Fire And Fury…And Profits! Korea Crisis Great For The War Industry

Yesterday’s nuclear brinkmanship between President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un may have terrified much of the rest of the world, but the military industrial complex rubs its hands with glee. Profits are way up since the first Korean long-range missile test in July.

Original Youtube video here.

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DB Cooper

Good old Ron Paul, doing his daily Russian propaganda schpiel.


It's not about selling weapons, that's a secondary advantage. It's about China. It's all about china.


yo i love u ron paul! ur the man, keep doin what ur doing. I see all the bs the elite pull dont get pulled away from ur goal mate!


Vote out the Neocons!


I think North Korea would better have access to nuclear submarines and could take out one big port or city in the states for every transgression against their sovereignity!


Truth is treason, war is peace, ignorance is strength, people are sheep.


Would either one of you really prefer Hillary? What do you think Trump should say after N Korea threats?
If Trump is doing all the wrong things, why all the criticism from mainstream and the LEFT?
I am wondering whose side you're on.
I know you are for GOLD!


all you millennials need to update your selective service information. women too.

Pat Dennis

Why do you think they divided the world in 1945?? So they could sell war items around the world!!! Why do you think they tried to kill Reagan?? They were petrified of the fall of the Soviet Union would cut into their profits!! Why do you think N. Korea was allowed to obtain nukes?? So they could keep the last conflict going and keep making more money from the suffering of those poor N. Korean civilians Truman enslaved in 1945… FOLLOW THE $$$$ Money has and will always be at the center of any and all wars…

Carl Moore

real good truth.

J Doe

Amidst all the criticism of war industry…
I'd like to know peoples' thoughts on KJU. He never seems to enter into the conversation.
It's all America, banks, jews, etc…like they're making excuses for the guy.


Ya know, I suppose I'm just not macho enough, or my machismo is on the low side, because all of these bombings going on in the Middle East, Saudis with US help bombing Yemen who's kids are about to starve to death, and especially when Zionists attack Gaza, and which they refer to these every so often attacks, massacres really, as 'mowing the lawn', seriously, cuz Gaza has no jets,tanks, gunships, and no orderly military soldier group, and the homemade noisemakers referred to as '1000s of rocket into Israel nonsense', who actually despite rhetoric of rockets those are not equal… Read more »


Thank you, Dr Paul for your peaceful stand.


Thank you Dr.Paul.

Neil Salmon

We had war hawks who were the cause of the extreme false flag attack , 911 (Bush neocons , CIA , Mossad Israeli agents ) and look what we got , wars in Afghanistan and Iraq . Now we have war hawks again (Trump and neocon generals , CIA , NSA ) Is America ready for another massive false flag attack ? , this time to start a war with North Korea which will kill millions on the Korean peninsula , Japan , Guam . All this ramped up talk of war , we know the United states government is… Read more »

Roger Hudson

Don't forget S. Korea wasn't just defended by the USA, Britain and Commonwealth troops died and were maimed as well, never forget the POW treatment. Even McCain's vietnam treatment wasn't as bad.
Korean War 2 would be horrible, China will never let the USA up near their border on the Yalu.

Matthew Treadway

Am i the youngest person watching regularly RPLR at 23?

Susan Heywood

If America (international banksters) already controls Japan (banking), I will assume that China sees North Korea as a buffer in between the two empires, and ways of life.

Surud Patel

'Locked & Loaded' – the Mad Max Fury Road is on its way to North Korea. Sane minds never prevail as they are enslaved. Need to drain the insane squad.

William Nelson

I like you Ron but but time to stand up this guy is another Hitler or Stalin his people are slaves no more talk action

Thankgod Justice

Long live Ron Paul


Is it true that Abraham Lincoln had a similar sounding voice to Ron Paul?

Commanchee Eagle

I will never watch Television again ever…..mind programming deviceeeeeeee

Michael Zwart

The Universal Soldier (Donovan).
Gusti engkang welas asih.

Trooper Buddy

Ron Paul. Start doing Facebook live and any other sites that will record live. You are getting restricted. So stay with this show but add in live Facebook feeds…etc. We need to get your message out. Hopefully we can all watch the September show live with you as well.

Patricia M

Too right! Kim Jong Un very successful shill for Trump and Theresa May selling unnecessary military equipment to Japan and South Korea. Somehow the multi-million dollar equipment they already have doesn't seem too reliable or useful.


this needs way more views

Kirby Bing

8:40 — "Privatize the profits, socialize the losses"  Well said, spot on.