Kurds Declare Autonomous Region: Self-Determination Or Foreign Mischief?

The surprise declaration by Syria’s Kurds of an autonomous region inside Syria has added a surprising new complication to the hopes for a political settlement of the five year old crisis. What might be behind the decision?

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Original Youtube video here.

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Hussain Fahmy حسين فحمي

Once weapons were manufactured to fight wars. Now wars are manufactured to sell weapons.

Putin loves fiji

The kurds deserve everything!


Many Westerners genuinely doesn't understand the "Kurdish phenomenon" as well as people think they do. For starters, they aren't a true ethno linguistic group (Kurmanjis don't understand Soranis, Goranis etc) and different groups have radically different socio-economic preferences.

That being said, the Kurds of Syria and Iraq have been an effective fighting force and, in my opinion, they've "earned" their right to some degree of self-determination at the very least.

Btw, Paul's assessment of the Kurdish situation is spot on.


This will never go sideways.


The Free Trade/Protectionist issue is where you are off-base, Dr. Paul. When our country was first established, we had tariffs on all sorts of products as a revenue-generating measure for Governance. Many (if not all) legitimate and dignified nations have tariffs. China has high tariffs on our products. If we raise tarrifs on certain elastic-demand goods, at a minumum, it would incentivize both domestic production of such goods as well as spending towards our own economy, as opposed to a foreign nation's… there are ups and downs to the concept of 'Free Trade'. Planned obselence, cheaply made products, and trade… Read more »

Steve Smith

Ron Paul, the ball peen hammer of truth. Keep on swinging Doctor. It's slow work, but it's having it's effect.


Dr. Paul is wrong, Kurds never fought against Syrian government. In fact they have been working together throughout this sectarian mess against the Saudi and Turkey backed sunni arab militants. They probably deserve autonomy more than anybody in the world, but Turkish nationalists led by Erdogan are going to go apish*t since their imperial project is going to crack right across the moment Kurds get their freedom anywhere near Turkey.

Nathan Drake

Rojava (Syrian Kurdistan) is proof that a libertarian socialist society is possible, contrary to what Ron Paul would have you believe.


Waist the air time. Turkish Kurds, Iraqi Kurds, Iranian Kurds. Syrian Kurds with 99% do not know how to read and write. Big Joke.


Stop worrying about syria and start focusing on our problems at home.

MyDefendor Q

Kurdistan is a pearl of democracy and secular gender equality shining in the religious shit-pile called Middle East.

Comandante ViXaro

From the river to the sea,Kurdistan will be free

James Holland

Federalism is not independence. Americans particularly due to our history should always be for independence and autonomy. US should not be physically involved at all, but we should give our vocal support to independence if people choose to do so.


Is it any wonder that McAdams is speaking out against Turkey since they shot down one of the warplanes of his paymaster. How much McAdams has made being a mouthpiece of the Russian government?

Truth Master

Too much government is bad no question. But its money in politics that gets the bad people in and Ron Paul is for citizens united which really puzzles me.

Lasse Riise

The Middle East is very different from most other regions. As we know, the Middle East is the most violent region in the World. In contrast to places in the more civilized parts of the World, lacking a homeland of their own usually means deaths on a massive scale for minorities like the Kurds. Obtaining a safe homeland of their own is a matter of life and death for the Kurds. They are denied the luxury of deciding this peacfully, like it is done in the west. Peaceful federalization, like in Canada or Great Britain or orderly divorce, like Czechoslovakia or… Read more »

Lasse Riise

The authoritarian dictatorships in the Middle East, like the Assads in Syria, is all about all mighty Goverments bullying their own Citizens and forcing them to bow to the will of the state.