Katy Bar The Door! — The Fed’s Inflation Is Coming!

It looks like the Fed’s throwing in the towel and is willing to accept higher consumer prices. Aren’t we lucky? The damage has been done. The Fed has inflated the money supply to astronomical levels, and they keep creating hundreds of billions more out-of-thin-air. When it shows up in higher prices, it shouldn’t surprise anyone.

Original Youtube video here.

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Fawad Charkhi

Thank you, Mr Paul and all your amazing colleagues. You know billions of people around the world believe in you and your impartial analysis. by the way, you always have simple but very meaning pictures for your videos that speak not a thousand words but many million words. The voiceless uneducated powerless count on you and all decent people. many victims do not know what/who has caused their sufferings? They do not know what is their guilt, fault or sin for the endless suffering? They do not know what the aggressors want from them? They do not know who to… Read more »

J White

I can’t believe gold and silver are below where they were in 2011. The amount of money printed since then has been astronomical. They should be way way higher

Yoshke Mamzer Baalam BenStada

I personally can't wait for inflation. I own inflation proof assets like real estate and inflation does nothing but make my debt easier to pay off and rents go up.


USA=Ponzi, scheme and it's all off our backs. Somebody needs to be locked up for this crap.

Donald Dump

If the US weren't so divided they would be.on the streets like in France in Yellow Vest.


@RonPaulLibertyReport . 836 U.S. military bases in 170 countries is socialism and communism .How many jewish people are active duty soldiers in the field .Militarized police with 700 military Mraps , roadside bomb resistant 38,000 lbs. vehicles , No Insurance or Drivers Licenses with police driving them . And shoot outs with no regard for civilians safety . unloading their guns when wounding is an option . see the jesuit oath and our Noahide Laws .


Younger people aren’t buying houses for a few reasons, either they just simply can’t afford it because of asset inflation and also other debt obligations, or they remember the housing crisis and just view it as more risk then reward. Don’t get me wrong, Im in my early 30s and have a house, I like my house a lot but there are a lot of headaches to homeownership, those need to be considered too.

Víðarr Kerr

We are in an Ashkenazi nightmare. There is no escape. The only hope is to get the Ashkenazis out — all of them. This includes the 89 Israeli Citizens serving in USA Congress. Also, making AIPAC register as a foreign agent.

Old Town

How will debt be eliminated? Isn't it impossible now at this level?


End the Fed and hang all the central bankers for treason. corbettreport.com – truther site theduran.com – world news.

Mike Smith

This has been planned out to really stick it to US the 99% like all of their plans do . Anyone with a LLC to steal can print all the worthless paper debt notes they want , just like the private owned fed. does . They cause inflation on purpose they have been doing this from the beginning since 1913 . The fed. caused the stock market crash in the late 1920s followed by the depression in the 30s and it looks like they are going to cause another great depression soon . We have already had way to much… Read more »


Precious metals continues to be on sale, load up at these prices people!


80million babies are born each year to families earning 2 dollars a day or less . Most want to come here now . Help them where they live . Stop murdering them with bombs and/or starvation . 62 people own 50 % global wealth . disparity and scarcity by design chaos for control . The churches are silent in demanding an end to wars , for a reason . Bankers finance both sides of all wars with churches consent and U.S. military as the enforcers of evil .

rolland mousseaux

"If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered…. I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies…. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs." – Thomas Jefferson — Identical copy/paste @>

Ed Siceloff

Inflation, and other things that are natural consequences of artificial manipulation of the value of money (making the value of ounces of gold and/or silver subject to the manipulative value of fiat money), combined with crop failures due to climate changes (noticeably getting cooler) that are part of a natural cyclic climate system, and we are looking at the collapse of our society. Even the system of law relies upon regulation that demands the payment of debt that is or should not be, debt. Someone inputting money that they create out of thin air should not be owed anything of… Read more »

Guy Willoughby

Once prices get to high, people stop buying! How much goods do they want sitting of the shelves for statistical reasons? What good will that do?

Shan Ri Ha

Governments have been responsible for well over 250 Million deaths of innocent civilians just in the last 100 odd years, are people really still talking about Govs. being somehow "Benevolent"?
Take your Country back Americans, there's even less chance that the Gov. might be ok when your Gov. is completely usurped by a bunch of mentally deranged loonies who're hell bent on making things go "Their" way and their way is to boost another Regime at the expense of the U.S. Open your eyes.

Motersickle Bum

The Federal Reserve is neither. they are throwing Trumpstein an election year bone BUT, they won't be able to keep this up and so right about election time the shit is going to hit the fan.

Mirsad Seferovic

A tax on stupidity!

sandy smith


Rob Leech

They are blowing this bubble up as big as they can, so that they can kill as many businesses as they can, that they don't own, which is not many, so once it all falls, you will have to get everything from them. That's why their putting agenda 21-30 in place, so you can't grow your own food at home, and their won't be any markets to go to, to have another option were you get your food from, they want to own and control everything, they are very evil people.

Michael de Groot

Thanks for the good program Dr. Paul.

Tim Smith

Con-Job:Jobs report is fake many sectors are in decline. Shipping, housing starts, manufacturing, are all falling for months and we are supposed to believe jobs are expanding. Precious metals are controlled by paper shorts completely manipulated and we are supposed to believe the fiat currency is worth something. Bonds interest rates suppressed hiding yield curve inversions by Fed bond buying. We're supposed to believe the financial system is working.Markets fueled by by money printing, fake trade deal reports, and low interest rate stock buybacks. EVERYTHING IS AWESOME (for the top 5-10%) everyone else can get bent.The population has a growing… Read more »

A voice in the dark

these ads are getting a little bit overbearing…


Thanks Dr. Paul!


End the FED! Go to the "gold standard", a system that actually worked!

Stephen Lancaster


Pat Geren

I call B.S. ! Federal Reserve has NO Constitutional mandate !!!

Jeff LaPorte

Basically the same thing I have been saying as well. The fed creates the problems with their policy which is hurting the people and then the people turn to politicians to make things more affordable(Which they never do) and begin to think socialism the cure.

John Nelligan

When the average Joe and Jane are broke, Socialism sounds real good as it is the only lifeline being offered !


The real Terrorists are the politicians and Federal Government they are the real threat to our freedom and world.

James Edington

Nothing on the Impeachment?

Carol Reid

Man, do you speak your mind and the facts.
Don’t always agree on everything.
Your theories on fundamentals like constitutional integrity, the fed and currencies, no more invasive bankrupting wars and bankrupting the middle class, I sure do, though.
I so appreciate and respect you, for that, Dr Paul.

Arcadian Art

It’s never when it’s going to happen but it’s just going to happen. It is pointless to try and predict dates because they always repackage everything to sustain the cog wheels turning before collapse. Obituary can predict it. Indicators are lintels and trend lines are useless because the same as above they will always repackage it. Take 2008. They were fucking taking bad loans and shivering them in OCD’s…they were wrapping shit up and telling everyone it’s gold inside. Let it go and put into practice to diversify your investments. This machine will never stop. They just make adjustments to… Read more »

bob frost

Inflation is a hidden tax.

no ID

Your right about one thing, debt is gonna running everything

Thomas White

Create money out of nothing, loan it then collect intetest that doesn't exist. It's so simple most can't understand it.

ashamed of canadians astounding stupidity

Whatever you do…NEVER tell the people what to do to push back against the madness.