Media & War! Daniel McAdams Opens the Ron Paul Institute Washington Conference

Why does the US mainstream media collude with the government to promote pointless wars? Why are government and “Big Social Media” colluding to destroy alternative and antiwar viewpoints? RPI Director Daniel McAdams opens this year’s Ron Paul Institute Washington Conference. This segment also includes remarks by RPI’s newest Board Member, businessman and philanthropist Gary Heavin.

Original Youtube video here.

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go daniel…go Dr Paul…. not so fond of Gary with his pro-life and self serving speech.

Syed Quadri

This should be trending.. top page of youtube…

galen jack

Ron Paul, please stop saying "I don't know about that" and tell us what you believe! If you don't know then tell us what you feel is right! but please stop saying "I don't know"


Well done n good job. We need more brave ppl like Ron Paul to reveal what is real n bringing back the basic n reality of life. A more conservative life

Frank Margel

Good evening to all my friends and pals @ RonPaulLibertyReport, Published on Aug 21, 2018. It has always been an incredible joy to engage and be challenged by the RonPaulLibertyReport.

Mahmood Mirhashemi

Thank you Daniel for your great job,
Cheers from your fans in Iran

Bob Smith

Ron Paul 2020?

sam seto

Lol, rafed sounds like the lying mainstream media… Or maybe he works in the government…

Liberty Howl - wolfpjw

Thank You!

Fox Mulder

CONGRATS! Gary Heavin is an AWESOME contribution to the cause!

Jenna Kay

Where is the video of the whole conference?
That was a teaser!! Cr

Alexis Wilmot Porter

Bravo Dan McAdams and Ron Paul! It is good to see some honourable and decent men from the USA in these dark times.

Alexis Wilmot Porter

One thing to remember – there was an alternative news scene on the internet long before "social media", and it just meant that you had to look for good websites and go to them for updates every day. Even if the big tech "platforms" (ie ruling class gatekeepers) block or ban all the good voices, we don't really need them. It's a convenience, not a necessity.

Mohammad Doofesh
AmericaNWO NOW u OWN.

Liberty is insurance you must pay with fait dollar. Ron paul is a crook.

Demonseed 1776

People we have one big war that we really need to fight, and that's what the American Congress, it's time to get them out, all of them until you people realize that you're going to keep going to these conferences and listening to people talk that's all we've done is talk talk talk talk Congress needs to go they're stealing from us, they've enslaved us, there doctors and lawyers scumbags, every one of them the American Congress is the enemy to the American people wake up idiots.

Nidal Shehadeh

I am posting this YouTube link far and wide as much as I can please do the same ,
please take your time and look into it this is what's coming down the pipeline in Western Society ,
please keep in mind the US is the ultimate goal of the globalist and as the US go the entire west if not the world will go ,

Watch "10 years jail for not decrypting your data #AusPol #5eyes" on YouTube


My favorite quote from this video: "As a truth seeker, what are you willing to Tolerate? And secondly, what are you willing to do with the truth?"

Aaron Ainslie

Ron Paul is great but I hope it will be possible to be inclusive of non-religious, and especially non-Christians. We must support human values. It takes religion to make good people do bad things.

Jasper J

Wonder how I got unsubscribed from this page . Another YouTube trick


All Neocons and Warmongers need to be voted out!

sanibel island

To the trolls on this page. You are a laughable bunch. You are truly wasting you time in this channel. This is not YOUR type of crowd. LOL

Dennis Cambly

You lost me when you started to dictate how religion should control my life. You talk about freedom and contradict yourself by rambling on about repressive man made religious rules and laws.

miguel schroth

Such an excellent conference but it was so fast paced, with such knowledgable and dedicated speakers, that I will be pondering the meeting for quite awhile… I am thankful for all of the good people who I met at the event. Going to watch the video sections a few times. There was a lot of wisdom that was presented! Thanks to Dan McAdams and Jeff Deist and there families for some excellent organizing!

Mubarak Moallin

Well done Daniel 👍👍👍


The truth and facts are inseparable.
If "faith is dependent on how much truth that a person can accept" and that faith is based on a religion that differs from anothers' religion, then that statement must be incorrect. Facts must be proven, and so the truth must rely on facts not one's faith.

Steven Spates

I was there. A fantastic day. Hope to see all of you next year.

tg my left tongue too

Dan is right when the gov't holds the allegorical gun to the corps head to censor speech that is gov't censorship

Yuri muckraker

thank you Daniel and Dr. Paul for the amazing work you do, you have an ally in this socialist and anti-imperialist fellow!