House Goes Blue – Blessing In Disguise For Trump?

Conventional wisdom says the Republican loss of the House of Representatives be bad news for President Trump. More investigations? Endless Russiagate “revelations”? But what if it is actually a boon for the president? Contrarian analysis of the US mid-term elections in today’s Liberty Report.

Original Youtube video here.

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Betty Corriher

Donald Trump couldn't think as slow as demorats if he tried can't wait to see this unfold over next days weeks months.


A White-only America would have:

European levels of crime
A budget surplus
Top 10 highest education attainment

J Dizzle

republicans will let democrats win just to make them look bad when this economy crashes

Rodney Boyce

Well, if you thought like a Conservative voter you would know there is no such thing as a good Demonrat,they are the party of demise. The red party has shown us they are ill equipped or weak to fight off the Demonrat socialist agenda,so we're left with only one real leader that will win in 2020.

Mike Colburn

Yea it's going by the book aka the Bible…Dan 7:8 the little TRUMP ( Horn) same words? Is getting the best of both worlds…Dan 7 says the little TRUMP ( horn) will seek to change the times and the laws. He is well on his way with Judicial appointments..Another coming after Ginsburg is removed! Then like Rev 13 says..He ( The little TRUMP (Horn)) is given " another" 42 months. 2020 Last President. The God of the Bible doesn't care about your political affiliation. It's going by the Book ! Aka the Bible!


Ron "people's choice" Paul


I was wondering if anyone would see the election results this way. Now Trump not only has Powell to blame, but the House as well.


Love Ron Paul he had my vote.
Dont fall for becoming liberal take a good look at Canada the liberals are not trusted in the soy boy true dolt 🇳🇱 🇨🇦

Tom Kelly

Ron Paul, you are awesome, keep up the good work
Honesty and integrity is what is needed moving forward


Ron Paul is on point (as usual). There is no one addressing how the debasement of the dollar is fueling the war machine, so the socialist will come to the rescue. This is little different than giving morphine to person with a broken leg without addressing the leg.Anyone preaching about "Modern Monetary Theory" is an idiot. It's modern in its global scale, but nothing else. Its just a matter of time until the petro dollar gets de-throned as the world reserve currency, and then there will be no more free money for the socialists to cry over.Root cause is that… Read more »

June Shrum

We Are Played By All This Bull Shit..I've Disconnected My T V!


Hey at least when Trump is pissing all over us he doesn't try to tell us it's raining.


Great points from Ron Paul.. as always!

Ben Joseph

Its a good nerve tonic for me,just to see Ron Paul and hear hm give his view on things…such a real guy with loads of sound judgement!!!

…RP knows best. 👍

Jen Werner

It's been shown different substance ,similar or same behaviour in terms of trying to obtain the "substance of abuse". I agree with Ron Paul,, they dont need locking up. Nor do they need enforced treatment. Treatment needs to be optional.

Tyrone Koumoundouros

Democrats are no longer blue Democrats are Chinese communist Red.

Daniel Trammell

Trump lies will not get by with God

Septimus - Prime

I'm sorry Dr. Paul but you're not any better than BS if you know what I actually mean.


We are being played! If Trump was a true nationalist then he would have already made sure that elections could not be rigged, before this most recent midterm election. If the Demonrats were truely against Trump then they would point out that he is a Jesuit trained Catholic with his first allegiance to Rome.


Ugh, I still can't help thinking back to when Ron Paul ran for POTUS in 2008 and 2012. Imagine where this country would be after 8 years of a Ron Paul Presidency. I would have even preferred Jim Webb in 2016. It's depressing to think about where we are headed.

Cody Mcdonald

God bless my brothers and sisters in Jesus Holy Name


'How are u this morning Dr. Paul '

garchomp301 1209

The house…maxine waters….pelosi….oh and ocasio Cortez ….LMAO

Joseph Coleman

A trillion for one year with a growth rate of 4% is better than the 2 trillion Obama borrowed with a growth rate of under 2%. Trump is the only president who ever even talks about our debt. The only time you hear about the debt is from the party who's not in power. As soon as the get power back the go right to the bank and borrow another 10 trillion

Magnus Christianssen

YouTube decided to throttle these videos! Watch out they are attacking the Libertarians!!! (probably because we are the most effective in calling BS on these shills)

Magnus Christianssen

My prediction: The Democrats win the White House in 2020 by a landslide after they impeach (but probably not convict) Trump. The Senate will fall to the Democrats shortly thereafter. The Democrat President then passes a mass disarmament bill and evey one loses their guns and a harsh "Hate Speech" law, meant to throttle Conservative Speech is passed. These two events then trigger a failed revolt and as a result of the revolt all White Christians are forced to undergo "reprogramming" but in reality the DHS uses the program to kill and turn "dissidents" and either before or after this… Read more »


America as a 60 YO baby boomer has known it has been gutted. Our industrial base has been transferred overseas so that only the internationalist financiers benefit. America has been used by the internationalists like a cheap whore, fighting these world wars, destroying other empires while also extending it's own empire while creating proxy states with regional warlords governing them. This was done under Reagan in the 80s and our immigration catastrophe is a result. Millions of central American refugees with families torn apart from civil war turning to gangster "families". Welcome to the new world order.

Jason Strom

Not all that big in the Senate yet. They're trying to steal it back right now and I'm starting to think there may be a chance of them doing it…. I'm almost thinking we passed the point of no return when it comes to the split in this country…. I hate to sound so down and out, but I see Civil War on the horizon. It's going to get ugly.

Gun Noob

Repugnantcants or demagogues. Which boot is on the throats of us mangy dogs? A vote in any government "election" is your cosignature on whatever evil deeds these monsters wish to execute in our name.

Rocky Balboa

Why don't they investigate the Israel interference with the elections?. Not only the presidential elections but any kind of elections in the US. AIPAC dictates who can run for office. Its nothing new and its not a mystery any longer. There are a lot of books on this matter and many people are aware of it but no one wants to talk about it.

Ruth Betlyn

Your not talking about the positive. Anyone' can point out bad!! The tax cut added hundreds of billions to Manufacturing, the tax rate on companies from 35 to 21 brought back trillions! He s trying to cut trade deficit! Instead.of winning about the bad. Why don't you say what will help! The president has enough moron detractors. Who got their heads up their behinds. Probably don't think there's a Hugh financial crisis looming!!😇😎Capt. Jac ☠️