ISIS In Texas?

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EraseMeFrom TheInternet

Good report Ron, ISIS is something I have a hard time even believing in other than a CIA front or a Mossad agency.

Carl Carlson

Thank you Mr. Paul

Chida Knows

I enjoy and learn a lot from you. Thank you and hope more to come

Cinema Gates Pictures

Something not right about this….

Richard Garrand

Radical Zionist Geller would have been happier if she could foment Radical Islamists to bomb a couple of hundred Americans. We need to let these freaks fight their own battles and keep our money and troops and bombs at home. They would find a reason for peace soon enough.

EraseMeFrom TheInternet

When did Orville redenbocker start doing news?

Yellow Cracker

Use common sense.   The two people killed in Texas were ISIS sympathizers and that's it.   ISIS has not "come to America"

Ross George

I just think that they fucked up and it was ISIS.

jason cullity

Don't get me wrong, I like Ron Paul and really do think that he is a Patriot but I swear that he has a vagina. He needs to toughen up and step into the real world

Charles Byrd

One thing that's really important and I can't stress it enough is to look at the facts soberly and calmly as they come out. Seizing on rumors and running with them won't help anyone.  I commend Dr. Paul Mr. McAdams for taking a responsible approach to the events of last Sunday.

Too Sense

Yes, they have been watched but that didnt prevent them for trying to commit a mass murder. Thankfully the right officer was at the right place at the right time.


if there really was a domestic terrorist threat there is no way the FBI could find every single one months before they commit an attack. this makes it so obvious the terrorism is one hundred percent a government operation.

Jayson Sargent

Just want to say one more time: Thank you, Dr. Paul for speaking up for peace and reason all of these years. Maybe someday Americans will catch up.


I just realized that this infiltration of ISIS was taking place, truly we must watch and pray, war is coming!

Christianity Is Dumb

That attack was an embarrassing failure. only an idiot would clam responsibility for that.

Reza R

I love this guy it's too bad that America in such state of hypnosis that they can't see what a good president he could have been.

Jack Shite

ISIS is anywhere Muslims are… No Muslims no terror.. how hard is that.. I predict civil war caused by Muslims illegals and Ferguson types.

JK Wright

hey guys it's Muslim hunting season go get your guns bow and arrows and your nice little torture things and let's have so fun