MH-17 Final Report: Who Shot Down The Plane?

The Dutch Safety Board released its final report yesterday on the shooting down of a Malaysian Airliners passenger jet over Ukraine. The conclusion was that the plane was shot down by a BUK missile and that Ukraine should have closed airspace in a warzone. Not much about who did it — so will we ever find out? Former CIA analyst Ray McGovern joins the Liberty Report to discuss.

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Original Youtube video here.

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"The whole thing is just so transparently corrupt." ~ Ray McGovern


"Whoever lies first, wins." ~ Ray McGovern

sanibel island

"Ron Paul" should be included in all of the titles. It will increase the hits and viewers.

John Joannou

I sincerely hope the good Dr is travelling …


Putin speaks English why talk to press that will reach American viewers in Russian?

Repeal ObamaCare

Ray McGovern is a true American patriot who refuses to regurgitate the propaganda and  lies of the war mongering Obama regime.

Daniel John

2 for 2 this week 😉 great show.

Tea Vice

ask doctors without borders, they new who from the beginning

afterall the plane had a certain passenger that was exposing them during the ebola epidemic as being a complete fabrication

who is Glenn Thomas

2 birds with one stone, except this time the stone was an missle

Spies without border made it happen, and this most recent incident with the hospital was also no accident

they are a front organization, plain and simple

Jim Bo

Excellent report. Thank you, again.

Luis Rosales

The better question is, who benefits more from the reaction of the plane being shot down.

Jessica Brewer

Has it escaped everyone's attention that Jacob Roth's child had a meeting with 3 ppl that were on board that plane over the patent on a war chip and if the other 3 died he would b the soul owner of that paten, the paten was set to go thru 3 days after that plane went down…….dam ppl r dumb……u wanna know the truth about how that plane came down….ask Jacob Rothschild….. I already knew after I heard that plane went down that this is what would happen…..congrats Mr.pos Rothschild u only had to kill 298

Joseph Rooney

Great job again Daniel – joe in Ireland

Swiss oldo

What's a f**** brother has McAbel?

Marcus Triton

psyop – The Mossad did it to place blame on the Russians and get the US in a war with them. This is how the fake jew zionistsNEOCONS always do it and the rest of the world knows it. The solution is BRICS. BRICS has already been set in motion. In a short period of time, 1 to 2 years, BRICS will be independent of the zionists and won't give a flying fuck what the rest of world is doing as long as their air space is not breached illegally. Take away NATO's petro dollar and the printing presses stop.


make a video on the democrat debate and how corrupt and stupid they sounded


I love Ron Paul, my favorite politician ever and a great guy. Daniel McAdams seems like he's FSB and/or FSB-compromised. Ron Paul's not, Daniel McAdams seems to be. 😡 It doesn't mean he's constantly lying, just that he routinely plays the pro-Russia pro-Putin narratives. Ray McGovern's often great, in this he was his usual great self.


I'm very curious about the claim made by Ray that George HW Bush [senior] called the neocons "the crazies". My understanding is that Bush himself was a neocon, did he in fact have some distance from them?


Just like the "final report" on 9/11, where final is what they have decided final and yet nothing is final.

West Wind

Ray mcGovern always entertaining, brings up 'transparency of corruption' relating to the Black Boxes (inexpicably taken to London) as a token of dozens of evidence missing from the Dutch Report, and a failure by design: investigating in cooperation(/coersion) with one of the three primay suspects: Ukraine.


Wow, excellent episode. I love it when they have expert guests on.

Revolutionary Socialist Media

Separatists in Ukraine did it, but they believed it was a military plane. Yes Russian gave them the BUK missile but it is very unlikely that they ordered the drowning of MH17. Now the Ukrainian government is also playing a dirty game here by spreading lies that the Kremlin ordered MH17 to be shot down. At the same time the Russian regime is denying any involvement which is false. Russia is actively arming and supplying the separatists in Eastern Ukraine. MH17 was a victim of the ongoing civil warbetween a dictatorial anticommunist regime and chauvinist separatists who offer only Russian… Read more »

Long Kang

lets just not wasting our time, energy and money on this hoax anymore. MH17, MH370 …whatever
i mean if a huge plane (MH370) can vanish and disappeared into thin air, and no technologies on earth can
actually trace where it went, then what else we need to discuss?

If I am the investigator, I will definitely investigate Boeing. Strange enough Boeing is never mentioned in any discussion
about missing air plane, shot down air plane, and 3 air planes that were used in 9/11 also belong to Boeing if i am not mistaken.

Why is there no investigation, not even curiosity over Boeing?

Yudha Pratama

buk missile? really?

Delroy Washington

Dutch girl and boy died sorry for your loss

Lex Buren

ukraine shot it down, blamed Russia to get an EU membership