End The Suffering – Get Government OUT Of The Healthcare Industry!

There’s a timeless principle that whatever government touches, it ultimately ruins. Many years ago, government invaded the healthcare industry, along with the blessings of politically-connected corporations. The disastrous results cannot be more obvious. The answer is to rid the industry of government interference. The politically-connected corporations will fight for continued “government regulations,” but the fresh air of free markets are the only fix for this gargantuan mess.

Original Youtube video here.

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Bob Channell

I watch these live streams as soon as I see them, but it pains me to hear one like this. I was tempted to make a smart remark earlier, but think I just won't bother. Your welcome.

Bob Channell

I guess you mean your son Rand, not Ayn Rand.

Cole Reed

Agree its unsolvable. Throwing more money at the problem is not the answer.

On the flip side, to not see a problem with billionaires existing is to not understand anything. To defend gross excess wealth while criticizing the means by which they get it, makes no sense.

No one gets that rich without corruption, with out creating suffering for others. No good comes from The irony of saying that taxing billionaires is making them poor.

mike menza

Get Wall Streets Insurance Industry out of healthcare.. That would save at least 40%..


Dr Paul always said there is no authority in the constitution for healthcare. If people don't understand that they should read the constitution perhaps for the first time even.

Rob _

Cant listen to you paul anymore. Quit supporting trump and his ignorance and his humiliation to all of us all over the world.
Btw hes made billions in hotel wealth by rerouting any possible government meeting or layover to his hotels.
Fuck him fuck you fuck government

Steven Orcutt

Why is it that Congressmen and Senators get free healthcare for the rest of their worthless lives?? Please answer that Dr Paul!

Makada R

Insurance for all=the Fed insurance policy

Darrell Moore

How they got money was anti Liberty, anti freedom that funny money the Fed printed should not be worth shit

Anthony E Huggins Jr

We are funding the Chinese Communist Party, their military and providing them universal healthcare with US dollars!


State Medicaid is a interesting idea, because the states can negotiate.


My ears cringe every time Chris is on, as his audio is still unbearable. Great show and insight as always, but please fix that audio for next time.

Motersickle Bum

well, the "free enterprise" healthcare system sucks too. i keep hearing horror stories of simple hospital stays turning deadly. my friend's sister had a sunburn and went to the hospital in NY State and they nearly killed her. malpractice is commonplace despite the payer.

Dr No Bs

This idiot calls himself a doctor. Ok no government in medicine you think is going to get cheaper. I would love to challenge this so call Dr. buffoon it’s not the government it the people who run it.

BLAIR M Schirmer

Yes, throw yourself on the mercy of for-profit health care even though 33 of the 34 advanced countries, the OECD countries, implemented universal health care decades ago, save trillions compared with the US, and enjoy better outcomes. The problem isn't government, the problem is the corruption of government by corporate power, something Ron refuses to call out even as he wants to push us further into Comcast and Fidelis' warm embraces.

420x christian

Libertarians on the economy kill my self


Get insurance companies out and cap big pharma. Get the gangsters out. Free markets kill people because money is more important to them. Separation of church and state – we need good honest men – we obviously dont have them.

Rocky Fjord

The Cubans spend a small fraction of what we do in the US, and their outcomes are better. Effinginsurance companies suck a trillion out of the system; probably another trillion sucked out by greedyBig Pharma, Medical supply, doctors, hospitals etc, etc. If we had a single payer system in place,the cost overall would go down. Just compare to other nations. Not sure how you think medical care would go down with free market, as that is what we have, with insurance piled on top. We have a Market State,and it's been a greedy disaster. You have some nice ideas, but… Read more »

Rocky Fjord

The People don't run shit in the US; democracy is a myth. Read about demokratia in Athens, we are not
a democracy. People are greedy buggers, left to heir own 'liberties,' they'd resort to barbarianism. Pretty
close now. What was possible in a rural society is not in a urbanized mass society. You are wrong here, or
so I think.

Phillip Morgan

I wish every American would follow Ron Paul's Liberty Report. It's a daily dose of good sense.