Myth-Busters: A “More Generous” Social Security Ponzi Scheme?

Leave it to a bankrupt government to promise more money to the people it owes. Just yesterday, President Obama declared that “It is time we finally made Social Security more generous.” Ron Paul shreds the most popular myths surrounding government’s humungous Ponzi scheme. Don’t miss today’s Myth-Busters!

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Original Youtube video here.

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David Smith

Glad to see video is back for the myth busters program.

Countess See

social security age should not be 63 ……I think retirees should be allowed at the age of 55..! Life is short and people should be able to enjoy life without working for many years with good health.! Why wait till you are sick and feeble!

Azel 47

I am all for the free market! however, wages these days are extremely low business's are making ridiculous profits off of hardworking employees. If we cut off all social programs provided by the government for the people we should at least increase their wages to an actual living wage. If anyone has taken Ap econ or econ in college they would know that inflation is needed in an healthy economy we can't simply expect it to end.

Benny Harriston

uncle Paul …….most of us love you because you have heart for america………and we agree on the truth and nothing but the truth……………my mother paid that money just like you…..if you accepted….still learning how government screws us……….but i would be damned if some idiots in Washington let them take that away from her………..and.if i add the numbers for her……they owe her a lot more interest than she paid in…..think about that uncle…….sometimes you have to give people a chance and let their record stand like yours

Les Hollenbeck

go ahead retire at any age you want. don't expect someone else to pay for it.

4th AmiGo

Great vid as normal Ron. like I said before in a post . I wish there was more Ron Paul's around the world.


the 100 dollar bill could be on the gold standard and the 50's and 20's could be on a palladium standard and the 10's,5's and 1's could go back to the silver standard, where you can turn in silver for 10's 5's and 1's. Either eliminate mandatory tax or tax everyone including the cults,equally.


Give me back my stolen money then with interest


Oh yeah don't forget to send my employers there's also


I Agree with Ron Paul and thank you to tell about this issue I wish Republican and Democrat will talk the truth
but this is wishful thinking


Always respected Ron Paul.

Cody Scrivano

Iove you Ron Paul. And what you do

Business Crusader

Amazing conclusion 😀

Dan the insult comic dog

it isn't a public dole. it isn't an entitlement. the government stole our money every week but won't pay it back. I figured out how much I paid at 6% compounded and adjusted for inflation, minus what I'll get paid, I'll need to be 126 years to just break even! Whether or not the government has screwed S.S.  is not the point. We paid for it, and now that we ask for the money back, we 'red told we're scum bag deadbeats. I love Ron Paul and libertarianism, but you guys are dead wrong about this.


This is where I disagree with R. Paul. The money coming to us from Social Security is not the gubments money…the gubment has NO money that didn't come from the people. The Social Security Benefits would have done well if the gubment was not allowed to use it all up for other things. Sure, wouldn't it be nice if we all made wages that would allow us to put a savings account aside for the future but guess what, our gubment officials, yes your senators and congress are making sure that you and I don't ever make enough to save… Read more »

Pat M

Great show, I was watching an interview with you on Info wars and learned about your liberty report. I followed your run for the presidency, I've kind a missed hearing from you for a while.

I signed up as a subscriber, look forward to your reports. By the way, you have a following outside of the United States, for what it's worth I'm a Canadian.

Ray Serrato

Thank you Dr. Paul.

Bertha Yellowfinch

Snatching Social Security funds into the General Fund DOES NOT MEAN SOCIAL SECURITY ITSELF is a ponzi scheme. Anyone who has studied history knows the Nazi Germans made the same claim and then shut down their Social Security system putting it in the hands of wall street type investors/investments. It all crashed and the Pensioners were starving and living in the streets. But of course that's nothing Ron Paul and his ilk are going to tell you about. He and his ilk also won't tell you that if Social Security is a "ponzi scheme" then so are home mortgages. There… Read more »

James Holland

Check out the Facebook page for OAPRA – The Organization to Advance Personal Retirement Accounts. Once we transition of a Personal Retirement Account, free enterprise retirement system, we can then very simply eliminate the system entirely once people realize we never needed it in the first place, plus they will actually get to keep the money they pay into is where now it's a ponzi scheme.

marsha woods

Not LBJ.. that damn Regan started this "borrowing" from regular SS to give it to some of the lousy,lazy a–holes for Social Security Disability in the early 1980's!!  Mr. R was the beginning of the end of American life for the middle class and the Bushes and the Clinton's just put the frosting on the cake!! and now we will have another 4 years of Hillary..So damn sad. and Trump would be just as bad. He's just not as sneaky as Hillary and Bill.

Garrik Cook

Yes to the notion that 80 plus year olds, are in good enough health to work the majority of jobs that are left out there. So now I'm waiting to here confirmation from an ex retiree who was living in a senior home, but ended up not being able to afford.retirement no longer.

R.A. Dalton

Social security is facing a crisis by 2030. To fix it will require that either benefits be cut in some fashion or new revenue sources be created to shore it up. Cutting benefits in anyway is not politically acceptable at present, nor likely to be in the future, so fixing this will require a completely new source of revenue. My suggested plan would be to have a nationwide sales tax on all interstate only transactions of which the proceeds would be used to fund social security and possibly Medicare. This would be politically acceptable to the states and likely to… Read more »

Thamesuser marcel

Excellent report.
Surly there is enough money for all the benefits if big business and government stopped stealing it and maybe even gave some back. Also, STOP creating wars


what a numb nut alt-right B.S.

Kurt Berube

The government steals from SS with no intention of paying it back, cost of living increases have made it difficult to retire, the economy has sunk to the point where so many are out of work not enough SS taxes are being paid in to keep it solvent!!!! Lets face facts, our economy is so manipulated by zionist bankers who have bled our prosperity dry that people have very little to look forward to in old age. Just answer one question, why is there no talk about welfare being insolvent!!!!

D Wynn

Social security is not going broke. If you have a bank full of money and someone breaks in and steals the money (congress), yes then the money is not there. Only 18% of all Americans live to 65 years old. Most people who live to 65 are worn out and must have their money that they and their companys paid in for. If SS stop paying out to other programs will SS will become strong again. In 2008 Congress gave $1,000,000.000,000 yes 1 trillion to the banks from SS. There is almost 20 trillion missing that no one can explain… Read more »