Independence Day: Celebration or Sadness?

As we celebrate our Declaration of Independence from England, have we lost the spirit that drove the revolt? Or do we still have that irate, tireless minority keen on setting brushfires of freedom that Samuel Adams spoke so thoughtfully of?

Original Youtube video here.

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Didn't you already upload this?


0:45 I feel the same way.  I always loved Independence Day and the related festivities, but now it feels that we're celebrating something good that we had, but allowed to be taken from us.  It seems that we've devolved into a condition of less liberty than we had in 1775, and worst of all, this wasn't some external tyranny forced upon us.  We essentially did this to ourselves.

Thanks to Ron Paul for all he's done to spread the message of liberty.


Ron you look very dapper with that white suit.

Errly Dabbers

Keep up the spirit of Liberty and I'm sure some good things can come from it. – Ron Paul

David Carpenter

Dr, Paul is correct: the biggest threat to Americans is our own government. But he is also correct when he recognizes the power of ideas. Keep setting those "brushfires of freedom".

And Happy Fourth!

Yui-Omi Muni

Well Ron, you are the older philosopher and we are the youth. Tell us what to throw overboard and we will get to work.
Also Dr., you just made the CIA watch lists' #1 for that patriotic speech at the end. I am fired up for patriotism now. What do you want me to throw overboard?


What's wrong with you people?? Take your country BACK !!!


Happy 4th to all the liberty lovers. A bit surprised to hear the infowars reference, great appearance the other day dr. Paul. Keep it up!

Ricardo Fortunato

God bless


Dr. Paul…. we don't have a British government to defy, but a radical oligarchy that has more money and power than the Queen could comprehend.  What's a commoner to do?


Independence Day: Celebration or Sadness?
Sadness! Our nation is collapsing & our government has turned into an oppressive regime that needs to be overturned. Our Republic is dead. Our nation is lawless with some above the law. Congress does not do their job to put in check the Executive Branch. The Supreme Court does not uphold the Constitution. The Executive Branch is out-of-control. Heads of Federal Departments write regulations without consent of Congress. The Biblical principles upon which the nation was once founded are gone.
The USA is dead.

William Potting

Keep fighting the good fight, Dr. Paul!


Our beloved America has been murdered in the past century when we sold our souls to financial enslavement, tyrannical oligarchies, endless war and mass genocide. Our people have been drained of their Pride for their country, so that the New World Order is never threatened. But, all is not lost, not yet. If we gain the same fierce loyalty to our country that our Founding Fathers believed in, the liberation of this Nation is possible. Never forget that our Founding Fathers bled and died for the Freedoms of Independence, as we celebrate this special day. May Almighty God grant us… Read more »

Zach Baer

sad but stay humble n remember the history & what the birthdate represent

happy 4th fellow Americans

Cindy Xu

Cheers to Ron Paul!!!!!!!!!!


I believe in everything Ron Paul says, but it doesn't cover all of the problems. The ideology of the people is Not the only problem. The REAL problem is the central bank controlled government doing what ever it wants REGARDLESS of the ideology of the people.The American government no longer exist, our voice means nothing to those in control. As much as I like Ron Paul and wanted him to be president, he is wrong about one thing…. It was not entirely the fault of the people that he didn't get elected, and it is NOT entirely the fault of… Read more »


What a fine and noble gentleman Ron Paul is.  One of the things I admire most about him is, he just never gives up.  He is as solid as a rock, and never sways – his moral character is intact.  His closing statements are so hopeful as he encourages us all – even in these tumultuous times in which we now live.  Oh, if we could only have gotten him into the White House in 2012, the country – and the world – would have been fundamentally changed for the better, and we'd be on such a different track by… Read more »


Revolutionary Evolutionary Independent Dependence…Truth of July 4th…My Prayer!What is the True Meaning of July 4th in our World?                What is it for you? Have you seriously considered this? It surely ain’t what happened in 1775, the “rah—rah" conflict leading to the USA—Corporation today… the penning thereof in our so-called Mis-History Books. Consider:  British Empire (or Oligarchy)  says you are “incompetent” non-creative and nothing more than a “slave” owned by them, controlled by them. This has gone on continually for thousands of years through one Empire after another and then July 4th 1775. Evolutionary… Read more »

Thoms Smith


Michael P. Shipley

Yes a minority can initiate change but that minority has to be made up of people with money. The rich. Only when the rich call for change will it happen. Most of the USs founders were rich or were backed by the rich leaders of society. So call up your local bank pres or mcdonalds franchisee and preach to them if you want change. They are the ones who will lead the march to freedom.

Michael P. Shipley

Exceptionalism is racism in disguise. "We're genetically better."

Priscilla Sieckman

My President, Ron Paul!! Thanks to Ron Paul for all he's done to spread the message of liberty.

Greed, Hate, & Religion Divide Us All

Ron Paul is 'alright!' 🙂    Thanks for having a 'pair', Mr. Paul!! (more Americans need to grow a 'pair'—and grow a 'brain' to go with them!)

fred barns

America is finished Washington is a fuckin disaster and gov't will keep expanding. The only answer is secession.