Iraq: Popular Revolt…Or Color Revolution?

Violent unrest in Iraq over the past several weeks have claimed more than 100 lives and left thousands wounded. With a devastated economy, even 16 years after its “liberation” by the US, and with corruption rampant, it’s little surprise that people are taking to the streets. But are there other factors involved in this unrest? Is the US trying to overthrow its “ally” in Baghdad?

Original Youtube video here.

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Didi Dada

If only US have more of Ron Paul

Mike Porro

The one thumbs down must have come from a big nose!


The US is an enemy of Iran. Iran is in defence mode and would not be an enemy of the US if not being threatened, and even so is not proactive in threatening the US despite all the Machiavellian US and Israeli actions and sanctions.


Dr. Paul….What is the total body count since 2003 'til now. Totals should including innocent civilians in the middle east and elsewhere ( US on 911).
P.S. We did not bring freedom in theforeign countries we invaded but also lost many more of the freedoms in this Republic.

Marvin Sannes

Those Rooskies began selling THEIR oil for rubles on 6.6.2014 – coincidentally when the Commie Rats became the Pinko enemies, ———- Again!


The UK now has Venezuela's gold. They robbed it.

Anthony E Huggins Jr

Shocking dog collars, fitted to all public officials, connected to a public voting system so that we get to vote on who, what when and voltage level for when they screw up something or do something we don't want, we can administer punishments. It's how we take back control over our government and how we make it for, by and of the people again.The warships will do us no good sitting in a shipyard, they need to be deployed, they need to be allowed to do what they are designed to do, they need to be out destroying people and… Read more »

ALi Shahsevari

Like you !

Erin W. Hood

I ALWAYS hit that like button..!!
Thanks for all you do!

Mirsad Seferovic

Without Israhell the Middle East would be a very peaceful place!

Chow Fun


ashamed of canadians astounding stupidity

With all due respect to Dr. Paul, many more people would get on board Ron and Daniels Libertarian movement if they actually told people the REAL reasons for things. The real reason for the Afghan war, the real reason for the Fed, etc etc. Fed policy is not a failure, it is a roaring success for a handful of criminals..exactly as planned.

Leon Eldarion

Can anyone please tell me what the word is in 6:56 "they went ??????". The captions option is not available on this video.

Mr Me

Thou shalt not kill. The meek will inherit the earth. The wicked are plunged into hellish worlds.

kofi moseley

Good man. I'm still not seeing the advantage of nonviolence though. Once attacked, you have to fight. It is a matter of survival. Nonviolent response just assures more vicious attacks. You will eventually be killed if you don't hit back. Still, good man though.


The puppet isn't dancing to their tune, he may even like and wants whats best for the country he's in charge of governing.

rolland mousseaux

america must go back to its roots…..go back to a "yankee" society and eliminate judaic usury….as america has wrongly evolved into "yankee judea" (ezra pound) despite the history of the known JU empire oppression they fled from in europe ……..

David Hidalgo

That is what usa like, death, blood, destruction, i don't know why you are surprised usa will never change NEVER.

Website guy

Or just soros paying more rioters. Would someone just do the job on soros.

Sam Sticka

The neocons are never satisfied. They keep looking for excuses to start more wars.

Augie doggie and Mimi Dog

Right!! , I was wondering about that?!? Good work guys. Shenanigans as always, sick!