For The Children? Trump’s Venezuela Blockade Multiplies The Misery

President Trump announced a full US embargo of Venezuela, with punishment for anyone of any nationality who “supports” the Maduro government. US sanctions are said to have been responsible for 40,000 deaths in the past two years. How many more will die from this “humanitarian” move? What gives Trump – or anyone – the moral authority to make such a move?
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Buried Axblade

& the TV public still waits for a savior

Gordon Paterson

Guess Bolton's not doing too well in Iran after all their threats so now it's back to Venezuela to change the focus away from Iran. Is this the exceptional democracy that countries are really yearning for?

Sam Sticka

The US government needs to quit acting like they're trying to save the world. They just want to kill and enslave a bunch of innocent people.

cam cam

Wish more people listened. They would actually understand so much more. But no, they watch CBS and bury their heads in the lies and smoke screens.

Barney Google

One unconstitutional step for a president – one giant leap backward for the freedom of the people of the U.S. and Venezuela.


Aren't there any bodies in the US that could prosecute those in power for these clearly immoral and illegal acts against Venezuela, Syria, Iran etc. ? No other country can hold the US to task (maybe the rest of the world united) so it seems to me the pushback must come from within. Plenty of checks and balances taking about the dangers of government tyranny domestically but what about internationally?


Candidate Trump was a COMPLETELY different guy then President Trump. Are you surprised?

Daniel Ferris

Humanitarian war: "Please won't you buy a bullet, for a starving child?"


Keep in mind no one in the house has done nothing forever! What changed now?
The ways they have been rolling ? It hasn't and didn't work period!! Guaranteed in 2020 if Trump doesn't win the election…that gives them the house and the presidency…no more America as you know it will exist…fact


The US murders leaders of other countries and pushes "regime change", basically war. But Russia meddled, evil evil Russia.


Free them from socialism, WTH.  Better do some regime change on Burnie butthead and beavis AOC.

Phil Lee

We need to remove all sanctions and any kind of restrictions immediately. All we have done is create a refugee crisis. Already 4 or 5 million people have left. More will be leaving, a lot of them will be headed to the US. Thank God Ron Paul is getting the word out.

David Maharaj

Executive Order, or Executive Odor.

OneEyE Monster

oki doke….lets stop selling bombs to Saudi Arabia to bomb YEMEM…for the children.
How about we stop spraying the damn sky with the kiddies can
know what's it's like to actually breathe CLEAR Air..for once in their lives.
What if…we all CONTAIN the children can have a FUTURE…

I know…I know…Im suppose to dumb down, blind N ignorant or a tin foil hat collector.

earthSCAN NZ

the US still targeting woman and children – real tuff stuff right there

Mark 1962

Mr. Alfred de Zayas, a United Nations Investigator, has offered the idea that this is the "weaponization of 'rule of law' to destroy 'rule of law' and the weaponization of 'human rights' to destroy 'human rights'. He cites the complicity of media such as the Economist, BBC, New York Times and Washington Post as well as the international banking community. This 'coup d'etat' was planned well in advance and the images disseminate house to house, television to television, laptop to laptop, iPhone to iPhone. This event is an embarrassment to me as a Canadian, a nation that fought 'just' wars… Read more »

Gigi Devoe

THE beauriful people of Venazulia are the ones being starved to death w these crazy sanctions. God pray that wewre doing the right thing.. Sanctions dont hurt the top people in power & have the $$ 💰 they eat well, have beautiful homes w heat & air. tables laden w food & ELITES wife's fly to Paris or elsewhere to buy designer clothes. if some of these stomp in your face spouses were kidnapped on their out of country buying trips like Venazulia, Syria (she travels to buy shoes) maybe some of this terrism against their own people will stop.shame… Read more »

The Liberty Symphony

0:40 – RP: On Trump issuing Venezuela Blockade Executive Order4:17 – DM: Talking about failed coup with Juan Guaidó, details of sanctions5:36 – RP: Administration using a phony moral high ground to justify sanctions, real reasons: Oil, Empire7:52 – DM: Seizing Citgo assets and giving it to corrupt Guaidó, 40,000 dead due to US Sanctions9:11 – RP: Blockade being even worse than an Embargo10:22 – DM: China and Russia, John Bolton’s freelancing this operation11:14 – RP: The fake support of 50 countries, none of whom want to have anything to do with this, blocking humanitarian aid to the people, China13:50… Read more »

Ace bluenote

I like both you and Rand, Dr. Paul. I have listened often. The real issue is not being addressed. Certain laws have been passed in DC, and coverage passed up by the media as recent as these last few months or more, back even before WWI. But more to the point, these past 30 or so years we saw Christian prayer taken out of the public everything, and the Mosaic Law of the Ten Commandments torn from just about everywhere, only to be replaced by certain other religious proscriptions in us law. From what I've heard, this means the takeover… Read more »

Hank Hill

I can't believe my ears an honest politician. Ron Paul I believe everything you said is correct. God bless you and your team. Peace in the Middle East and South America

Steven Orcutt

Keep the TRUTHS flowing gentleman. God bless both of you,!


the United States has a foreign policy of creating misery… sanctions, embargoes resulting in the death of 40,000 in Venezuela…this is not what government is supposed to be about… thankfully Dr. Paul and the Liberty Report teach us a better way and hold the United States government accountable.

Max Plank

at this point what country would trust their money w the USA ? USA is isolating itself??

Matt Roberts

Slowly cut a country off from the world while pretending internal problems sank their economy. Are Americans now willing to wage war in their own backyard?


Unless that orange Orangutan called Trump stop whit only word hi Knose is sunctions hi his not a human to make those kids in Venezuela suffer how hi can be a human hi is the bigast Tyrant in the world hi needs to be kick in arse and sand back to Britain from we’re his grand grand parents come from I haven’t seen any real Americans whith yellow hair like him exept General Custer who genoicide the real Americans. I haven’t seen more arougount person than him people like him should be in the mad house not running the country.

bill hanna

We need there Oil , Ah well we might need there Oil, We are self sufficient in Oil?OH Hell Israel told me to do it OK….What AIPAC wants ? // 911 is the Biggie.

bill hanna

BDS Oh hell cant say that = Free speech ????

Chad Simmons

Maduro is not a dictator. The CIA is though.