Is The Libertarian Moment Over? With Special Guest John Stossel

Legendary libertarian journalist and advocate John Stossel joins today’s Liberty Report to look at the future of the liberty movement in the age of Trump. War powers, regulation, government spending, the media – we cover all bases!

Original Youtube video here.

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Its alive inside the GOP. The libertarian party is now just a dnc puppet sadly


Dr. Death death calling Dr death Dr death death of wake up now wake up now. Mr d. Schultz will see you now Mr stossel


If you think the republic will be restored by peaceful means then youre fucking morons to begin with.

Zachary Rose

Libertarians are PATHETIC. Communists and cultural Marxists walk over you like grass, and Stossel cucked HARD on Charlottesville.

Matt Musician X

Awkward. John Stossel is not libertarian, but only libertarian on a few topics. He is in favor of stop-and-frisk (anti 4th amendment) and the TPP (chronie capitalism), to name a few non-libertarian stances.

David Hunt

The astounding insight that drives all of libertarianism is that violence is largely impotent to create additional value; violence can protect value, and it can be used to regain restitution (within obvious limits),…. but's that it! I believe more people understand the source of monetary inflation than understand the fundamental ineffectiveness of threats of violence. Does power, like respect, come more so from fear than from admiration? I am fairly certain that the 40-45% of the population, who are SJ Guardians, tend to overwhelmingly believe that truth is derived from authority, rather than, as us 5-10% of the same population,… Read more »


It'll never be over. Gary got 3% that's all we needed last time.


I voted Gary in 2012. He did a lot of damage in 2016 and wish the Libertarian Party would be taken seriously instead of a bunch of clowns and pot heads.


Ted Cruz has openly embraced Libertarians and is the only Conservative who really reaches out to us.

Nicholas Joost

Yes it's over. Our country, as a nation, is finished. The same people who decided to take a chance on Donald Trump called Ron Paul "too radical" and "unelectable" and an "isolationist." We don't vote for a President. We vote for a Mascot in Chief. If anyone's seen the South Park episode where an election is held between a Giant Douche and a Turd Sandwich — it's actually a lot like that. And as long as things don't get too-too uncomfortable for the masses, we will keep it that way. It amazes me now looking back at the support Ron… Read more »


Three of my favorite people 🙂

Patient Grasshopper

Stossel was in the same room as Bolton? That is too much mustache for one room.

Andrew Barrientos

It's not over. However if I may offer some criticism, Libertarians have been much too passive in contending with Corporate/Government Lobby.

Kinev Perantzom

there will never be a better libertarian candidate than ron paul. the future is bleak for libertarians sadly

Zach Taylor

Libertarians are winning local races in record numbers. The moment has not even arrived yet, it's coming.

Thomas Lowe

Probably because the party supports some things (open borders, drug legalization without first rolling back social programs and others). I’m really sympathetic to libertarians and am a registered one….but frankly the movement will only gain ground when they and conservatives take a step or two closer to each other. I hope this happens, they have great points.

Moussaoui Ahmed


Michael Hart

I think one of the factors slowing the recent Libertarian surge was when Trump got the Republicans to applaud LGBTQ rights. A lot of young people identify as socially left and fiscally right. So those wanting small government but not opposed to gay marriage the Libertarian view was a good alternative to the Republican view. But now that homosexuality is off the Republican agenda, it's going to pull off some of the Libertarian youth.

The great dictator

maybe blame the electoral college with faithless electors?

Brian Kimball

Call it the libertarian movement, the awake movement or the 'what the f was I thinking?' movement. No way it is dead. Dr. Paul has always been ahead of his time. Just takes us a while to catch up.


Yes, I think we can say definitively that libertarianism is dead. The fact that libertarians failed to back Rand Paul shows they have their heads up their own a**es and don't really care about winning so much as maintaining their ideological purity(which is puzzling given their support for Gary Johnson). Or maybe it's just easier to sit back and criticize "the system" from the outside looking in.



Derek Mitchell

He's queer as the blazes

K. De Metter

8:07 I love you John Stossel, but you are wrong about young people.
For one, many startups are run by young people, so they are obviously entrepreneurs.

Those young people in elite schools run by marxists professor are a minority, if a very loud minority.
Most young people get that the state is screwing them in some way. They might not be full-on libertarians but they have a healthy distrust of the government, especially once they start working.

Consistently Random

Ron Paul, Bernie Sanders, Jordan Peterson. If only we could combine these great men into one person.

Lili Why

Over? Werent libertarians the only party with increased voter registration since the last election?


All Libertarians I know support Trump. He was our candidate from the beginning, and running Republican was the right choice.
We already won and got our guy into office.


NO I'm still here and I will always be as long as I don't shoot myself twice in the back of the head with a 7.62mm, live free or die!

v jay damery

Immediate response. yes

Gary Bryant

As long as the Libertarian Party puts up idiots for President like the last election, especially an anti gun liberal republican for VP, they are going to go nowhere. Until they get serious, I'm not going to consider them. Period.

I'll do it

LP went full socialist bernie bro, you cant have a libertarian movement when the part is nothing but socialist.

Scott Daniels

Unfortunately I just don't see libertarians getting over the hump. The US reenacted South Park's Giant Douche vs Turd Sandwich episode and folks still stuck with the two party system. Most likely chance of gaining any clout is to get more libertarians elected in the pub party.


It's over because whites who supported Ron Paul in 2012 have seen how people of other races act as groups and how they vote as a bloc for statist policies that they believe are to their benefit. And so to defend the liberties that were established by our white forefathers we have to be concerned with demographics and immigration policy. Just saying 'who cares about skin tone, it's about the individual' is insufficient to protect our rights because there are biological factors at play here that can't be philosophized away.


I'm a libertarian on most issues but I can never fully convert when libertarians start talking about foreign policy


Maybe if it was real Libertarianism instead of the right wing kind that empowers the private sector and does nothing to protect the working class. Btw cover whats happening with Julian Assange. Do some real reporting on Liberty come ON!

Roy Long

3.8% is the current unemployment rate.

Augustus mustus

Liberty will never die…nor will the party

Micah Schweitzer

Show me someone calling Gary Johnson a bad Libertarian, and I'll show you a dishonest alt-righter. Actual libertarians voted for him in '12 and '16. There wasn't any talk about his purity 6 years ago.

Robert Evenson

Stop saying the government. Label the level you are speaking of.

John Sowers

I am a huge fan if Ron Paul and John Stossel but they seem out of touch to what many young white men are facing today. In my opinion, the left's anti-white rhetoric has made the words of Jared Taylor more important than Ron Paul. Yes, I think that the Libertarian moment is over. The Libertarian party lost a lot of white men when they denounced the "alt-right." While I never considered myself alt-right per se. People in the Libertarian movement defined me as such because I spoke out against racism towards whites, wasn't ashamed of being white and dared… Read more »


The tree of liberty will be watered, sooner or later.

C Alex

Libertarians are the hippies of the right. Conservatives are the crusaders of the right. Hippies need crusaders for protection. Libertarians are also like pandas. They sometimes bitch about the strict management of the conservatives of the zoo. But it is the conservatives that keep the leftist crocodiles from eating the pandas.


The only person who can save Libertarianism is Ron Paul! Sorry to say but the head of the Libertarian Party was overtaken by Libtards disguising as libertarians! John Stossel should run for President!


please bring him back and talk longer