Israel To Get Biggest US Aid Package In History – A Good Idea?

Yesterday US National Security Advisor Susan Rice signed a “memorandum of understanding” committing the US to providing $38 billion in military aid over the next ten years. Philip Giraldi joins today’s Liberty Report to break down the agreement and discuss whether it really does, as Rice claims, benefit US security.

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Original Youtube video here.

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Fly Agaric

TEN MILLION DOLLARS PER DAY for the next TEN YEARS and netenyahu still aint happy. Said he might wait until new president gets in to get a better deal for israel.

Erina Morrison

Summed it up concisely "the demand of a powerful domestic lobby"! LOL! Israel is powerful as a stand alone state with international bloodline tentacles! FREE money why not? Their neighbour just got billions in cash from USA! USA needs to concentrate on domestic security, economic growth and debt reduction. TRUMP POTUSA / PENCE 2016!

Charles Johnson

For Israel's war on terror.


The congress has no business signing my grandchildren onto debt to support Israel… let them take out a loan and pay it back…I'm sick and tired of supporting these parasites


These terrorist, murderous fraudsters need to be run out of this Middle East and let Peace come to this planet. This present state of Israel is a time sensitive issue with a shelf life of judgement.


Hey Christian history it comes from the Jews without our brothers in Christ wether they accept him or not doesn't matter. I'd rather support Israel over the Muslim countries any day where they would rather kill Christians that don't convert to their beliefs. 38 billion dollars is nothing in ten years for this thieving administration anyway they have collected nearly 4 trillion dollars already in taxes in 2016.

Honesty Counts

America is financially bankrupt. How is it possible for the government to give money away when they are broke?

Raza Khan

I don't normally criticize Obama, but this time I would say that Obama fucked up bad. Didn't he learn any lesson from these fucking colonial zionists?? Who is he trying to please?? It is disgusting and shameful of him. These zionist israelis treat obama like shit and in return Obama kisses their ass.. It really shows the extent of the zionist lobby in Washington.. Americans WAKE UP.. Stand up for Palestine and free it from zionist colonialism. #FreePalestine

Lawrence Harlos

This money is to start building military assets for the use by the USA and Isreal to start a war with Sryia and Iran without appearing to deliberately move these military assets into the middle east in preparation of a war.

Eddie Allen

Ok, I am a Ron Paul fan & want to thank you for this episode but you have managed to really piss me off. How can two supposedly educated, informed Americans manage to circumvent the major issues here? 1. You openly admitted that Israel is a Nuclear power-–> But refuses to sign the "Non-Nuclear proliferation Agreement. Under U.S. Law the government is "Forbidden" to render any foreign Aid to Israel, "the act itself is a crime", it should have never happened or even been discussed. Neither one of you bothered to make that profound point which renders the act itself… Read more »


Big deal, but I would love to read the document.

Jason Bourne

has the price of bulldozers gone up?? …….

Scott Stapp

David Frum and William Kristol just wet their pants.


Billions of dollars and the only people talking about it are Ron Paul and David Duke. Nothing from Pat Buchanan, Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson or anyone else, what happened to America First.

Mazyar Zagros

If an American does not know by now who really dictates the foreign policy of US, then he or she is a proof of how productive the brainwashing propaganda system of Z1onists is.

Adam Coleman

It is MOSSAD (Meet Our Secret Snipers AND DIE)'s credo…"By deception…thou shalt do war" and OUR credo should be to THEM (by now)…"With friends like these…." THEY DO MORE ESPIONAGE AGAINST US IN THE USA than all other friends and foes combined

Dale media4401

America will be and forever nothing more than bitches to Israel & Saudi Arabia. Case in point the 9/11 victims sued Saudi Arabi but instead had it redirected to Iran????? WTF

Konaalii Alohaohana

STOP THE damned wars. The Military industrial complex and Rothchilds bankers have made enough. Dissolve the federal reserve, jail the who damned bunch about 1200 of the most elite could bring world peace. We sane people could live happily and safe without these psychopaths.

William Sams

Israel and Egypt have been getting military aid  from the U.S. for years. They are our best allies in the Middle East.

Pat Kittle

I never used to believe what I heard about these vile shysters, but I do now.

Joseph Stefurak

You've got to kidding … giving support for Israel ? Israel is the most evil country in the world ! The entire reason Jesus Christ chose to be born in the state of Israel is because the state of Israel was the home of the Pharisees the most evil people ever to be known on the face of the Earth ! Millions of people all throughout the world believe not onl that Satan does indeed exist but that Satan has infiltrated the Jewish religion as well as infiltrated the Christian religion ! These people say that Satan has created a… Read more »


If think America knows it won't be a superpower for much longer so is giving Israel all it can because pretty soon it's going to have to be responsible for it's own defence.

MT Gray

I,m old enough to say the paperclip Congress is part of the whole deal
to keep fascist in any color but keep it.

Melody Poor

Israel / AIPAC bribes & black mail our Congressional members and then take billions $$$$$$$$$ of our money to prop up Israeli defense industry which is in direct competition with our own defense industry; hence, taking away our jobs !! Obama = Bad Deals.


The russian influence over our elections makes me laugh. Russians are not the problem, it is the Jews. they meddle in the elections more than anyone one.

Jen Reports

treason 100% to the families of the victims of the uss liberty- America doesnt give 2 shits about u!!! ur nothing but cattle (goyim) born to die for and by israhell!!

David Brill

Billions for Israel when social security will be insolvent in 26yrs. and Medicare in 20, and our infrastructure needs fixing. Are Israel's lobbyist that good or are we that stupid? Will we wait until our elderly and infirmed are homeless and eating out of garbage cans before we stop acting financially stupid? Absolutely no more billions or millions for Israel.

Walt H111

Who's Financing Donald Trump? The Jew world bankers TRUMP IS THE SWAMP Trump's Jewish MAFIA & The 5 Dancing Israelis 2017 Zionist agenda
All Ashkenazi Jews in Trumps cabinet