Executive Order: Will Background Checks Solve The Gun Problem?

President Obama turned to the use of Executive Orders to clamp down on the sales of firearms in the US, particularly the sales between two non-dealers. Will more background checks for law-abiding citizens solve the gun violence problem, or is the real gun violence problem something entirely different?

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Original Youtube video here.

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Rain Drop

This is spot on. Thank you, gentlemen.


The guy's name is Adam Dick. Did anyone else notice?

Priscilla Sieckman

Thank you,Ron Paul


Thanks Dr. Paul!

Ed Waggoner Sr.

Will Background Checks Solve The Gun Problem?  Is there a gun problem?

Yui-Omi Muni

How is the government going to monitor every gun sale everywhere? Rubbish. They won't be able too. I fill out a background check every time I purchase a weapon so none of this matters to me. I hate it for those who do buy and sell guns w/o the checks. I have friends who do this a lot. They are going to be pissed.

Any Rebel

Poor Ron. i think it's all over libertarians. no one understands or cares to understand the fundamental concept of rights. and they never will. this is exasperated with white populations in decline, who make up the main demographic of people who cherish liberty. the best you can do is try to infuse some principles of liberty in society, but nobody will get it. today most gun advocates don't even understand rights. they point to the constitution as if that gives them their right to own a gun. it's never going to back to how it was. doesn't matter how many… Read more »


I saw some "news" report that paints gun owners as terrorists. "Groups" made up of primarily of Veterans. So is the plan to deny Veterans gun ownership? If an individual is pro Constitution are they a terrorist? If an individual disagrees with the current political party are they a terrorist?

Anon Vigil

Why don't these videos have more views? I don't think anyone knows they exist.

Mountain Man with JimmyJam

Thank you mister Paul for heaven Rand Paul go on Alex Jones Show for a lot of people out there they don't realize Alex Jones this is the real deal but at the same time a lot of people out there have been brainwashed their entire lives this should really help out his campaign thank you Mr Paul have a good freaking day


religious cults need background checks the most, since guns didnt cause 911. the communistwealth of virginia want a cop with a body cam taking video or everyone and their vehicle at gun shows, probably at every gun store too