Grave Danger Of China Collapse – With Guest David Stockman

Trade war with US, Hong Kong protests showing no signs of slowing – is China on the verge of a collapse? If the collapse does come, what next? Are America’s fingerprints on the protests, as China claims? Come see David Stockman (and many others) speak at the upcoming Ron Paul Institute Washington Conference on August 24th! For more info and tickets go to:

Original Youtube video here.

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Sam Sticka

This isn't left vs. right. The left and right are not fighting each other over this. They both overwhelmingly support it and never question it.

The left and right may fight over lots of things, but not this. The welfare/warfare state, the Military Industrial Complex, they're all for it.

I just wish the American people would wake up and realize that and not be distracted by all this left/right nonsense.


We need to vote in the Democratic Socialists of America because they'll take care of China and all other foreign enemies. In fact, they may be the best thing American foreign policy has ever seen in the halls of Congress. Did anyone hear if any of them ever got out of their own convention?

Thorsten Trapp

Stockman: "…Germany…is not necessarily a nation of pacifists…". Yeah, and it's evil Germans and Russians using their mind control devices getting pure-minded, untainted, respectable Americans to kill Libyan, Iraqi, Syrian, Vietnamese, Japanese, native Indian women and little kids, right? What a disgusting critter, bah! He should get his head around what happened between WW1 and WW2 and who funded and supported Hitler and his party…that will lead you to America, mate.

Sam Sticka

The problems in the Soviet Union such as centralized economic planning, lack of free markets, repression of human liberty and excessive militarization all led to its inevitable collapse.

Bro Brian

The Chinese have been putting tariffs on US goods for years. That's why the Chinese tourists always buy a pair of Levis when visiting this country, no?


Keystone cops audio! Was he talking into a vintage sneaker phone? ..not helped by my busted dollerama ear buds .


But couldn’t China maintain simply be selling to themselves?

Andrew Blakes

Judah/Israel was sent off to captivity in Babylon because of the sins of their leaders. Roughly 10% returned. Well that's not a just God. It is very just. He sent the Prophets to warn them that their Idolotry of their hearts was making them insensitive to their Lord's heart. So the people were blinded to the actions of their leaders. If they truly had the Fear of the Lord they would have felt what the Lord felt. But they did not listen to the Prophets of the Lord and cbose to listen to the many Prophets who compromised their Intamacy… Read more »

John Doe

The beatings will continue until morale improves.


it seems Americans are getting tired of war…thank God we have Dr. Paul as our leading voice for peace, trading with nations and a foreign policy of friendship.

Analytical Reactor

I spent a couple years in Germany (with the US Army) in the 70s, at a time when we were ostensibly protecting the Germans from the USSR. But since Chernobyl, which brought the end of the USSR, that whole scene has done a 180. We now stay in Germany to keep the EU to heel.

Frank Tee

Great reporting as always…!!!…Thank you guys..!!!!


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Land of Stan

China's economy will collapse when Russia runs out of resources. They are teaming up to deal with the West's embargoes/blackmail.


Dr. Paul for President now, Make the world a better place.

Lo Leigh

Is there any correlation between goods and services and currency? Seems its all very psychological in a certain level.

marcelino Perez

Thanks to all three persons, I respect them very much.

Daniel Renteria

Not even close talk to investors and they'll tell you China is a big economy with BIG POVERTY. It only offers cheap labor…. War games going on and we own the weapons of mass destruction technology. Yes you can say this and that but the U.S. can bring the whole world to it's knees if need be. We just got some issues with some treasonous politicians but soon they'll be gone and Americans ready for that second breathe of dominance!


One of the worse videos I've seen. HK's economy is not controlled by China. China doesn't get tax revenue from HK. And what is this talk of China collapsing? China has enough land to feed everyone and China can make basically everything for every day life. Lets say the financial market takes a hit. China can ration everything and demand mobilization of the workforce. What other country can say that?

Charles Walker

The USA: We have to help the freedom and democracy loving protesters in Hong Kong!

Also the USA: Here Saudi Arabia, have billions of dollars of weapons to repress your people and attack your neighbors !

Kie Dan

Can't see it playing out into a collapse the Chinese haven't forgotten what famine, war or civil strife is and it hasn't got a history of collapsing these last 6/7 thousand years.

Chris P Bacon

China won't collapse.

John.J. Houghton

America has always been at war. A country stolen from natives, built up by slaves and now controlled by greed. You're at war with your conscience. The world's people want to live their 80 years in peace not in fear of a group of crazy idiots in America. One thing is for sure, we're all going to die. We need to be helping each other live as long as possible, not killing each other. Get over your guilt America and have a life.

Keith Bawden

China collapsing?? What 'Meds' is the guy taking??

Banks of Barcelona

The enemies of the empire are innocent civilians trying to live!


Actually, according to Edgar Cayce, China is the very last economy to collapse. I can't remember which is first but it starts in Either Europe or the US. It then spreads to the next of the two, then it goes to Australia and China is last. Which is mostly thanks to the last few decades where they managed to get sellouts in the governments of numerous countries that managed to sell off much infrastructure and resources without approval of the citizens they are supposed to serve.

Tunis Saadia

I hope the evil America and hypocrites democracy countries will collapse altogether


Fking giggling boomers. Cant mention (THE JEWS) run our country and foreign policy.


The mission of NATO haven't changed since its was founded. It still have the same triple mandate of keeping America in, Russia out and Germany down.
If NATO had been disbanded in 1991 Germany would have ascended to great power status right than and there, and Europe would have fallen into the German sphare of influence rather than the American.