Myth-Busters: Why Are Christians Being Persecuted Now?

Ron Paul returns with another edition of Myth-Busters! Christians are being persecuted in the Middle East, but they weren’t under Hussein Qaddafi and Assad. What happened? Is Trump’s business success evidence that he’d be a good president? Where did “peak oil” go? Does Bernie Sanders think that people are no longer greedy when they enter government? All this, and much more…Don’t miss it!

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Original Youtube video here.

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nuclear power is by far not safe or cleaning..


the government does not pay for nothing they use the American people from extorting money from hard working Americans

E Noori

I love how Ron never specifically mentions Rand.

Jon Lacey

does anybody know if ron paul ever sees these post?

Ray Serrato

Thank you for being the sensible voice in the world to help fight corruption Dr. Paul!

Changkuoth Gatchay

I love Ron, but, what myth exactly is he refuting about the persecution of Christians? Is it not possible to claim that Christians are persecuted in spite of the interventionism of the West?

johnny boy

thanks, great video

Romana Lyon

Ron Paul has no idea what he's talking about. Just as criminals do not believe they will be caught, people who take risks don't assume they're going to get real fucked up. So when someone has a gambling problem, they had no idea they would end up with one. Yes, regulation in good. Should parents of children 'free market' their kids, or should they regulate? Regulate. Regulation is not perfect, but having none at all isn't a good idea. We only listen to Rob Paul because he says nice things to us and we imagine having what we want deregulated.

Luis Rosales

everything happening in the Middle East is nothing short of genocide, and American supported through and through.


Great report rather than journalism from the MSM

CJ Draden

I wish people would have listed to you. You're the only politician I respect. To be honest Dr. Paul.. you've been on this journey to preach truth and liberty for so many years I'm surprised you didn't quit long ago, you were treated poorly and passed off like a madman. I'm glad you didn't, your message woke me up out of the trance of pop culture and nonsensical/theatrical politics on TV. I'm constantly reading books about freedom, philosophy, sciences and laws of liberty, thank you for setting me on a path to enlightenment. And btw.. they royally screwed you out… Read more »


Dr Paul, can you do a Myth-Buster episode on the Crusades?

Michael T

Technology will find peak production until it costs more to extract then they profit = peak oil?


Interesting thought that it's not just GREED but also ENVY that we have to watch for.

joseph chavez

Christian persecution may be apart of the theology of the people persecuting them

For example, does the religion of Islam preach persecution of those who do not agree with it?

Get what I'm asking clear. I'm not asking. Do most Muslims persecute !!

I'm simply asking what is being taught in the books that is sacred to Islam?

Lucia Cortes

Dr. Paul, thank you for curing my apathy! <3

The Impartial Truth

Correct, Gaddafi, and Assad currently protects Christians of course it was never about the poor Christians. It is about the Neo-Con Zionist warmongering effort. $

Cloud Dweller

bankruptcy is a clever,common business practice.