FBI vs. Apple: Is Liberty At Stake?

The FBI is demanding that Apple create a means to bypass its iPhone encryption. Apple has refused, explaining the dangerous precedent such a move would set. In this standoff, it is our Constitutional liberties that are at stake. Will the Fourth Amendment be finally and fully decapitated?

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Original Youtube video here.

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safety is worthless without liberty .

chris cox

this is an issue of punishing a corporation for the criminality of a very few. apple is NOT responsible for their customers misuse of apple technology. if the "terrorist" whom did this were still alive it would be up to apple to shut-down said customer(s) accounts and deal with them accordingly to constitutional/company policies, in court if necessary. i know whom is defending apple in this case because i watch FNC/FBN, therefore i am informed. Mr./Dr Ron Paul is right about this case.  i don't knowingly use apple products myself, i still will not judge apple.

Samuel Self

Android has had the same feature for a while; 10 failed tries and it wipes the phone. Google and Apple should team up legally.


apple sale will go up for iphone … i am buying one.


So, we crack the existing encryption, remind me how the FBI has the code stolen or made public for all hackers. If they don't trust the FBI, remind me how Apple has the code stolen or makes the code public. For crying out loud, it's not like where giving it to Hillary for safe keeping!!!

Jesse Diaz

love your work dr. paul! don't give up your rights for a false sense of security!!

Twylite Jones

this certainly isn't about the inability to hack into a single phone, it's to strong-arm the ability by force and legislation. don't forget who the largest users of apple products are. China. a country with some of the most strict security and privacy laws. the idea that the FBI can't get into this 1 phone is bogus. they employ some the best hackers already. but to gain a software tool with apples sophisticated encryption "backdoor" will no doubt broaden the spying throughout the world very easily.

Paul Prejean

If we are expecting a corporation to protect our privacy then its already lost. People senselessly store things such as criminal exploits to sexual exploits on their phones and social media. Don't use your phone for any activity you deem private. Or at the very least develop and encrypt your own data using your own proprietary methods so you don't have to depend on your 4th but your 5th amendment rights.

Veritas Mastix

The only reason the govt surveillance of metadata ended at metadata was because encryption and security kept the government at bay.


I work in an IT environment and luckily our group discussions on this issue have echoed a number of key points that I've heard over the past week or so, on this issue (Pro-Apple). Unfortunately, in other circles I do see how the "propaganda argument" has definitely tainted the opinions of others. Some people are so quick to give up their constitutional freedoms and don't realize that once you give them up, it's extremely hard to get them back. That being said, smart play with how the FBI is using the San Bernadino case as their reason for wanting Americans… Read more »

Al Coleman

my first time watching, but it will not be my last.

Diego Rivera
John Burke

The encrypted email company "Lavabit" was forced to shut down after the US gvt demanded its SSL keys. Doubt Apple will be shutting down, but one thing is for sure, the US gvt will NOT be backing down.


Doesn't the FBI have enough info on these Jihadists already? What do they think they are gonna find, some document about how to build a IED? Or how about some downloaded porn film – ha! I say keep the terrorists out of our country in the first place! The FBI is too late and they didn't do their job!


well said and great commentary


I'd hate to say this but anyone can go out and perform some terrorist act of their own freewill and before they die spout some ISIS related mumbo jumbo and boom connected to ISIS search their phone. What if the handlers of those terrorists were the FBI and CIA? Check and mate… I wonder how many leaders in the world use iPhones? With the recent (past few years) hacks our government has had, there is no way something of this magnitude could stay secure for long. Imagine the headlines… China hacks US government (FBI, CIA, NSA) and acquires backdoor to… Read more »


This is utter bullshit. College professors USA-over support the FBI in this case, saying it's so dangerous for people to have private inaccessible information. Conveniently, Scalia dies before this case is brought up, where it will likely land in the Supreme Court before long. Scalia would have been against this completely. If the FBI wins, it will effectively make any security programs that do not include a backdoor illegal – basically guaranteeing insecurity of all digital media except those in government. It is how the machine will slowly strip the liberties of us, all under the guise of fighting terrorism.… Read more »

T. Thomas

Framing Framing Framing Framing Framing Framing Framing thats what they are doing. Apple needs to do it back.

T. Thomas

6:49 "No encryption to protect us from Isis" excellent point by Ron

Sam Tuesday

I agree. Clinton, for whatever reason, does not follow security protocol. Apple could say something like. OK, we will do as you wish if you toss Clinton behind bars. If The FBI doesn't take that deal then Apple can just pack it up and leave this country.

Apple doesn't have anything to worry about. The FBI doesn't have any leverage on them. Sure, they could possibly go to jail, but then again what's stopping Apple from jumping ship all together.


"It is not the president's job to keep us safe, it is the president's job to keep us free". ~ Judge Andrew Napolitano.

skione n

Mine your business FBI

Matt Hopman

Great discussion on the case between Apple vs. the government. It's the people vs. the government!!!!


The 10 tries limit can be avoided by cloning the device and restore it every 10 tries. You can clone and create copies of computers (smartphones are computers) and run them in virtual environments. They can create an unlimited amount of clones. Law enforcement use various methods to bypass locks and encryption on computers. They can do this without Apple's help. Apple have already supplied them with forensic advice and could've solved this iPhone issue a long time ago by now. FBI (and CIA & NSA) want to implement permanent backdoors into everything. This is very dangerous. A backdoor will… Read more »

Richard's World Traveler

The US government should contract Apple to secure the government computer systems.

Linda Taghon

Mr. PaulThis is called "Involuntary Servitude."  NO gov. has the right!


We had this discussion before, it was called the clipper chip. For all intents and purposes the fbi wants a software version of the clipper chip.

Fairy Lady

Google Kinnecome group at NSA to see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

bob tony

is it not possible to clone the device, so you have 10 tries times however many times it is cloned?


Russia and China would be first in line. i am happy that apple will not back down.