Is The U.S. Going The Way of Venezuela?

Socialist Venezuela is suffering from hyperinflation, starvation, and have sunk to bartering. Socialist ideas have produced these results countless times. “Something for Nothing” never has, and never will, work. For over 150 years, Socialists have dreamed of taking down America by incrementally implementing their schemes. They’ve largely succeeded. Will they finish the U.S. off too?

Original Youtube video here.

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Idiots blaming socialism,while the Problem is US Sanctions like against North Korea.

Lucky Larry

Free stuff has a purpose. Why do we have public schools? Are food and shelter less important?


It's shows like this that have me wondering in Ron Paul isn't being paid by Breitbart or Fox News. Shows like this exist to scare uninformed Americans into continuing to accept wage slavery and more crony capitalism. People, the dollar bill is not your friend. It sponsors illegal wars, terrorists, sweatshops, and ethnic cleansing in the name of acquiring resources. It keeps the masses working long hours for just money to survive, and even that is being challenged. We need to burn these dollar bills and take back our communities, states, and our nation. As long as you continue to… Read more »

Karl Haynes

Good point. Venezuela tried socialism so the CIA targeted them.
They sent in the financial hit men. That failed. They sent in the jackals and even overthrew Chavez. And the oligarchs jumped in too and started withholding vital produce, illegally colluding to set high prices.
Next, they'll be invaded.
Yup…don't try socialism (except for the rich, like in America) or the CIA and the US Military will overthrow your government…like they're doing to the USA right now!!!
Hmmmm…fascism (business/government act in tandem) also produces dictators…I don't think it is the economics that do that…that depends on the government, IMHO.

Napoleon Siosi

Paul you fail on this one you’re totally misinformed talking nonsense totally out touch who inform you little Marco everybody on the other side of the world knows the Venezuela failures are cause as results of the US sanctions what part you don’t understand as results of sanctions tell us please the results of purposes of sanctions to any country apply I don’t think you were prepare for this or problably you’re defending the sanctions side .the fake side is sad if you are cause I thought you were neutral well good luck with that one have fun lieying

Ben Sanderson

no one in the comment section mentions race. its because, as humans, we don't want to see it. we don't want to believe the problem in latin america, and the western hemisphere in general, is a racial problem. from the moment the conquistadors arrived they implemented a rape, pillage and plunder program. we did the same, of course, in north america, but not nearly as extreme. the settlers to north america brought their wives with them, or paid for their passage later. they had pure white children. that changes everything. the conquistadors married the indigenous women. a caste system evolved.… Read more »


Come to California if you want to live in a Socialist State. No rights whatsoever.


Corporatism is Collectivism is Communism. And commerce between master and slave is STILL despotism.

Eduardo Cabrera

LIMITLESS AND UNMERCIFUL CORRUPTION AND GREED is what destroyed Venezuela. Intervention, Socialism and sanctions are mere junior partners of this monumental destruction. That`s what happens when you give power to poor uneducated people, they won`t work (and would not know how) to make a better country, their goal in life is to replace the rich with an equally rich criminal and inmoral worthless neoclass.


In a situation where all of us are free from coercion with no government control and able to form associations as we see fit, which I assume is an ideal you aspire to, would you be ok with a large number of us agreeing to work cooperatively and supportively to make the best possible lives we could for each other? Because that is how I would define socialism.

Peter Christain

Yes it is as you keep praising and worshiping Donald Trump who is building the Third Temple in Israel.


When considering socialism , one must think of the big picture from the individual stand point… Great minds like John Nash would say that the good of the whole group supersedes the good of the individual … This is where socialism can work to it's full potential, ,,, keep that in mind at all times thank you.

TrumpArmy ofKentucky

Ron Paul didn't use enough dog whistles in 2007-2008.


The DNC and RNC can not admit error and therefore will never repent .
Faith in Federal Reserve notes are inextricably linked to to faith in the shithead's who could never actually earn the Public's Trust by being upright .
Think more like ,
50 Venezuela's . State's have their very own intependant budgets … In the event DC runs out of other people's money … Like it did in 1971 .

