Iraq War 3.0? Israel Attacks…With US Backing!

Iraq has formally accused Israel of the spate of attacks on its territory over the past several weeks. Most recently, Israeli drones are said to have taken off from a US-controlled base in the Kurdish region of Syria and attacked Iraqi territory. Again. Iraq is warning of war while the US again pursues an incoherent and counterproductive policy. Will the US continue to back Israeli aggression in the region?
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Tahir Rana

Greater Israhell project!!


the neocons influence is waning as it should… Dr. Paul and the Liberty Report bring the truth to the world about what is really happening… it is not peace and it is not prosperity, unfortunately… time to bring the troops home before further damage is done and change foreign policy to one based on trading, non-aggression and non-intervention. Dr. Paul is the best advocate for liberty, peace and prosperity… it is no wonder so many people are enthusiastic about him.

Michelle Tulumello

We don't seem to be able to trade on a fair basis. We want to steal everyone's natural resources and impoverish their countries so we can exploit their people for cheap labor. Our country was founded by pirates and it shows.


The ""greater"" Israel project combined with Project for a New American Century which are one and the same.. enough said.

r d

no more wars for israel – bring our soldiers home now

XRP Snakebite

It's about 3 generations then we can change then by occuping an change laws. But if not hard core about it, it's not going to happen.

Alan Zibelman

I support a sovereign Kurdistan.

Tom Na

Its was the Assyrians, the indigenous people of Iraq dating back to B.C, that were most affected. The devastation and destruction caused by Isis to Iraq's sites known as the "cradle of civilization" was due to the Assyrians faith… Christianity.. For example the Winged Bull of Nineveh.

ȏ.̮ȏالجندي المجهول ȏ.̮ȏ

Israel for once did good thing by booming iranan militas👍

Alan Zibelman

The Arabs could have accepted the partition in 1947. They didn't oppose the formation of a Muslim state in Pakistan. If the Middle East Crisis ended tomorrow, there would be a Sicilian Crisis within 5 years, then a Spanish Crisis, and so on. Wherever the green banner has flown is part of the Caliphate in perpetuity.

Richard Llewellyn

When you destroy six Countries murder 11 million on Zionist Neocon lies, yea people are going to dislike you.

Alan Zibelman

This war started by the refusal of the Muslim World to accept Israel's right to exist.. From 1948 – 1967 Egypt and Jordan controlled the "Occupied Territories"….no "Palestine" was formed. That being said, the US cannot broker a peace with Iran after our criminal intervention of 1953. The Israelis wanted to grow citrus in reclaimed desert, and self-determine. Maybe the Arabs should have let them.

Michael DeSilvio

THEY are trying to destroy all of the beautiful ancient buildings. 🏛🏛🔨🔨

Art Gallery

Not much mention of the Zionist control of the US government and military. Like an independent USA has hooked up with a foreign state Israel and they are doing mischief together. In reality USA is being run by same powers controlling Israel as well as that is controlling most of Europe. Now ADL, AIPAC is pushing for more laws so as not to be able to speak out critically about Zionist control and corruption in USA.

Yong Muslim NYC

This is contradiction
America is controlling airspace in Iraqi and Iran is running in Iraq doing whatever they want there
And Iran supposed to be the enemy of America, something wrong,
I love dr Paul, but in Iran case you are wrong, Iran Israel best friend it may be strange to some people,


the mole on his eyebrow is incredibly distracting lol

Lizard Power

Don't you fucking die before we end the fed.
In the end, can we even make anything happen?
It's starting to feel like a useless struggle. They're just outright replacing us with people who hate the constitution.

Rafael Uryayev

I like how all people who refuse to blame America for all these wars occasionally get the Ron Paul episode where they get to hide behind tiny little Israel and blame them instead. Get a freaking backbone you antisemitic scum.

Anthony Ziemba

Looks like a major distraction is starting. Start something to get that focus off of trump. and The whistleblower.issue. they will miscalculate by allowing a bombing. By Isreal. Looks like Israel will be headlines in the news.

Ernest Gibson

If Iraq is attacked the houthi from yemen will walk the streets of Riyadh

Maria Frances

The role of the United States in the United Nations IS interventionism. Read the Treaty of Versailles. If we truly want to end US intervention as a foreign policy, to keep the US sovereign and to retain our individual liberties, we must secede from the treaty Franklin D. Roosevelt signed on our "behalf" in 1945. The difference between the formation of the European Union after WWI and the formation of the United Nations after WWII is the naming of the four countries responsible for intervening in the affairs of member nations(and likely non-member nations): UK, US, Russia, and China.It was… Read more »

Think 4 Yourself

I thought we made Iraq a free democracy years ago!? Huh…


If the Deep State works for the Shadow Government which are heavily invested in oil and fracking, we know they want higher oil prices; especially the "frackers" who are losing $ millions everyday unless they are being funded by deep state slush funds…(missing 21 trillion?) …now higher oil would of course depress the economy even more but we know these plans were laid out BEFORE 911 courtesy of Gen Wesley Clark and others….Look at the lost production in Iraq, Libya, etc. Sanctions against Iran and Venezuela (stealing assets: Gold, Citgo, etc.) but we do not hear or see this anywhere… Read more »

don zuger

Seems to me the Israelis have complete control over our cowardly corrupt Congressmen, Senators, President, etc.


Israel is setting up a Thucydides trap.

Mr Bojangles

Think of all the parks and rec buildings the troops could build if they were here.