NATO Admits Afghan Mission Failure

After 14 years of fighting in Afghanistan, the country is in worse shape than ever. NATO is trying to figure out what it can do next, after years of training and advising the Afghan army have not produced the results expected. Maybe the problem is the interventionism in the first place?

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Original Youtube video here.

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Sourabh Kale

attack pakistan to defeat taliban

Franky Rubalcava

Ron Please Run again :'(

Doug McGillis

Canada should not be involved

Michael G

Bearing in mind that I DO NOT condone the following proposal but it seems pretty obvious, looking at the present and far back into the past, that the only way to "fix" Afghanistan is to go hardcore Medieval, completely annihilate the current population and resettle the area with people whose culture is more modern/civilized.

Otherwise, other nations need to stay out and practice containment to minimize any potential damage that seeps out.

Hussain Fahmy حسين فحمي

Bankruptcy is the result of occupation.


Thank you guys, for this.
When it's our volunteers going over there and getting killed, nobody sees the problem. There's "supporting the troops". If the draftees were going over there, the politicians would have their hands full. If we really cared about our military one might think we'd treat our volunteers better than the draftees. But of course it's the exact opposite, because the "support" is all-politics from first to last.


North Atlantic Treaty Organization got lost behind Caspian sea…

Douglas Ives

NATO's leaders running scared. They have made a deal with the devil and they can't back out of it.

George Szejner

If NATO Afghan mission is a failure, some people should go to jail.

Mendicant Bias

Russia is an inert threat. ISIS may threaten American military interests, but it does not in any way constitute a real threat to our continued existence as a country. The reality is that the American militarism has been the greatest threat to America since WWII. We have gone well beyond the mandate to defend our country and give full license to those who want military adventures and spoils of war. It's time to start seeing ourselves as complicit in the problems we face today rather than the saving hand of humanity.

Wayne Christie

Ron Paul tells it like it is


Nato = Communism

Rahaan Ibrahimi

This land is belong to afghans if a gust come to our land they should stay as gust not as boss. Or ells we kick they are ass and send them where they belong to