evidence” is actually old evidence from before the 2007 CIA’s National Intelligence Estimate that Iran was no longer pursuing a nuclear weapon. Is Bibi bluffing us?

Original Youtube video here.

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Bob Smithers

Nuclear weaponry is a hoax. Just another hoax by the synagogue of Satan. Revelations 2:9 3:9. If there were nuclear weapons in their possession there wouldn't the middle East anymore.

Albert Moore

He seems quite credible. Iran and North Korea are Putin proxies scheming with him to annihilate the populations of the USA and China by successive nuclear EMP and neutron bomb attacks. Iran and North Korea would suffer any residuary retaliation from sea, space and American allies. Russia would be the sole remaining superpower, precisely the point of Putin’s genocidal machinations. The Iran nuclear deal was void ab initio for fraud in the inception by the Persian leadership and the queer communist Quisling Barack Hussein Obama II d.o.b. 4 August 1961. The continued nuclear arms development by the Persian leadership is… Read more »

Racso Caasi

Netanyahu is a fucking demon


If you are a Jewish /Israel hater ,you will say anything to dis-credit what-ever they are doing and dish it up for the misinformed idiots who will believe your thumb-sucking twisted stories.Sorry guys, you are missing the real story here – AGAIN.!!!!!!. Blowing in the wind – like Bob Dylan sang.

Nelio Anderson

Don't trust Saudi Israelia.
If you read the Greater Israel Project published 40 years ago you would not believe him. Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Iran were to be regime changed. Iran is to be the final target right after Syria. Since Syria was a dudd there is now an urgent push for Iran.

Patrick Lambert

When Gog and his allies come against Israel there will be a great slaughter of Jews. Two thirds of the population will be killed. Zechariah 13:8. Jerusalem will be captured. Zechariah 14:2. Only the intervention of Yahshua the Messiah will save half the population of Jerusalem. Zechariah 14:2, 14:3-4. Yahshua will come with the armies of heaven to save His people. Revelation 19:11-16. Israel is invaded because her leaders have bent their knees to Baal. They exalt the Talmud above the Bible. The Talmud is useless human traditions. Israel entered the land when Yahweh expelled the canaanites for worshipping Baal.… Read more »

Average Student

Send Bibi a text "We will bomb Iran, after you (Israel) agree to inspections and declare nuclear assets – love, USA" … and BiBi will have another presentation next day saying how Iran is the most compliant country and that presentation was false intel provided by Saudi Agents and Bomb Saudia now!


"We've provided that intelligence to US" – Adolf Netanyahu about Saddam's WMDs – it's on video. All wars for Israel since 911…


Trusting a Jew. Sure. Only retards would do that. Meaning our gov 😝

Charles Wilson

I have not been trained at Fox. I can do a better show.

Fred Pennington

Dr Paul: Netanyahu has the same Psychology found in the Koran Islamic Muslim beliefs which justifies, according to the text, LIES, CHEATING, STEALING, and KILLING.

amadou camara

the problem we have before the presidential election each candidate go to aipac to pledge allegiance to the Jews. Clinton was the first president who started it. now my solution ,if any candidate go to aipac I won't vote for him

JoJo Mama

Of course J.Kushner kissing Israeli ass,Trump sucking Israeli dick and both working not for the best interests of American people but for the Zionist warmongers will be the downfall of the greatest country on Earth,the United States of America…

JoJo Mama

May God help us all!

Rich Pipia

Even his own Jewish people don't believe Netanyahu he's the biggest liar in Israel

Rihan Khan

if Us and israel have these weapons ,why can't iran and other countries have them?
if you want to denuclearise world, you have to start it from home!!

Paul edw13

He carries cardboard nukes, like carries credit cards.


did he call iran an ARAB country? oh Fucking dear

Miranda Elaine

Say it loud and say it proud NO NETANYAHU

Wayne Mickel

Netanyahu has been saying this for how many years? it has been at least ten years since he made the first speech and Iran still doesn't have nuclear weapons but there are Jews who live in Iran that are real Jews Netanyahu is not, he is just a criminal terrorist and a fool the Jews in Iran will not move to Israel a fascist country Saudi Arabia is just another Jewish state created by Britain the people who created all of this mess.