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Cort Hoffman

keep spreading the message of liberty =)

Joe Santario

All the PRESIDENCY runners suck ! We the people need Ron Paul for PRESIDENCY !! What Trump means is bible revalations , computer chips or whatever they have up there sleeve to keep track of people and using terrorism/terrorists as an excuse ! Especially with all the talk of Syrian refugees that are going to be dumped in America. Same shit that happened in paris will start spreading everywhere.


Very informative show! keep it up Dr Paul!

Priscilla Sieckman

Thank you,Ron Paul. You are my go to source to always find out what is really going on.


This whole debate makes me mad at the muslims for forcing us to debate this. We have been fighting muslims for decades now and we haven't made any progress with the whole hearts and minds tactic so maybe it's time for a switch. We tried being nice so maybe it's time we just steamroll islam with our nuclear weapons honestly it looks thats how all of this will end because we can't maintain our current strategy and we can't withdraw because russia will come in and take all the oil for themselves along with china. We are going to have… Read more »

Dan Campbell

We've been "doing things that we've never done before", for decades.

If we suddenly skimmed back and started following proper constitutional channels for change, it would be too much of a culture shock for the lawmakers.


Everyone here needs to share Ron Paul with their loved ones.

Josh Benton

he said close mosque that preach hate and a percentage of people who have committed terrorist attacks have came from mosque in the United States its called common sense

Michael G

On the civil seizures without conviction issue. It is a violation of due process and is an abomination to the Constitution. The fact that it has not been ruled unconstitutional and illegal shows that the Supreme Court is compromised.


!!!!!!! RAND PAUL FOR PRESIDENT 2016 !!!!!!

Reverend Fry

Sorry Dr Paul, but you lost me with the muslim stance. Islam is the opposite of freedom.

Herbert Stewart

first time to watch and last. taking things out of context no different than mainstream media. wouldn't be because Random is running. Trump 2016

Omar Ghaffar

Great piece, you've dissected the issues, and they are more alarming than ever. I've been listening to your arguments on foreign policy for years, but have a couple of concerns. I agree that America routinely meddles as a global broker of "progress," which is spun to mean anything we want. But aren't we guilty of buying foreign oil, that creates Saudi billionaires who advocate a Wahhabi ideology to further their political proxy wars? Think about it this way: if we buy the damn oil which spawns the terrorist ideologies which control these power vacuum areas, ought we not to have… Read more »


I want to know the real Rand Paul and his ties to Israel?


Ron paul is the best

Ian Rust


Hussain Fahmy حسين فحمي

Self inflicted destruction will be elected by the people to the people in the guise of DemoCrazy

Raider Nation

Thank you Mr. Paul for all you have done over the years.

LittleThings TopsyTurvy

there must be something fundamentally wrong that the people didn;'t go with him as President -to much fluoridated water etc I guess. I'm looking for guys of his calibre in US policy …any hints?

Kurek Movies

8:00 Its hard to stop that from happening XD


Dr. Paul…..the country needs you.


November 20, 2015 The Number Of Terrorist Acts Committed In The U.S. By Refugees——None!

In the wake of the Paris atrocities, the murderous thugs that run the hellhole they style as the “Islamic State” have now threatened to attack Washington and New York City.


Tommy Peterson

Ron Paul is a genius.

Kevin Kelly

Trump wants to create another huge ultra expensive tax wasting government program. Every time one of these assholes is elected government grows and our wallets shrink


I respectfully disagree with ur views Dr.Paul. I love u and will always follow u. Not ur son but always will follow u. I believe though Trump is this countries only hope. We need a successful outsider not a corrupt politician to fix this country. #TrumpCruz2016 #HispanicsForTrump

John Doe

That's the best part about TRUMP ! Are You guys waiting for the next 9/11 and than run around going how did we not Know !
Western Governments are so corrupt so that would be my focus , as well you need to wait for TRUMP to explain his security plan .

If this will help clean up government on its way threw the Muslim field so be it .
Would this help uncover the 9/11 issue .

Caber Tosser

Thanks for trying to bring sanity to a mad man's rants.
Trump has the money to get the air time, but more of a worry is, Trump has the money to run for senate.
I truly hope that Donald Trump is not given an inch, and that this is just his five minutes of fame.


It is so foolish and concerning of what is going on in the university campuses today, with all the regressive left-wing students willing to give up rights for nothing but "political correctness". Feminist hating on men, Black Live matters advocates hating on Whites, and Social Justice Warriors attacking "White Male Privilege", and ALL these group hate and ridicule and often commit acts of harassment, violence or assault against anyone who disagrees with them. With universities now over-saturated with useless majors like communications, gender studies, Theatre, or Creative Writing and people studying Twilight…….education system is that many international students fly over… Read more »

Lisa Murphy

On the other hand, this ISIS group declared war on us and have demonstrated that they have the will and the means to do tremendous damage. Unfortunately diplomacy, or even total withdrawal from the Middle East won't fix things. If we don't stop them, some day (maybe soon) they'll get a nuclear weapon into the country and do some terrible damage. We can ignore this fact or deal with it. It's our choice. In wartime the President does have the Constitution authority to do whatever is reasonable in protecting the citizens of the country.


who is even worth voting for I'm still going with trump he's protecting our 2nd amendment and he's going to prosecute Hillary


trump is the only person not controlled by jews his daughter only married a jew so by blood he's not a jew and they hate him with a passion becuz his daughter his pregnant by a jew and to them that's a crime fuck you jews I'll throw your lil bitch hats on the ground stomp it out then all you lil pussy bitches too jews can't rule the world Becuz they're still total bitches