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Women to the front line, women in the draft, seems like the war drums are beating loud now. Are they looking for absolute numbers of canon fodder? I don't buy that these are "theoretical" updates to policy. Seems they are prepping every angle now for a large scale war.


Love you Ron, sad so many former libertarians are supporting Bernie or Trump. Know this, YOU INSPIRED ME TO LOVE LIBERTY. I STILL STAND WITH RAND.

Ed Waggoner Sr.

Freedom only rarely ignores the natural law, there really is a difference between boys and girls and failing to recognize this has consequence.  If all the funding and laws forcing "equal rights" down our throats were eliminated none of this would be a problem.  In the free market people are hired or fired on merit or demerit. If women really are equal to men, let's make battalions of  them, arm them to the teeth and send them to the front lines.  We did that with black men, they excelled, would an all women's battalion excel?  Not a chance.  Politicians have a… Read more »


The draft is no longer viable, war can be started, engaged , and concluded too quickly. We just do not fight wars properly. That said if men are compelled to sign up for selective service women should be too.


Ron Paul should do an interview with fellow libertarian/anarcho capitalist Stefan Molyneux. I would love to see it.

Patty Queques

Reminds me of the SJWs fighting for equal treatment in OccupyOregon – because protesters in Ferguson and Baltimore were rounded up and shot at right away, the government should have sent the guard and rounded these guys up too. Equality of abuse.

Tin Lieu

Seems to me this is a plan to completely destroy America. First send the best men to die now send the best of women. All of which are young, healthy, skillful, brave, passionate, etc… Join the military and expect to be forced vaccinated including other biological & psychological experimentation. Destruction of the White race? Imagine the remaining portion of the US population are those seen in Black Friday videos.


Perhaps they are planning a new distraction – to start a new war so grand, but don't have enough bodies?

They eliminated the automatic dishonorable discharge for being openly homosexual, have a wave of fighting age immigrants entering the USA, but they are still coming up short, so they need to get people ready for women in combat

When it gets to all hands on deck, they will raise/lower the fighting age being drafted.

John Mastroligulano

They are pretending their persona's don't expect them to mean what they say or to not know what they pretend to not understand that is part of the puppet show they are being paid to put on to pretend debate/choice.


Well if women are still complaining about equality I don't see what else we could give them besides the right to die and receive violence like a man. They have distinct advantages in America today. We've lost all decent traditionally male jobs while subsidizing all traditionally female professions. They practically force males away from education so they can act like they don't have to suffer at work because they're smarter. Degrees don't guarantee intelligence however. I'm tired of having war waged against me by feminists for oppressing women when I'm the one being oppressed by women. The women who claim… Read more »


The draft:  Men have had to sign up in order to vote for decades and no one bats an eye.  Now we do the same thing to WOMEN and the response is "Oh no!  We have to do away with the draft!"

And we live in a patriarchy…

Zircon 308

If Women want to have the same roles in the military as men do, they shouldn't complain about being drafted.


Great show Dr.Paul!


Karen Kwiatkowski is amazing! I'm awestruck. Thanks for doing this intriguing and eye opening interview.


The "invasion" of Afghanistan.

kenny baird

People talk about everything EXCEPT equal parenting rights for fathers.

roger morgan

It all comes back to basics, Animal basics, the viability of a species, is determined by that species ability to reproduce. The idea that you would push your best and most fertile breeding population into a situation where they would most certainly suffer huge losses is insane, and even if you won such a conflict you may lose long term. It is why you will ultimately lose in Afganistan, They are constantly replacing fighters from the ranks of maturing children.

joe banana

A lack of cannon fodder. People are finally waking up to the "endless war" scam.


I find it alarming that this comes shortly after the Senate proposes attempting to shift all control of the military solely to the President to be used boundlessly and without any need for permissions of any kind. It definitely suggests something is coming around the bend and they need numbers….The draft shouldn't even be something on anyone's mind right now to begin with.Obviously, it's being thought about. Why?  (grant it, I do believe if one has to do it, the other should as well….we ARE supposed to be equal, and that DOES include this aspect as well)BUT…..look at what is… Read more »

Brutal Honesty

how can there be equality when only one gender is being enslaved? the possibility of removing draft is abysmal because the country is obsessed with military power. if you want the worse for the male descendant at least be honest about it. since women are the one that want equality and always bitching about how men have it better then give them the equality. let them be drafted and be forced into war and die. let them suffer and let them see hell on earth. it is time for them to wake up.

Ivar Losna

If women want equal rights then they should have to take all the shit that comes with being a man too.