Myth-Busters: Federal Budget Woes

Rather than “Drain The Swamp,” Congress is set to vote on a budget that will “Drain our Wallets”. Ron Paul discusses the nefarious process of coming up with the federal budget, along with the Fed’s role in its constant expansion. It also looks like Senator Rand Paul will be the only Republican Senator to vote against the Obamacare repeal. Find out the reason why on today’s Myth-Busters!

Original Youtube video here.

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Daniel V

It's like I'm watching a modern day George Washington 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸


Trump is going to launch another round of QE infinity ……….


Yeah Rex Tillerson seems to be the only true outsider, in a sense, in Trump's cabinet. At least he has perhaps the top position in it

Charlie B

These next four years Government will get bigger, taxes will go up, more printing money, more spending, and the debt will increase!I predict that the Federal Reserve will crash the economy under Trump's watch and everyone will blame it on Him!


Dr. Paul please get some rest your voice sounds tired.

Joshua Hoffman

Another great show, excellent comments about inflation around 7 minute mark.


You cannot vote officially for the substantial changes suggested here. Regardless, the monetary system remains as it is, the perpetual war remains perpetual. Quigley articulated the reality for us, otherwise people prefer delusions of choice. Establishment policies may change sometime but it won't happen primarily because a new republican or democrat was voted in.

Derrick Minor

When Need to get Trump to seek Dr Paul's counsel.

Christian Zatarain

Ron, go talk to Trump. Take me with you. We can persuade him to stay the course. You need to remind him why he is proud to be American and what America is meant to be. We need to infiltrate the ranks just like the bad apples do. Speaking the truth and spreading your message is wonderful and I appreciate what you do for all of us.

Christian Zatarain

Take some days off and go talk to trump. Invite him on the show or find a way to get in his corner.

Zachary Goodrich

I was always afraid that Rand would fall into the establishment way of thinking. Thank you for raising him right and hopefully he can sway others in Washington to sane logic when it comes to fiscal conservatism.

Carmen Carmen

thank you for the information. can you please post up some links.

mc P

i hope the audio can be louder

Valik Toma

I like his way of thinking where constitution is the guideline. Its all there! It is the ultimate guide by the people for the people.



Noware Man

Taxation without representation! To Foreign powers! You are the only candidate I ever voted for or candidate I have supported! I'm forty eight now! so that is significant. I know that I may cut through fake news and diversions by just coming and listening to you! you are a true American Mentor! I wish All Americans would listen and adopt your policies!


[ USA government nor FRB has no common sen[ USA government nor FRB has no common sense? ] As the money is just an instrument of a convenience but not the *wealth it supposed to represent, people may be taxed for the cost of the production of the paper and metal(coin) money. But FRB has no reason nor right to charge people for anything else. What they call "interest" is a delusion of selfish idiotic greed that could not have any factual substance in reality. It only could mean more of the paper and metal currency to be produced which… Read more »


wow just found your channel. Why are you not more popular? You really care about the facts unlike the mainstream media.


What is the best book for a solid and comprehensive introduction to Economics, especially in terms of governments, societies, and evolution of those things? Something that would give a really solid foundation in both present and past? Any suggestions? Dr. Ron, Chris, fellow commentators?

hot Tokyo

Thank you , Dr. Paul for liberty and us.


Trump is lowering tax

Not Me

And why you have dept…?! Pretty sure it's not anyone's fault but your own. Greedy America