Ignoring It Won’t Make It Go Away: The Fed’s Bubble Will Burst

It’s almost impossible to find a kernel of truth in the Empire of Lies. As is always the case, the outlook from the Federal Reserve is sunshine and rainbows. The President has the same erroneous view. But ignoring the biggest bubble that the Fed has ever created will not make it go away.

Original Youtube video here.

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Regular Fella.

God Bless You + Your Families, Dr. Paul + Bro. Daniel, and Chris too.

Motersickle Bum

meanwhile Billy Barr is pushing the unconstitutional "Taps Act" and swept Epstein's victims under the rug.

Anthony E Huggins Jr


Michael DeSilvio

baraca ukraine is the whistle blower.

Stoyan Denkov

There is still quite a ot more to take and inflate, imo.


That's their task — destroy currency system so LIBRA/digital currency will rise & your 666 mark is on its way .
The whole world's mistake is to think they want to AVOID the crash .


Again! The more they mess with interest rates the more devaluation of the currency will continue to decline.

Christopher Pearson

The current financial system cannot be sustained much longer as its on a rocket curve to oblivion. The so called debt is a criminal conspiracy that will have to be deconstructed at an appropriate moment soon to come. Spending according to this hyper debt bubble is inevitable until the current financial system ends and a new financial system takes its place. "Paying off the Debt" is possible only by declaring it null and void which is a moment yet to come. The question becomes just who do we as a sovereign nation owe this debt to and the answer to… Read more »

Mirsad Seferovic

In this phase of deception, the elite is trying to squeeze the rest of wealth from millionaires and middle class due the locking promises! Then BOOM!!!

Jairo Linares

I do want that burts sooner.

Natural Consequences

Chris is exactly right about rethinking the role of government. It should not serve private capital. It should serve labor.

Natural Consequences

Deep state = private sector wealth.


Down with the Bankers!

Maria Robles

Deep State=😈. 🌽 Corn hairs is the biggest, must beautiful and perfect liar in the 🌎


What will happen when the bubble bursts

Yasmine Nasserrafi

Americans must wake up from their slumber, and realize that Federal reserve, the creation of international bankers have enslavement of Americans as its motive by producing the welfare/warfare state. Federal Reserve is the enabler of police state TYRANNY in America and abroad.

Harry Kays

Cloud of Distraction will clear Then comes destruction by the Almighty Do Not tread on the Almighty God Jehovah Satan is the God of Greed His governments and United Nations will be totally annihilated SOON Daniel 244 Rev 1918 you are warned

Bruce Dressel

Ron Paul is a Jesuit deceiver … why are so many of you fooled by his hegelian dialectic rhetoric ?

Harry Fire

Down down down down down down. When the Levee Breaks you'll have nowhere to go..Zep

Greg Austin

Thanks Dr. Paul.

When "they" hold impeachment hearings to distract from real problems, it presupposes an even deeper real problem: That "they" have any control over what is really ours in the first place. "They" need to learn to mind their own businesses, as do we, over them.

Spanky Spankerson

It will not burst until they want it to burst, Ron. Their system has failed and at this point all they are doing is inflating the bubble and hoping to put more and more people in debt so when it pops the banks can take as much as possible from the people. And spot on with the real problem being the debt bubble Dr. Paul, but also the real issue is bigger than that… it's the failed philosophy of Zionism that produced this monetary system to begin with and has its grips in both the Dem and Rep party today.… Read more »

Harry Fire

I am Trump not a speed bump not a chump me no dump wife is not a Frump I is smarter than Forrest Gump we will get over the hump jump when I say jump Heidi Klum had a lump I think it was the mumps pump pump pump in the rump I think we need a sump

Ken Rose

Who owns the Fed? I mean, when the Fed prints paper money for paper US Bonds, who or what owns the Bonds put up as collateral for the printed or otherwise digital cash received? The answer to this question constitutes the "root of all evil".

Oracle of Finance

It is a sudden reassessment of value. That is one way of looking at it and stating it. But a more precise description of a bubble bursting is a 'sudden realization of somethings true value'.

A Rose

Thanks for mentioning government weather manipulation! It is truly a disgrace.


For all you've pointed out, What's changed?????? Muppets allowing puppets control of your world. Who works the puppets????

President Goyim

Its THE most important issue in American history….The NON-"Federal" Reserve has not ONLY devalued our currency 98%, but that income tax you pay; The "Federal" one……goes RIGHT to the Zionist FOREIGN BANKERS.
Who THEN ship it all to Israel.
While OUR people starve on the pot-hole filled streets, cant get work that covers 1/5th of what dads job once bought him.
We are slaves that MUST RISE UP and hang these bad men and women for printing COUNTERFEIT currency at this point.