Is Germany’s Migrant Crisis Leading To War?

Hundreds of thousands of migrants continue to pour in to Germany. Chancellor Angela Merkel’s red carpet welcome weeks ago has produced a political storm in Germany that some German politicians claim threatens chaos or even civil war.

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Original Youtube video here.

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Jason Milton

Germany is destroying Europe!!!! If you are a well-educated young person from Australia, America or even from Canada.. Forget trying to come to Germany, to start a business, work as a Doctor or get a Professional job and add to the economy in the Europe… People like this are not welcome and won’t be allowed to get a work Visa (Arbeitserlaubnis) easily in Germany.. But on the other hand, If I was a Rapist, Mentally Sick Person, Criminal or formal Terrorist from the Middle East / Northern Africa and I throw my passport in the sea.. Then go to Germany… Read more »

Fat Wombat

Germany is actively being destroyed by its own leadership. Merkel must really hate Germany and the native German people. Why not take genuine refugees from Syria and Iraq only, not all the single young men from everywhere. If Germany does not have enough young people why not implement policies that encourage Germans to have children ?

Feminazi Detox Clinic

Liberty is not something to be implemented by politicians, it is to seized by people using any means necessary.




Fuck you Merkel!!!! Please someone murder her!!!!


germany needs donald trump not fatima merkel


what? it is americas fault again? Is it americas fault that gulf countries wont accept their fellow muslims in?


blame the Illuminati

Roman Darius

Bring back Roman Laws and then   bring Angelia Merkel up for treason.

Shaun Sim

Have some more Hate Mongers, who do not want to intergrate, but they will take benifits in one hand & the other say the white man should be wiped off the planet, merkil has a face like a rhinos ring pice with a policy of doom!!! that looks like her face, put up the borders


Damn merkel

Fadzley A. Rahman

Just as the Zionist Illuminati have planned. Civil war that will bring Europe to it's knees. First the Zionist Illuminati agents were inserted into a top position inside the European Governments. Then this agents work toward the creation of EU and Euro. They blinded the people with the false claim that the EU will help further strengthen Europe. But in reality, it was a ploy to cuffed all of Europe into a single chain, so that when the time come for them to drag Europe down, they can do it in a single pull, rather than striking one country at… Read more »


They come with two things in mind to come for the free benefits and to spread their rotten ideology of Islam , its in their DNA .

Gamer Space

the war as started really migrants attack rape and kill westerners mainly based on there white skin colour. As soon as Western retaliation get to same level. there will be more angrywestern Muslims joining because migrants being attacked and then westerners will fight back more it will be chaos. That why the governments of the EU keep trying to cover up the attacks migrants are committing.


Angel of death Angela Merkel has ensured that there will be civil war in Europe within 5 years the communist leftist governments of Europe have stitched up their own people they have sold us all down the river and fucked up European societies for all time and they have done this deliberately they are for the downfall of western democracy Russia China North Korea are not the enemy they are not on the ground in Europe the Muslims are and all the millions of Muslims currently living in Europe have become the silent majority and are insignificant yes war will… Read more »

nc leung

i wonder why there are so many stupid people in the world

Matt gra

as a american with German decent im disgusted with this and if theirs a civil war against the left wing cowards im willing to come to fight for the right and protect my fellow Europeans against this injustice i cant stand how blind the us is this

Mc Chaotic Neutral & Rusty Shackleford & Company

God Bless you Ron! Keep up the amazing work!

Aphobias Polemos

ALL-OUT-WAR against evil islam should be  mandatory.

B Saver

Euro-morons don't understand they are being invaded will eventually be taken over by sharia law.

Without Prejudice

ask soros

Heather Larson

If Germany were USA, there would be civil war already. Europeans are just blind peace lovers.


This is the Kalergi Plan in action.


Well, you said it Paul, of course, it`s the people who are working for the NWO whos pulling the strings here. ….


I must say you are a different person these days, then you were a year and a half ago Paul. Then it was you who said these things. and I liked you..
They got you for real, or has it just been an act all the way .. ?

Letocetum sulley

Civil War is imminent all over Europe, We are creating a monster and the politicians are too stupid to see it….I would sooner be a Xenophobe than a decapitated infidel, or a minority in my own country…imo!

Ogeid Zepol

The Coudenhove-Kalergi plan – The genocide of the Peoples of Europe, this is the cause of all this madness, look it up urgently !!!

geoffrey collins

the germans voted for more so,
f###k em.

lon cramer

all you have to do is demand the debt holders PROVE their reserves match the debt


Just break out the civil war already ffs

KS Beats

USA still occupying Germany. still the scape goat ,after all that damage ,re-educating and plundering. W.T.F !!! Plus America hides German history on both continents . Get Out !!!

phillipDavid turkington

am a English men and like moat English men we lost great grand parents and family in the war but I hold no hate to Germany and if I met on I treat him like my equal and be a friend. HISTROY is just that history. Germany should never feel guilty or be to nice because of the war.


They are good folks who could be forced into a violent war on these Muslims.Soros is behind all of this.

Dane Hart

God bless .Jews are smart . no just our people to be let in .o attack us .out all your people go


We are so lucky to have voices of reason like Dr. Paul. God bless America and God bless President Trump!


Trust me, its not xenophobia to opposed migration. Its common sense. It can also be explained thru the story of "camel in the tent" – do you want to be pushed out by the camel?


Welfare for people who have paid tax for 10 years, or are 3rd. (min.) generation in Germany.

Dawn Remington

Thank God the citizens of Europe have woken up & are sending the invading hordes of immigrants back to their own countries. And Europeans are taking back their own countries, nationalities & culture. Merkle is paid by the SOROS DEEP STATE, ONE WORLD ORDER & you need to kick her & Macron out.