Iran Crisis: Will Trump Waiver On The Waiver…Or ‘Hang Tough’?

The showdown is looming. President Trump will decide by the end of the week whether he will continue US participation in the JPCOA Iran nuclear deal or whether he will pull out, as he promised. Will he oppose virtually all of America’s closest allies and cancel the deal? What happens then? War?

Original Youtube video here.

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Seoul Man

saudi participation in 9-11? well, if you have a very loose definition of what constitutes Saudi Arabia i suppose…why not focus on the present tense: yemen.

Terry Fitzgerald

I'm afraid we lost Trump to the dark side.

Arif Budisantoso

Wake up Americans. The last real President u guys have once said this:

"Man will be what he was born to be; free & independent."

He then took a bullet for it.

Arthur Martin



Dr Paul do you follow Blackstone intelligence? I am sure if you did you would not give Trump the benefit of the doubt.


Isa 21:2-1 A grievous vision is declared unto me: the treacherous dealer dealeth treacherously, and the spoiler spoileth.
Trump's Decision on the Iran JCPOA – May 12th
Israel's birthday – May 14th
Is Trump the treacherous dealer?


When it comes to Trump I think we should just expect the worst from him, he is obviously going to ditch the deal.
nothing more than a Zionist puppet

Kian M.Tamar

Iran being sued for 9/11 is like France being sued for Pearl Harbour.

Conscious Being

Trump can "pull out" all he wants, but no one is going to join the US in imposing sanctions against Iran. Since Iran has little trade with the US, US sanctions mean little. If the US attempts to sanction non-US entities dealing with Iran, Iran will simply deal exclusively with Russian and Chinese entities that don't care about US sanctions. All Iranian oil will be trading in Yuan.


Trump already has one Nobel prize , second one is the pipe comming

Bee be Cee

Giuliani's mouth is few seconds ahead of his frontal lobe.

heat cliff

No one will listen to the American drug infested culture. We will enjoy the death of the American and its dollar.

Marshall shokouhi activist

regime change is the best remedy for peace and security in the region,,,

Sam Sticka

Trump is either incredibly smart or incredibly stupid. On one hand, it looks like he might start World War III, which I've been fearing for almost a year now. But on the other, it seems maybe he's just telling the neocons what they want to hear to shut them up and get them off his back. I don't know. But if that's the case, why does he continually surround himself with a bunch of neocon warmongers like Bolton and Haley?

Jim R

dont send your children to fight for lies and oil. if they say they want to join do all you can to dissuade them. dont let them go murder people for lies and big oil

Jim R

usa has a big ass kicking coming and the usa totally deserves it. ignorant, proud, aggressive and vain americans gonna get what they have had coming for a long time. finally the people the usa murdered all over this land and the world will be avenged

Johann Stahl

Whatever BiBi wants, BiBi gets.

Rami G

Thank you Dr paul


Trump seems to have wavered in many areas…he does tend to want to keep key campaign promises as he must believe either they will help him get re-elected or perhaps he actually believes a wall will secure the border. Only manpower can secure the border.

West Asian Levantine

9/11 Israeli Mossad on the George Washington Bridge

ebert beeman

?? Does John McCain really have brain cancer??

sanibel island

WE are ruled and controlled by terrorists!!! @8:00


See what happens when you drop the dollar..bomb some freedom over there.

Marvin Sannes

America, Israel, Saudi Arabia take on the world. Militarists, Racists, Fascists — Again. I recall another Axis tried a strike into Asia. History repeats – ALWAYS. Lotta money in war and these rats have their holes dug. I'm becoming convinced Trump accepted a big check from Israel's Likud sympathizers.


Israel is willing to fight untill the last American drop of blood. USA USA USA!!!

Becky Samples

❤️Augie doggie and mimi❤️there insane. You guys are the money sane ones. We should be on the street The neo condos want us all dead xox ❤️

Penny K

Trump does not want to go to war! He always knows what he wants to do.


America needs to be isolated from the international community. Let America, Israel, Saudi Arabia and UAE have their own little club. The rest of the world will carry on without America, and limit American aggression and imperialism.

Justin Maxwell

Trump's going to do what Ross, and Rothschild's tell him to.

J Rashkan

Great program as always.

Max Plank

Hey everybody look on the bright side USA can never get a president worse than DJ Trump and Trump hasn't ruined America yet… what are we looking at two more years of the surreal nightmare