Kerry In Moscow: Assad Can Stay?

Last week John Kerry traveled to Moscow and after meeting with Russian foreign minister Lavrov and president Putin he appeared to shift US policy away from regime change in Syria. Shortly afterward, President Obama re-affirmed that regime change in Syria was the goal. What exactly is US policy toward Syria? Does Washington have a clue?

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Original Youtube video here.

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Ed Waggoner Sr.

If we stay, or if we go, the men still died in vain.  What a dumb argument.

Joe F

Too bad the leaders of Nations are so personally invested in the Industrial Military Complex that they create situations where they send in their people to fight their battles. They are a bunch of cowards for not leading the fight on the battlefield. I have been around the world and most people I have spoken to blame the unrest in the world on the leaders. The people do not want war. There should be an international law that if a leader or leaders of any nation wants to battle it out with another, THEY should lead the way on the… Read more »

Frodo Baggins

Not only does the military industrial complex benefit from US involvement in the region, those who want control of the natural resources in the region also benefit. Israel, who has been at war with Syria for decades over the Golan Heights benefits the most from a US backed push on Damascus.

Kevin s Heart

no matter how you slice it dice it and dress it up the whole purpose of regime change is so the military industrial complex has to make money one of the reasons they scrapped the space plan it wasnt making any money money money the horror

Bill Pitman

So your basically saying we the people need to finally finish the American Revolution and overthrow King George III..? Can we the people get Glass-Steagall back on the books..?


Considering the Wikileaks revelations, it's always a laugh when you hear Americans calling for Assad to go because of human rights abuses. It's as though they have no blood on their own hands.

Priscilla Sieckman

As always Ron Paul speaking truth to power! Thank you,Ron for all that you do.

Lisa Murphy

Let's see…. Who might be selling weapons to the people in Syria?

Babak Pantea

God bless Ron Paul and Putin

Panya Payack

This is an especially good and thought provoking one. Thank you.

rog rogerson

Assad did nothing wrong


So Kerry goes to Russia escorted by two war mongering Neo-Cons and they all leave with a change of heart.
Huh… ?
Putin must have the means to be quite persuasive.


It's disturbing how John Kerry has became such a statist totalitarian war hawk since testifying before Congress in opposition to the Viet Nam war back in the 1970s. Watch Kerry's antiwar speech and replace some key words in order to make it apply to present day. Kerry, like so many politicians (and citizens) have short memories. As the old adage asserts, the old men start the wars and send the young men to die in them.