The coyote is over the cliff , he just hasn't looked down yet .

bill durning

socialism makes everyone equally poor


Wow! Ron, you are still uninformed about being in formed by your constituents which inform you of what you want to know. Of course socialism does not work, the US will not allow it. You do not understand the difference between public utility and private ownership. You need to retire and go home and complain to your wife. The United States is making a coup attempt in Venezuela. Stop. They have a right to live on this planet as well as anyone. When you went for you’re well at the end of a gun, you are a jerk. Or United… Read more »

Separatist Albertan

I am glad that we have universal health care in Canada, I dont mind paying some of my tax money to help sick people. Surely better than paying to bomb and kill people around the world.

Albert Arthur Parsnips

A long-time and rather proud follower and admirer of House Representative Ron Paul for a good many years, now, but in the case of footage of this sort, I’m afraid I have to balk. President Maduro’s administration ‘ suffers ‘ from a degree of electoral and participatory legitimacy that is utterly bereft of equivalence in almost every ‘ developing ‘ nation state. It is not, sadly, bereft of a degree of hysterical malevolence and intervention from Washington imperialism virtually unseen since the heights of anti-Castro , Saddam, or Gaddafi lunacy.

Na Na

Ron Paul is right, but the problem is that too many people who listen to him are very stupid people, and get the wrong take aways


Dr. Ron Paul I respectfully request you speak closer to your mike or simply adjust the volume. your co host ALWAYS ,comes in much louder than you

allan baxter

britain has nothing to do with American corruption

Im Dman

You will not find the word democracy in u.s. Constitution. Everything we've been told and taught as far as u.s. history and world history is lies.

Berg Djelderian

Ron Paul is such an asshole, he always talk about socialism is getting free stuff. Nobody wants free stuff, what we don't want is some fucking billionaire buying the congress, the senate and the supreme court. the free market never treats the working class fairly, but in his fucking mind, Paul thinks capitalism solves all things. Why don't you tell us Paul, Venezuela is under embargo by the US, and the price of oil dropped because all that fracking poison is flooding the market, purposely to bring down countries like Russia , Venezuela and Iran, that want to trade oil… Read more »

Dave Awesome
Guest — your boy always makes noise and then folds to leadership
every time. He has been a rubber stamp like the rest of them. I'm sick of this story. You were a way better representative.

Carlo Jones

old fuck dont know shit
get out the way
the putin. agenda got you fuk
the food will rot in the field since cheap labor force is being demonized
wake up American people

Martin Jimenez

Who Is America? Thoughts on the 2018 Showtime series? Comedy, funny but not great on reasoning for issues…teetering on nihilistic trolling…??

Vedic Astro yogas

The world is one single. US may not be the third world but they may suffer more than third world.


So single-payer healthcare = we turn into Venezuela and starve to death eating rats. Got it.


We have social medicine in the UK. It works very well, thank you. My daughter faced almost certain death with abdominal cancer and was saved by expert surgery. It didn't bankrupt me. If you have a splinter, Dr. Paul, you might have to queue.


Yes, Venezuela IS SOCIALIST. Socialism abolishes private property, without private property there are no prices, and without prices, there is no way to calculate profit and loss, without this, the economy becomes chaos, there is a lack of products, everything is lacking, just like in Venezuela.

Too bad that so many people in your video are exempt and do not understand the fundamental flaw of socialism

Damian Luch

The largest employer in America is Govt – military, police, bureaucrat's, politicians etc – if that's not socialism, I don't know what is – ironically, these parasites decry socialism the loudest

William Portillo

We the people who have stopped thinking,in 1908 they took our self thinking away through there education,they have made 78,000000 baby boomers to need a saver, ( Government ), ( minded control ) we need to side step our old thinking.Thank you Ron.!!!


When you're surrounded by razor wire does it matter what regime put you there?

Mark Jones

Hi. I agree with most of what you say. But surely seeing what sanctions have done to Venezuela is the root cause of their problem

Mac man

In this video the Creator's Calendar is revealed:

Nolan Vahn

I almost unsubbed from this channel after hearing this video. I have a lot of respect for Dr. Paul but this shows how little effort he's made to understand it. Democratic Socilism affects pricing very little, as it still promotes the free market aspect of capitalism. You still get to be mega rich, just with laws prohibiting awful tax loopholes like off shore havens. It does promote free healthcare, but by redistributing our current spending in a bloated military into that instead. College would be made affordable as one can work through college again like we could in the old… Read more »

Patricia M

Not too far fetched. Trump totally squandering the future of America. 25% of our budget goes to the military. There is plenty of room for a different budget distribution.

Mohammad Doofesh

Even worse.