McCain’s Nightmare – Dr. Kelli Ward For US Senate

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) has spent the better part of three decades promoting wars overseas and the decimation of our civil liberties at home. The powerful Senator seemed unstoppable, until now. We’ll chat with Dr. Kelli Ward in today’s show to see why she wants to send McCain into retirement.

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Original Youtube video here.

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Great to be introduced to you here Dr. Ward. I had no idea about this election way over here on the east coast but it's really nice to see a principled and free thinker following in Dr. Paul's footsteps. Best of luck to you!


McCain has been severely mentally ill since returning from the North Vietnamese prison camp. Years of torture will do that to a man. He deserves our sympathy, but he is unfit for any public office, just like a person with severely damaged knees is unfit for pro basketball.

The Philosophist

McCain is a true hero and will win.

Cooper Hoover

She's right about 90% but on the ground the economy is fine- granted its from printing money and it's on a huge bubble- but this second it's working. The cliff is close though.

Diane johnson

It is time for McCain to retire.

Samuel Iam

These are the kinds of discussions that make me feel NOTHING will ever change, as they FAIL to recognize, acknowledge, or flat-out state that:  1. Police are one of the greatest dangers to society, today 2. That terrorism is "real" – and not the False Flag fraud it always seems to be, or PERPETRATED by FBI agents' set up of patsies, then "stopped" by the FBI (be VERY afraid, Sheep!). 3. That ISIS was created, armed, trained, and is funded by Obama, Hillary, the CIA, and Israel. This is now 100% documented fact. 4. ALL these phony, fraudulent invasions are… Read more »

BB Gunner

I'm in Arizona and I care.

Anthony Davis

This woman seems like she's sort of a mixed bag. On foreign policy and civil liberties seems like she is much better than John McCain, but on immigration she seems to be much, much worse, right alongside Donald Trump. I don't live in Arizona so it's not my problem anyway (though I probably should care more about supporting liberty candidates everywhere), but I would have a hard time choosing between her and McCain if I did. The fact that Trump initially refused to endorse McCain speaks a great deal in McCain's favor: what matters in today's liberty movement is honestly… Read more »

Liberty in our Time

mccain is a horrible human being retire the old geezer!


Ron Paul will be treated kindly by history. For the rest of history McCain will be a Sociopath.

Brian Shirazi

when shes a Constitutionalist>

Sean Campbell

Rest assured folks. The Arizona folks are voting Kelli Ward.

Tom Bowling

I have always said we need someone to run against John McCain, so I can VOTE against him! Thank You Kelli

Obrzezany Prąć

McCain is good for Israel, only

Homo erectus

Dr. Ward is a huge Trump supporter. She visited his rally and called him "amazing". Dr. Paul should rethink his position on Trump and fully endorse him. It's now or never.

Tango Bango

I am NOT a Republican, but I think Senator McCain exposed his aging mental capacity by selecting whacko Sarah Palin as his VP Running Mate!

Danny Lage

watching this today seems funny, Mc Cain won the primary

Randall Ramos

Nightmare? McCain won well clear of 10 percentage points, winning in both the Phoenix and Tucson metropolitan areas, the only two metropolitan areas in the state. 😂

Matthew Long

well that went well


Great video Congressman Paul FUCK MCCAIN!


Wonderful to see someone like her who could be part of the Senate. Especially if she replaces Flake or McCain.


Ay'and just another example of the Blithering Buffoons of the Trump White House Circus.

Riley R

McCain is NOT a hero. He is a TRAITOR and needs to be called so.I am a VietNam vet and McCain's actions were worse than Jane Fonda….Please…from all vets …call him anything BUT a hero!!


doctor nobody see this video ( peter quack kaiser )

We The People

McCain is now brain dead, he was since Vietnam.