Google And Geek Squad: Arms Of The Deep State?

We’ve recently learned that both Google and the computer repair company Geek Squad have been deeply involved with national security agencies to conduct illegal searches of their customers’ computers and to help develop surveillance technology that may well be used against its customers. What are the dangers of “private” companies hooking up with the US national security establishment and even the “deep state”?

Original Youtube video here.

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OUR Republic- Never Give In

Two generations of "americans" have done NOTHING to stop the infiltration of anti American communists, and muslims into every aspect of America. Education, healthcare, state and federal governments and especially "law enforcement". Now the chickens have come home to roost. This is called CONSEQUENCES!!!!! And get involved while this war is still a "cold war" of words and legislation…..Hitlery Cunton for GTMO camp X-ray!!!!


GEEK SQUAD CAN NOT PLANT STUFF ON YOUR PC !!! Every file created on a pc has a logged creation date and time,, so if a dummy creates a file of “Bad information” there is a date and time it was created , so if it was in Geek squads possession during that time on that date then they would be responsible for that information,,, so you guys should do your homework and stop spreading misinformation or fear in the public,, or you might find yourself sued for liable… and no i don’t work for either Geek Squad or Goggle..

Ishe Boge

Vault 7 revelations show that anything can be planted on your computer for which you are evidenced to be the source.


I dont think the fbi is training these people. I think many of these geek squad people are more likely employed by fbi and others because of their abilities.

Asad Rehman

Ron paul if you became president. You would also listen and follow what the deep state tells you.


Dear Dr. Real, a real Justice system is the answer to all the issues and problems across the USA. Unlike the current so called Justice.

Marc Goudreau

The Trump administration's recent snub of an RT journalist at a WH press conference on Putins speech on the state of Russia's military "high tech" was absolutely disgraceful, something even western journalists are beginning to choke on. Even the staunchest optimists are beginning to think America may never recover from Trump and the Pentagon's wet dream of a uni polar world order…. at any cost.

bumppo shepherd

the so-called good is indefinable

United We Stand

Please sign the petition for The Internet Bill Of Rights
This Petition is to Save Our Free Speech.

John Mastroligulano

It's an oligarchy the gov/state/corp are proxies of the oligarchy posing as something they are not for oligarch bribes or to prevent the release of blackmail of all manner.

Gaylord Retclyffe

It's difficult to understand why the vast majority of the American people still get their "news" from the MSM. There should be Millions of subscribers to the Ron Paul Liberty Report: ibi est veritas!


Why was this guy not president USA are stupid..

David Edward Garber

Longtime Google CEO Eric Schmidt was an unusually regular attendee at Bilderberg Conferences. I've sometimes wondered what exactly he was doing to serve their agenda.

Humberto Misteroni

Thank you, Dr Paul, for all you do. Rachel maddow actually is responsible for introducing me to you while she was labelling you as a racist, white supremacist on her show and boy am I glad I didn't take the bait and did my own research and thinking.

Words of Welke

I knew Google but Geek Squad is no surprise.

General Steven D. Lee 5683

Learning a person's habits, is like hunting. You observe the prey before harvesting the game.

I know That Feeling Bro

Yet Russia is the threat to our sovereignty? Looks like Israel is. They even have their own lobby in DC. Their dual citizenship prefers Israel not like Mexico or other parts of the world. You definitely not seeing this coming do ya? This list may be a bit old, circa 2014 I believe.. but who cares? Past and Present: Attorney General – Michael MukaseyHead of Homeland Security – Michael ChertoffChairman Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board – Richard PerleDeputy Defense Secretary (Former) – Paul WolfowitzUnder Secretary of Defense – Douglas FeithNational Security Council Advisor – Elliott AbramsVice President Dick Cheney’s Chief of… Read more »


Please may I ask for the source article on Best Buy Geek Squad? I want to take a copy into them as this IS where I take my computers! Thank you Dr. Ron Paul and Daniel McAdams!

Wouter Vos

Please don't focus on the sacrifice of privacy, people don't care about that.
Instead, focus on the reasons privacy is so important.
Like safety; with less privacy criminals can take advantage of that information and use it to commit crime.
But also, that we can't trust government.
Like we've seen with the Parkland school shooting.
Police officers who sat outside with their gun at the ready while kids where being gunned down can go on pension.
While SWAT who rushed in to protect the kids have been penalized.
That's the sort of stuff people care about.
'Privacy' just sounds like an abstract irrelevancy.

Samuel Self

The main technological counter balance against the government is encryption. That's why the FBI is still trying to wrangle a backdoor law in to encrypted devices.

As with anything else Liberty and Choice are also very powerful tools. As long as we're not forced to use Google or GeekSquad then we retain the ability to safeguard ourselves.

Samuel Self

Technological Industrial Complex


The malevolent intent of the Zio-conspiracists is to defame the honorable reputation of Dr. Paul by inundating his YouTube channel with inflammatory comments, attempting to implicate him through "guilt by association". This is why these mutant trolls must always be rebutted and rebuked.

Valik Toma

Nice haircut Daniel, looks good.


Well I am THE REAL NEO and can tell all without any shadows of doubt, this is nothing but eugenics. And now with Trump dropping tariffs, you know like King George, you now know it this land that is about to change…again. Best of luck, I had to log into another browser as I could not comment on explorer…comment section would not load. Just another brick in the wall.


So typical, Geek Squad/FBI use an example of child porn, to justify their egregious acts upon our privacy…Time and again, like "terrorism", the government uses extreme examples to destroy our freedoms. I don't like the idea of people using child porn, but I am not interested in giving up my freedoms to stop it. Just like the shooting in Florida (which I think stinks of another CIA/FBI terrorist event that they had some hand in), a terrible event that the globalists/neo liberal (AKA Zionists) were ready to exploit to try and take our guns away. 17 kids died, and the… Read more »

Eki Rasche

(((Deep state)))


Medicine & Education should be under the auspices of the "churches", not denominations, but groups of local churches.

David Despain

Ron Paul !! The ONLY politician I ever trusted.

no po

let's not forget FB and Amazon

Dennis Clark

If you are concerned about our privacy, what to you have to say about H.R. 4760. This bill now before congress will required all Americans to have a national I.D. card in order to get a job or open a bank account. The I.d. card will be required to have our biometric data such as our fingerprints and retina scans. How much privacy do you think that we will have if this bill passes? Further details can be found on the following web site:

shadrock ganJahnetics

Question. If the Libertarian Right and the Libertarian Left(mostly unknown to exist in America now though they are here) were able to form a coalition; could this bring about a third party that could end the duopoly? The Libertarian Left, are called the extreme left or environmentalist, anti-Free trade, want sustainable energy to rid the Fossil Fuel Economic US Petrol Dollar and create a clean world to enjoy the pursuit of happiness. If the Libertarian Right has moved past the Neo-Con anti women, anti Neo-Liberal economics of War Industrial Complex and the anti LGBT community stance. It would be easy… Read more »


Long life to you Mr. Paul.

Soleil DeParis

Google was founded by CIA. the only so called private company that has access to the military satellites. CIA always had puppet private companies, nothing new there. The bigger problem is that Israeli companies working directly with Google and have all free access to the same data.

Soleil DeParis

use the Dutch company they act like a middle man between you and the internet/google/gov and protect your identity. check them out

Latino Nationalist

I mean at this point if you don't know that Google is deep in bed w the government I simply feel bad for you

Knowledge Gospel

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