F-35 Boondoggle: More Military Spending Is Not More Security

The ongoing fiasco with the hugely cost over-run and under-performing F-35 demonstrates precisely why President Trump’s massive increase in military spending will not bring more security to the US. It is a “get rich” program for the political elites and military-industrial complex.

Original Youtube video here.

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Eduardo Rivera

I voted for Trump because I thought Hillary would take us to more wars. I am beginning to hate Trump MORE than I hate Hillary.


It's true, simply throwing money at problems doesn't mean you win. However, if you don't throw money at the problems, you can guarantee that other nations that are basically dictatorships can figure out how far advanced your shit is, and build work-arounds faster than you can come up with new systems. Unfortunately a free and open society like ours makes it extremely difficult to keep things secret forever, so if no money is spent, and we get attacked, we'll essentially be right where we were in WW2 compared to those who attacked us, i.e., with no new technology, and forced… Read more »

Michelle Maher

The P-51 took 117 days to develop and the F-35 has taken decades. πŸ‹
This Aircraft is the biggest lemon in Aviation history and reminds me of Menzies outdated CA-15 that cost millions of pounds to develop a piston engined aircraft at the height of the Jet Age in the 50's. We're all getting screwed with this aircraft. πŸ’΅πŸ’΅πŸ’΅πŸ’΅πŸ’΅πŸ’΅πŸ’΅πŸ’ΈπŸ’ΈπŸ’ΈπŸ’ΈπŸ’ΈπŸ’Έ

Fastt Ed

The good Dr. is correct, as usual.

John My views

I agree with your views however, the US has been very successful in selling these to other countries to offload costs,


The even dumber part of this whole deal is that Russia and China have been working on electromagnetism detectors . And the short of it is that everything that is man made and produces electricity generates a detectable field , and since both the Russian and the Chinese knew they couldn’t go toe to toe with the USA corporation on aircraft carriers they decided instead to go high tech and submarines . The Russians have a missile right now that could knock any stealth fighter out of the sky , and NATO has identified a fleet of very special submarines… Read more »


Poor Daniel always look like he's holding in a fart and worried to let it go.

jimmi hotdog

And in Australia the jew loving Tony Abbott (ex failed PM) LNP ordered about 50 of these lemons and then told world leaders @ apaic he is making old aged pensioners pay more tax/cash, what a fuck head.

Christina Thompson

I had an idea for a great military item and thought the military might pick it up which is why I didn't patent it and promote my idea , ….a knife w a scalloped edge for opening mre's faster , carried inside the mre …..makes great military sense as its redundant …..lol…..and you could see them buying it is the sad thing , sellem for 100$ apice , gettum made in china for 1$

m h

Half of them don't fly so it's .75 trillon burned


Why didn't the US elected this man???

Thomas Belstler

One of the things I read about the F-35 helmets and I do not know if it is accurate is that each helmet is custom fitted to the pilot. This would mean that a problem with the exceedingly complicated helmet would ground the airplane unless a spare priced at $400,000 was available.

Walter Kiel

The F-35 Dodo Bird can't climb, accelerate, or turn as well as the fighters that it's supposed to be replacing.
Stealth has been exposed as a total scam anyway… it's visible to low frequency radar and heat signature recognition.
Now we're being told that the F-35 is a cover for a space weapons program. At these prices… I sure as hell hope so !!

William Pieper

It is more financial security for the Lockheed Martin stockholders, executives and employees, as well as the lobbyists and government employees whose careers are connected to the F-35.

Jerry Elven

gee, shades of the F-111

worldlove101 love101

The U.S. government is hijacked by special interest that don't care one bit about America or its citizens


The manned fighter jet is obsolete…

Geoff Dearth

Ron Paul points out a basic flaw in the thinking: We don't need fighter aircraft even if they are good ones.

Geoff Dearth

Eisenhower tried to tell everyone about this in 1961.

TrumpArmy ofKentucky

All videos from RT have been banned on YouTube. Ron Paul will be next.


High budgets normally lead to overpriced contracts and equipment, because it's a tendency for government departments to try and spend all their annual budget so they don't get a cut in the following year.

Derek Jeffries

The F-35 is a stupid idea, the F-22 works just fine. This is like "The Pentagon Wars," except it costs more than a hundred times as much and it isn't a joke.

Boris Sorkin

Don't know about F35 but I do know about Humvee's biggest peace of shit made for military, I ever had to use.


The F-35 is a huge money pit. It was expensive to make. It is expensive to maintain. Even if we ever said screw it and tried selling these things to another country, nobody would want it, or if they did, we would practically have to give them away because nobody would want to pay any serious money for the F-35. What a waste.


This welfare warfare state will implode… Tick tick tock

Bill Woo

Imagine. This great man could have been President for ALL EIGHT years of Obama. And Rand would be President now. But alas, the sheep bleat their bleat.

Charlie Harper

only little less than 6000 views?????

Niiles Punkari

F35 is an unpatriotic plane, that will destroy any Air-force that it joins.
If Chinese would attack US airbase and they would see F16, F18, and F35 lined-up on the airstrip, would they honestly focus first on F35s which after try to destroy the others? I do not think so.

mohali shaf

So if they shot down an Israeli F-35 over Syria with a $100 missile.. and who's laughing out loud now on the way to the banks.. Ameen..

kharn the betrayer O

Its not a dumb decision its just a dumb idea the f-35 isn't bad just a terrible design.

Max Freedom

Government = Boondoggle

Memorized that equation. Test tomorrow.

enderman geozos

kill a congressman or senator or shut the fuck up and sell drugs like everyone else.

ro fo

F35 just crashed. Hilarious. Especially considering high probability of neck injury after ejection from F35, which was downplayed by Pentagon and never properly fixed. I'm laughing my lungs out. Karma.