Gold, Yuan or Crypto: What Will Replace Dollar Hegemony?

All Empires have collaborators and accomplices. Creditors, vassals, and partners will play ball with the Empire if they see it in their interest to do so. But once the Empire over-stretches militarily or financially (or both) the search for the exit door begins. Ron Paul discusses the race to get away from the dollar on today’s Liberty Report!

Original Youtube video here.

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Merry Christmas to Dr. Ron Paul, your family, and this awesome channel… God bless your…

Donald Ganley

The problem is that they're NOT taking care of the people. They're printing and "lending" fake money to enrich themselves, gain power over people, and make their lives worse. And, we're talking about a group of people whose main aim throughout history has been to make the world a worse place tomorrow than it is today.
The real issue is, how long are we going to let these monsters keep doing what they're doing? The longer we do, the worse it will be for them.


A paper Dollar is nothing more than expensive toilet paper…


Money is evil period. Artificial intelligence will use cryto to rule the world.

Charles Beaudry

Dr. Paul likes to disparage liberals as profligate but it was Bill Clinton who was the last president to eliminate the deficit, not Republicans. However I do agree with much of what he says. Currency discipline is extremely important even was in Soviet Russia, so it has nothing to do with capitalism or democracy.

Sergio Marron

The Chinese Government Never officially stated that their currency would be backed by gold… Please cite the source where you all assumed this fake news.


First of all, we can rule out cryptos off the bat. Because it is not stable to replace a racket with a pyramid scheme.
Second, the yuan can't replace the dollar unless they choose to gold back their currency, and if they did that others would follow suit, meaning we would have multiple gold backed currencies with gold itself being the reserve.
The last option, and the one the globalist will most likely try to push, is the SDR.


What is the value of an honest master craftsman?
Mediocrity or mastery: what is true value?

Samuel Self

It makes sense to use crypto-currencies as a virtual certificate of ownership of something else like gold. Nothing else is as uniquely verifiable as crypto-currencies. My problem with thinking these are "Gold backed currencies" is primarily; Currency is defined by each country and they are either recognized or refuted as such by every other country. What makes a crypto-token/coin any different than a certificate that tells you that you bought some gold? There is a mechanism to trade in the crypto-coin directly but one can buy and sell certificates in much the same way. It starts to smack of fractional… Read more »

Yam Tahira

The real money is gold and silver coins have intrinsic value.All digital crypto Bitcoin and paper money r Fiat controlling by same wizards who controlling Federal reserve.


Westerners think of a rising China as "the new kid on the block" of empires. The truth is, China's expansive empires were contemporary with Imperial Rome. China has already been there, done that. It no longer has a taste for empire, it just wants to be left to do business and trade with the world. In 1405, before the age of exploration and colonisation by Europe, China sent a fleet commanded by Admiral Zheng He, a minority muslim eunuch. This fleet had up to 200 ships and 40.000 sailors and marines. Far far larger than anything Columbus had. They sailed an equivalent… Read more »


someone left the cursor on his head
the director needs to hide it
use the mouse and quickly slide it
or I'll have to download the Mp3 instead.


"It remains to be seen just how successful the tax reforms that they just passed will help."

The Leviathan State will get its money by hook or crook. Government is a zero-sum game.

Paul edw13

Ron you talked to much , the other guy said little . You just as well interviewed a mute .


america destroyed libya, iraq and more to preserve it. Nixon has a special hellfire for establishing it

Henrik Ræder Clausen

I'm waiting for crypto gold 🙂

Agent of SCUM

What will replace the dollar? Cans of tuna fish. Nookie. Spare batteries. Cigarettes.

If the dollar collapses, it's taking everything with it worldwide. Following a period of chaos, the survivors will decide for themselves what to accept as a future medium of trade beyond direct barter.

John Smith
Guest the only real money in the world today backed by vaulted Silver


Confidence in US dollar up huge with Trump.


I think the problem with Bitcoin is that is has no deep roots, and can be easily imitated by other copycats wanting to float currencies of their own. Imitators can also incorporate newer innovations to give their newer cryptos a technological advantage. Those who claim that early entrants like Bitcoin have an inherent advantage through a larger adoption base, need to recognize that after a Bitcoin bubble collapses, that large base can be shrunk down to almost nothing, which then wipes the slate clean and effectively levels the playing field between an established crypto like Bitcoin and its lesser known… Read more »

Chris topher

Ron you should put some people with different views than you to debate

Mark Gunther

Had Paul been elected President in 2012, we might have saved the republic. Alas it's too late now. Prepare for yourself and your family, we're past the point of no return.

Kathy Urschel

piles of lies and human excrament

dollie edwards

Well !

dollie edwards

Money no matter. If. It is paper.coins. gold plastics. Blocks 😌😌😌


Hey Ron, for the record, yuan is not backed by gold. The correct wording is oil futures backed by yuan, exchangeable to gold.I vote against going back to gold. Printing money can leads to problems. Limiting money can also lead to problems. By being gold-backed dollar, you are limiting money.

Yuan replacing Dollar Hegemony? Well, even if it becomes one, it is not gonna last with the way it is being controlled by Chinese gov't. I have my doubts.

Crypto replacing fiats/dollar is more likely in my opinion. Ethereum to be specific (since it doesn't have limitation on the supply)

Charles Wilson

From American empire to American trash. Thank the Jewish Zionist cabal. Job well done. Stupid American give me more attitude.

DeWayne Benson

Int'l BRICS banks.

Daniel Blackman

Ron Paul is a genius!

Wyndella Fernandez

I was unsubscribed by youtube..

MGT Madness

Fiat currency is never the way to go. The currency has to be 100% scam proof. The US Dollar started off looking honest and being exchangeable for gold. Once they gained that trust, they started printing like mad and then went off the gold standard completely. This cycle will repeat itself in the future with future currencies. Gold/Silver coins/bars is the only scam proof mean of exchange/currency until someone finds out how to print gold/silver materials.