Did The NSA Kill Its Program To Spy On Us…Or Upgrade It?

A surprise revelation from a staffer in House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s (R-CA) office has everyone talking about whether the NSA has really ended its metadata collection of our phone calls and texts, which was authorized by the 2015 USA FREEDOM Act. They say they no longer need the data collection allowed by the Act. Is it true…or have they developed something else?

Original Youtube video here.

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Privacy is not in the constitution because it's common sense. It was a given and known agreement among the FF but these days common sense is not common. Ppl are such manipulators especially the gov.


Of course they're still spying on US citizens they always have. They just rename it say they're doing something different.


People really need to wake up and understand we are a civilization of people being farmed and coaxed into building the western empire. Banking and money is the tool to coax us into breaking rocks on monday morning down at the pit to build the pyramids. Absolutely slaves. Conned into believing we are not.

Patricia M

We have LOST our Constitution. The "Patriot" act and "domestic security enhancements" and "Freedom" act have rendered us non-citizens under our own totalitarian warfare surveillance regime. America's soul has been sold to ISRAEL. (9/11, just ask Bolton) The terrorists are in Washington, DC.

Nancy L Dethmers

It’s probably all taken over by Unit 8200 and Talpiot program

Michael DeSilvio

THEY are trying to get a gander at my schlong and scrotum sack with my electronic devices!

Heiner Ali

Folks…they won't need any of this once 5G is functional. Then comes the mandatory vaccines…mandatory home inspection…mandatory phyiscals etc. etc. all at YOUR cost.
There will be NO FREE WILL TRAVEL…not even to neighboring states !!! You had best stop talking and start acting. One nioght of rage…and no towers will be left standing at dawn !!!

Forbidden Truth

When did we go from we the people for the people to we the government fuck the people

Greg p

Repeal the States Secret Act and defund all the 3 letter agencies..

God Parking

Too many human and not enough fish and oil comes from dinosaurs, get those nggers who don’t pay their bills that will be “mass surveillanced,” with rape and eat little boys nsa darpa Global 5G mindcontrol diarrhea darpa weapons and have the held accountable with a violent dishonorable death and they will beg for their lives!!! Stop saying your dead little boy nggernames and my wives and lovers names!!! usa eu un multi toilet nationals will die as a disgraced dirt toilet ngger they are!!! nggers (usa) wants to Nuclear Suicide because cia fbi nsa doj dnc we’re caught raping… Read more »


Does Trump still think Snowden is a Trator and should be Executed?? I personally think that not only should he be allowed to come back to the USA , once he's back, we should have a ticker tape parade celebrating him!

Shan Ri Ha

Cops are getting trained in Zionist israel and there's NO Regime that's worse than these thugs when it comes to privacy or the treatment of the individual, in fact the influence etc that the American people have allowed that tiny 2% minority to have over the 98% is wrong in so many ways. Americans have to get the influence and control that Zionist israel and Jewish Supremacy has been allowed to attain over America out of their Lives, everything about these people is disgusting. Take your Country Back Americans just look at what these people have done to your Country.Peace

Grounded Axblade

since there is NO WAY to actually unseat corrupt power, when Dr. Paul sez End Der Fed, is he advocating an actual armed revolt?

B.F. Biermaster

I had to do some research for a class on the NSA website. That is the creepiest organization ever. The NSA talks about the internet the way you imagine pedos talk about parks.

A G Analysis

Ron never speaks about Spygate

Minnesota Salamander

Our government is out of control.Get rid of the CIA.

Surgien Heorte

The best way to implode this spying system is to start making a few phone calls per day to random telephone numbers, and chat about anything with people you've never known or met. Within a short period of time, the NSA software would build a huge amount of bogus metadata which would render this system inefficient, and too expensive to analyze and maintain.

Alex Mitchell

Ron knows that Israel and her chosens run our entire country yet always finds a way to dance around the issue. I'm starting to wonder how much we can trust him and his "unbiased" opinions

Steve Carnall

That Congress and Senate are the suspicious characters. Scary critters

Steve Carnall

I voted for Trump and I see my mistake. Should have stayed home

Sandy Rhod

Thank you Ron your cleared up my issues on why Rand did not stand behind the executive order

Eleazar Barrios

Upgrading of coarse

P. A. Andrews

Originally when they started doing it it was people that are Fascist with no respect for the law! A lot of it a result of the coup of 1963 that still controls the country that is fascist.

Spanish Inquisition

I received my 2nd call today from "Officer Kelly Jones" advising me that legal action was being taken against me for social security fraud and I would be arrested unless I called them back at (972) 382-7316 — and presumably paid them in Apple iTunes cards. Of course it is a scam that has persisted for almost a decade (Google "Officer Kelly Jones" and you'll see complaints that are literally 10 years old) and victimized who knows how many Americans. Law enforcement and security agencies, like the NSA, who claim to protect us from terrorists and criminals,, take NO action… Read more »

Silver Encrusted

No! It's all set to increase. We are entering the Great Tribulation period…… early days but the world is setting it self up to head this way. Bring on the return of The True King


They are probably getting rid of all that data because it most likely incriminates too many of their own people…the whole thing is a joke and just another detraction from what they are now up to…

Eye Don't know

I know they're using it I manage a halfway house. I have a client who has Asperger's he was picked on as a kid especially in high school. Recently in a discussion with him in my private apartment I have a smart TV on the wall this client was telling me about a school shooting he wanted to commit but all he wanted to do was kill the six kids that were picking on him so he didn't carry it out because you didn't know how to get the six of them together at one time well describing this to… Read more »