Executive Over-Reach: Pompeo Dismisses Congress In Push for Iran War

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has made it clear to Members of Congress that he does not believe any Congressional authorization is necessary for a US war against Iran. Pompeo claims the post-9/11 authorization to fight al-Qaeda is sufficient. Will Congress roll over?

Original Youtube video here.

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Jon Nan

I served at WTC site the month of September “” the whole things a lie”” investigate Israel’s connection in 911.
Mossad agents caught filming and celebrating the attack.

Alex Cacares

I think Pompeo might actually be even worse than Bolton.

Gavan Hillebold

How about the appointment of Billionaire Donor Kelly Craft as US Ambassador to the United Nations ? Another unqualified floozy in the Trump administration. The least qualified person ever picked for that position. Money talks, BS walks

Dan Patrick

Congress have proven themselves to be not worth a dam to anyone. They are such morons, no repectable person would suggest they oversea anything. Pompeo and Bolten need to answer for previous war crimes before they are allowed to accuse anyone of anything. Trump will not go to war… thats my predicition

Nasser Ghasemi

These evil spirits people has occupied USA, they are enemy of state and world , free America from these evil people. If you love ❤️ USA

Timothy Jacobson

Thank you Dr. Paul. Keep fighting for liberty. You have the pro American message. Our freedom is never at stake until a neocon is in charge.


When lies become the norm truth soon appears a disease,a weed,to be destroyed quickly,quietly.
Yet when the fruits of lies begin being reaped,in measure of great bounty,it's harvest in turn shall(as nature tends)find a competing force fight stoutly.
When enough of truths first fruits begin finally to blossom(though later in blooming)they shall be the clarion call to the rest breaking ground, protruding,and seemingly at once truth becomes restored……….yet, must be tended,for the first shall (if left to grow in darkness) replenish itself,and slowly slowly,yet ever creeping,silently growing stronger,till alas once more the landscape viewed shows lies become the norm.

Mister Myxlplyx

I'm sick of Trump acting on behalf of Israel to the detrement of America. I wont be voting for him again.

Corruptdigit x

Everytime something is going down in a bad way…no one ever names names. Who are the parasites behind this. What are their actions. Why are THEY never called out? It's always 'them', 'they', 'these people'. Sounds like more District of Criminals bs.

Jutta Galbory

Woke up, saw message on my phone: "Executive Over-Reach: Pompeo Dismiss…" Thought WOW! Pompeo DISMISSED. Wrong. too bad

Michael Oswal

Well, if any one wonder how it did feel to be part of Titanic when it was sinking, just get onboard the USA

mark stevenson

I only solution I can see to this problem is america's defeat in war like vietnam.
But this time triple the casualties, which will happen.

Dean Howell

Currently 90% of the US Congressional legislators elected hole Dual US/ISRAELI citizenship. THis group blatantly CONTROL the NARRATIVE in veretuly every aspects of an American life?

V Kozmarov

Cant believe the arrogance from a country that doesn't even know what a real war is.
What will they do when they get the shit bombed out of them?. FN stupid assholes

Patrick Kerner

This Administration is treading on thin Ice!

D Personal

Remember the USS Liberty.

Michael DeSilvio

911 was an inside job. Dr Judy Wood dot com has the best explanation of what occurred on 911.

Shah-Allah Shabazz

Pompeo should be charged with treason against the Constitution of these united States of America. This is a government of laws, not men.

Rex Henderson

Wish our Congress had some backbone

Joseph Mosesean


earthSCAN NZ

99% – 1% = peace


Can "any sane,rational person" believe that Iran wants to pick a fight with the USA ? Does anyone believe Iran had terrorists involved in 911? If so they had better check out the evidence that shows Israel was behind 911 and then show their own evidence: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xgobArERKEE&t=3s. When the Deep State is able to ignore the representatives or elected officials of a country it shows that country has Lost Its Democracy . It tends to remind me of the Rise of Hitler and the Nazi Party in the 1930's-

andy. hello.

why the second amendment exists.

Ryan Lee

They don't even say national security interest anymore…. They just flat out say national interest. Money is national interest. And all the baby boomers will vote for these war monger parties again

Gray Snow

This video has stopped at exactly 1:20 twice. I restarted it twice. Just tells me Ron Paul is accurately telling the truth. Going to bitchute.

Captain Ron II

Pompeo is protecting us just like how tRump single handily defeated isis(with one eye closed btw). They are heros😀

Sarah Carrell

I heard there is a libertarian contestant for president who promises to close down the federal government immediately after inauguration. What a refreshing idea! We are tired of being lied to.


This is a last ditch attempt to get Trump reelected , because they know that a war will keep a president in office ,just lie it did with Bush .

Sam Sticka

The Revolutionary War, The War Of 1812, The Civil War, World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Grenada, Persian Gulf, Bosnia, Kosovo, War On Terror, Iraq, Libya and Syria. That's a lot of wars.


Get ready to send your children to Iran to fight and die for the JEWS. Thank you President Donald Trump.


Great interview today on the Jimmy Dore Show. #EndTheWars

John Ham

It took 15 trys to make you tube play


with the military industrial complex running the military it is no wonder we have endless, unconstitutional wars… the neocons have such an incredible disregard to the military whose lives are used for reckless purposes… fortunately more people are catching on.

Terry Creagh

Imperial Presidency sounds right, for sure!

Brian Kleinschnitz

Great Job on RT Dan! You and Ron are true role models to look up to, thank you!

Jeffrey Rudolph

Power of war (crown jewel,last one) absconded by same people wielding other three . "Oh mortal man is there nothing I can't make you believe"… father of all lies .

SeaJay Oceans

The Constitution is clear, War Powers are held by Congress. The CiC has full loyalty of the military, but can not, for example, order an invasion of Capital City of Mexico as a 'show of force' to get Mexico to stop migrants from crossing the borders.If the President can unilaterally and of his own singular decision attack any nation, then why not just annex Canada and invade Mexico with U.S. Tanks and ground forces ? Clearly, those ideas are complete fiction, just as unprovoked war with Iran would be fiction. Congress holds the War Powers :CONSTITUTION, SEC 1 ART 8:… Read more »


Vote for Danny 2020. Illinois' 14th Congressional District. Constitutional Conservative fighting AGAINST war and the need for a vote in Congress in order to make any offensive moves whatsoever.


Pompeo should be prosecuted for violating constitutional law bypassing congress. 911 investigation should be reopened.

Analytical Reactor

A year or so ago, Iran dropped the dollar officially. When it did, many sites including this one and the Keiser Report, said that it was just a matter of time before the US bombed them (citing Iraq and Libya). Don't forget to remind your viewers what really started this BS. Or perhaps "rekindled" is the better word.

Igor bardales

Trump shall remove Pompeio and Bolton. Those are dangerous hacker that will provoke a world war.
Hopefully the common sense should prevail.

john lewis

People need to stop excusing Trump from the crimes of his administration. Trump was the one who decided to pull out of the Iran deal. Trump was the one who decided to support a coup in Venezuela. Trump was the one who appointed Pompeo and Bolton. Trump pushed out the more pacifists people in his administration and replaced them with war hawks. The blame rests on his shoulders.

Marty NoBS

Trump's biggest failure heating up


No More Presidinential War Tulsi 2020 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n46tt45_b-8