Don’t Let The State Brainwash Your Kids: Homeschool! With Guest Tom Woods…

Are you worried about government schools brainwashing your kids? Are you worried about them being manipulated into political protests that undermine liberty and morality? Most importantly, do you want them to actually become educated people? Tom Woods joins today’s Liberty Report to tell us why more Americans should consider homeschooling…

Original Youtube video here.

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James Levesque

But where do you find the time when you've got to work all day? It would be like doing 2 jobs.

Scott Watson

What a shame. The American experiment is ending before my eyes.

Terre Haute Taylor

Thank you for this informative video 💓


all public curriculum should be based on becoming an EMT. math = how many quarts of blood are in a cow? etc. how fat does an American need to be before being considered for soylent green? how stupid does an American need to be to watch TV?
EMT's & we'd have a nation of stony healers not stoned weasels.

TrumpArmy ofKentucky

The march for our lives movement at least has clearly stated goals. Take our lives and then our guns.


these kids anti-gun marches, a good example of why you should homeschool – What EVERY Parent & Child MUST Know About THIS March "Leader" –


Don't homeschool your kids unless you want a socially incompetent sheltered dependent child, imo


We learned in the 1950s that if you restrict the movements of a mammal for 6 hours a day during their normal resting time, it causes (curable) brain damage. What happens if you restrict the movement of your children (mammals) for 6 hours a day during their normal active time??? If you put your kids in public schools, you are introducing them to indoctrination while provably deleting their creativity and problem solving abilities. THIS WAS INTENTIONALLY STRUCTURED THIS WAY. Public schools are legalized child abuse.

Logan Mial

I can't imagine my 2 year old boy sitting still in a classroom for 8 hours a day.

The Man

yes there is reason the liberal democrats hate homeschooling so they can't brainwash our kids.Liberal democrat family is on the decline too so only way they gonna brainwash our kids is through the pos public school system

Étienne de La Boétie

what is "math?"

– went to public school

Étienne de La Boétie

I took personal finance in high school. It was 2005, and the teacher was bragging about how he flipped houses…

Ronnie S

I agree that public schools are crap. But what’s your opinion on sending your kids to a Catholic school?

Owen Fink

Are you afraid? Are you scared? Well here, let's supplement your distrust in our public institutions by fear mongering through the use of your children.

Justin M

i was suicidal most of my time through school, quitting was the best thing i ever did.

Cassandra Weiss

Thank you for another insightful vid, Dr. Paul. Sadly this liberal indoctrination infiltrated the private school that my son is currently attending. It’s crucial for parents to be vigilant and make sure that they take charge of their children’s education.

thomas scott

I go to a Independent Studies highschool and I'm totally sick of it. They use every chance to indoctrinate the students into anti-American values. We dont say the pledge of allegiance and every teacher is left leaning. Someone needs to finish the education system. To embrace American values once again!


We homeschool our kids.


Take me back to @ 1964 so that I could avoid all the mainstream public school BS!

Fed Up

Communism controls the public school system

James Caudill

Public school is child abuse. GET YOUR KIDS OUT OF GOVERNMENT SCHOOLS.

Zlatan H

I started 8th grade in the U.S., finished high school 3.95 GPA, AP everything, and 2 years of college after, and I still haven't learned any new Math. It is very sad that the potential of developing mind is not being challenged and nourished properly. 7th grade in my country I had 13 subjects, from Arts to Physics, written and ORAL EXAMS, which I believe is a major factor in education, as well as pop quizzes. The class as a whole, was held responsible for every student grasping the basic concepts to earn them a passing grade, 1 of the… Read more »

DK Knight

I've been saying this for years but falling on deaf ears. If you don't raise your children someone else will.

…critical thinking is one thing they don't teach you in school. OMG, cant question the curriculum that is being taught.
What kind of morals are they teaching your children? etc.

Link should be

Swamp Hawk

My child is homeschooled and 100% of his teachers are armed for his protection.

Sui-juris Dave

I would love to do this with my junior-high aged kids (13 yrs, 13 yrs, 12 yrs old). But I can't rely on them to cut the grass or shovel snow without me hovering over them, so how on earth would I be able to expect them to stay on task at home while me and my wife are at work? But man, their public school is God-awful….they actually have some assignments that require them to COLOR pictures at the end. Coloring! That's 3rd-grade busy-work! And then there's the bullying (lots of arab kids, picking-on the "white boys"… And the… Read more »

Starali Mistriel

Excellent thought provoking presentation by Tom Woods! Since I am both a parent and two+ decades long public school teacher/educator, with some private education thrown in, both union member and representative, and most of all…activist, I am going to chime in to provide some perspective in the big picture and landscape with this, quoting myself and sole opinion here and may appear to ramble because it is an ongoing issue: Workers are being purposefully manipulated towards gatekeeping education. Here is the current narrative that has the potential to and currently is, hurting public education. Most parents of American schoolchildren are… Read more »

Alessio Balsamo

The advantages of an education more focused and fitted on the individual's skills are pretty clear, sure. But what about the social life? Me and my former classmates have average lives with average jobs and from the school times what we remember more is the sociality, than the actual schooling. I failed at public school because I was essentially a misfit as child, so my parents moved me to a private one (with huge sacrifices) where professors and seniors had the duty to not let any child behind (or out), and what school taught me was how to deal and… Read more »

Faith Barbie

I'm interested, but not sure how to go about doing it… is there Web cams?

Robert Balejik

not only homeschooling (not for everybody) but unschooling too (organized and free like homeschool school) like sudbury valley or sumerhill.

Lada Riva

yes let the religious nutjobs brainwash their kids, just fucking great

Gerard Abair

Ron Paul is affiliated with the Scottish -Rite FreeMasonry, the "bulldog " of the Jesuits enforcing their economic monopoly over every American.

Gerard Abair

"Gesu " Ron Paul
Masonic Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor and Servant of "The Man of SIN " in Rome.

by Eric Jon Phelps


Send them to the military for Uni, cheaper and they actually get a proper education with any Cultural Marxist bullshit and also life skills.


Go to a private school, home school is for freaks.

Liberty Warrior

Homeschooling your children is awesome, I have be doing it for two years now and will never look back. I don't believe in following any particular curriculum, it's pointless trying to teach kids subjects they have no interest or passion, it's far better to follow their interests and supply resources. One on my children is and exceptional graphic artist, and she is only twelve, she is producing work at a professional standard, she spends most of her time drawing, I have no interest in forcing her to learn maths, a subject she has no passion for.