Donald Trump: The Establishment Candidate

While his rise in the polls is attributed to his challenging the establishment and the political status quo, let’s look at the many ways Donald Trump, when it comes to his political positions, represents that very same status quo. From the Fed, to war, to civil liberties, the “anti-establishment” Trump takes no positions not already endorsed by the establishment.

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Original Youtube video here.

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I always will love the Pauls esp. Ron Paul he's the reason I still wake up in the morning😊😆 and if anybody dares have the audacity calling Ron Paul or his son part of the ESTABLISHMENT–Up Yours!!!!

Jaime Buckley

Mr Paul, though I don't disagree with you, I'm interested in solutions. Even if everything you say about Trump is true, and I'm not convinced all your statements are spot on, can you point out what candidates available will do a better job for the American people? Someone who isn't owned by special interests…including your own son? Unfortunately, I see this becoming, perhaps (and I could be wrong here, but I do wonder) a painful wakeup call for this country. That we will get someone SO bad–doesn't matter if it's Democrat or Republican–that the American people will realize that we… Read more »

Mark Cranston

A brilliant analysis, one which simpletons like Alex Jones should heed. Ron Paul was America's only hope.

Emo Duck Trooper

I've lost all faith in the Republican Party after watching Trump change his views on abortion 5 times in just three days.

Trump is the highest in the polls. Just kill me now.

Ron and Rand were the only hope America had. Where has our sense of right gone?

R Hemo

Ron Paul needs to update his video. To say "Trump takes no positions not already endorsed by the establishment." is wildly inaccurate. I wrote-in Ron Paul but stopped supporting him when I discovered his fund-raising history and political alignment with satanic LSD guru Timothy Leary, who claimed he was some how incarnated as Aleister Crowley, after Crowley's death. One thing is for sure, Ron Paul doesn't ALWAYS make sense. Sometimes he's full of it.

Anders Hass

You weren't this harsh on your own son!

But if he is establishment candidate why do they fear him then?


Silly Ron. You can't stump the Trump.

Mark Derksen

Media are his best allies? HAHA

K Danagger

Actually, Trump has spoken out against the FED and voted for Rand's bill to Audit the FED. Cruz skipped that vote.The FED is public enemy #1 and no other other front runner has taken a stand against them. That may be the best we can hope for. I admit I dislike his ideas on domestic spying and support for torture ("enhanced interrogation"). This is extremely disturbing, but we have no other choices except not to vote at all. By not voting at all, we do nothing to oppose Hillary. I'm not sure I can live with knowing that I did… Read more »

M Giancoli

yeah thats the word i never hear out of trumps mouth LIBERTY is what every one of us needs most

Mista Jones

Yeah right Trump not establishment…. Smh…


So how does Alex Jones explain his hero's views on Donald Trump? Alex Jones is always ready and willing to fall to his knees and open his mouth for Paul and Trump, but since they're clearly at fundamental odds how does all this fit in to his small pathetic excuse for a mind?

Colin Colenso

Ron, I think you're missing the point here. Trump offers hope by delegitimatizing establishment media and government. Only when this Overton Window is widened can there be an opportunity for an unobstructed discussion on concepts of liberty and economics. The Alt-Right is exploding in influence and confidence as a result of his campaign. That has opened many people's eyes to alternative and libertarian ideas. There is a good reason the global media powers are terrified of him.

Colin Colenso

The US can't jump from Fascism straight to Libertopia. First the forces that brought fascism and rampant stupidity to the country need to be discredited. As that vacuum expands, liberty and the associated ideas will have the chance to grow. Trump represents the confidence to stand up and fight against PC lunacy and the establishment that enforces it.

danny deblasio

Rand paul is in favor of tpp? Why dont you talk about that ron, since he is your son. Your a fraud, im not buying in to your fear tactics.

Gail Fitches

This was back in 2015 when his son Rand Paul was running.

Argentino Conservador

Goodness you're so wrong!

Sixgorillionshekelbergswindler Shlomo

PC-Marxist media loves to hate on Trump.


Everybody use terrorism from middle east politically but the numbers indicate that those terrorists kill less americans in war zone than the number of americans death by police at home. So now who had the balls to talk about these things and show the big picture to the public?
Only one person Ron Paul, the REAL president of US


It's really sad to see that Libertarians can point to Hayek's The Road to Serfdom as an argument against Socialism but fail to see the parallels to Trump.


Great job Ron Paul, this is the message that a lot more people need to hear. People just don't get that Trump represents everything that his voters despise about the establishment.

Pascoal Freitas

Trump made his campaign over fear.. it is undeniable..


Ron Paul shill and muslim apologist,

Alan Emerson

Ron Paul > Sellout

Josh Caldwell

Sorry I like Paul but Trump is our revolution at this point Paul couldn't beat the establishment and media but Trump has a shot and wants our country back

Crooked Hillary

Dimwit Paul Gets It Wrong Again

Ivan Poon

I think Ron Paul is wise, it is difficult to change the entire system. However, at least Trump is giving some hope and honest about the current system and speak it out. Whether it is by design or by circumstances, waking some seeple. However the system has a 1 way trip, to implode on itself with foreign nations not buying treasury and petrodollar status fading, more wars on terror will be engineered and more instability in the middle east, more tax burden on the mass. Seeple vote for more benefit, less work, Washington will still want to be elected and… Read more »

Play Nice!

I like Trumps words, but I didn't vote BC I didn't believe Trump is anti establishment! Glad this evil will not be on my conscious!


the trumpers are a danger to everyone on the planet, even to themselves, what they have started will destroy us all, including them in case they dont realize that

Gamera Sanders

Dr Paul is a prophet just look at the establishment sociopathic statist neocons who he is appointing. I don't believe in the death penalty but if anybody deserves it, it is people like Pompeo, Flynn, and Mnuchin

Bob Rolander

I am a rustbelt, weed smokin green socialist and a Bernie Sanders supporter, and I approve this message.


50 days into the Trump presidency, and it's obvious that Ron Paul was 100% correct about him.