Guantanamo Travesty: A Consequence Of Unconstitutional War

Once again the US prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba is in the news. President Obama has made a last-ditch effort to fulfill one of his campaign promises to close the facility down, but Republicans in Congress are determined to keep it operational. Both sides are ignoring the real issues involved in the debate. It has to do with the Constitution and war.

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Original Youtube video here.

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Ray Serrato

Thank you for another great video Dr. Paul!

Jack Bibiano

Ron Paul, you're my hero and you've motivated me to run for office when I can! I'm also a musician who makes his own instrumentals, sings and raps. I know I'm going to be big and I'm going to use my fame to spread the message of liberty and change the world! Viva Ron Paul!!

Hussain Fahmy حسين فحمي

A President (supposedly a powerful man) cannot even shut down Gitmo


Ron Paul, have you read the koran or hadith or sira or sunnah?

Backgammon Player

Ron Paul said the WTCs were bombed? Wow, that's a new one…


This is why I love dr Paul

Gg Mo

What were doing to our Citizens, Military Guards, Psychologists involved in torture , NSA, TSA etc. etc. reminds me of Hannah Arendt's "Banality of Evil" not to mention the Crony Capitalism and all the bloody hands of investors …..Her observations of the Eichmann trials are priceless in seeing the machinations of inspiration for the Zionist war-mongers.

John Anderson

It's OK. Obama is going to close it down.


Boy, I'm very happy to have never supported or gone along with any of these disastrous policies. I'm even more encouraged than ever that the American Empire will fall then it will crash and burn. Guantanamo Bay, Cuba is an embarrassment to a nation who pays lip service to human rights and a blatant hypocrisy to this. The failure of the policies of our Foreign Affairs is all around us and it's too obvious. Incredible blowback and dangerous unintended consequences are coming to our doorstep that everyone will wake up to but it'll be too late. I never went along… Read more »

Dank Dark

We wouldnt have this problem if we didnt have this unconstitutional war of blood money.


I also think it is un-american to say you can question your own government and what it is doing. So tired of the war mongers who say if you question their motives or their agenda you are somehow a communist or some other name calling.


TRUMP 2016!


the neocons, fascists and similar are centrist

Ben Shimon

So…you think the USA, United Satanic Association, should start telling the truth??? Satan might have the tongue fall out of his mouth if he accidentally made a true statement.

brodie quinlan

Ron, you are my hero. You made me realize the only people in politics aren't the ones fighting over bullshit. You bring up good points all around (even if i don't agree on EVERYTHING, you argue your points well) and seem to be not corrupt. You serve the people. Thank you so much. If it wasn't for you i would have gotten fed up with politics along time ago. You also taught me the concept of Libertarian-ism. Wish you won the election.