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Steve Smith

Isn't it odd that Cannabis and Kratom, two easily grown plants that have a proven track record of helping people with numerous physical and psychological ailments have both been classified by the FDA as schedule one drugs that have zero medicinal value. Hmmm. Makes one wonder who the FDA exists to serve don't it.

Ollie Bri

you have something like a " Adderall" and it's prescribed??? It's a Pure Amphetamine and you made it prescribed to treat what???

gary mills

Why don't you all concerne your selfs with the Root of these problems how are people getting cancer

Loki Sullivan

HR5404 "Effective 30 months after the date of enactment of this Act—

(1) the Secretary of the Treasury (in this Act referred to as the “Secretary”) shall define the dollar in terms of a fixed weight of gold, based on that day’s closing market price of gold; and

(2) Federal Reserve Banks shall make Federal Reserve notes exchangeable with gold at the statutory gold definition of the dollar."

Smedley Butler III

Cancer, is a racket.


Omg this is amazing! I admire Dr. Mary so much! Im so happy to see her here!

Victor Petrov

Life extension supplements, lol. Ron, how can you invite this charlatan to the show????

sanibel island

Yeah, cannabis oil is out of favor by the government because they are in the opium business. Government has the military watching over their poppy fields in Afghanistan.

Samuel Ramos

Very Informative. Thank You Ron Paul. Very Important Stuff

Jennifer Batchelor

We no longer can accept the blatant overreach of – not power, but corruption, greed, and oppression – from these agencies disguised as protectors. Will def be supporting your book, thank you.

Bambi Pardis

And my grampa being the right Republican .My husband and others fighting over politics don't know what they are talking about

Ample Loonitic

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Ample Loonitic

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Bobby C

Jews did 9/11 and attacked uss LIBERTY. Who owns the banks, federal reserve, aipac, MSM, HOLLYWOOD, etc….. Zionist and Jews and isreal need to be wiped out.

Colton Brandt

One of the few places Americans can hear the truth. From real Americans. Thank you for your service and voice Dr. Ron Paul.


Y’all think those drug companies are bad, watch this doco made by bible believing Christians to get the low down on vaccine companies


James Kelman

How did this incredible man not get voted president? By far the most honest politician with great foresight and humanitarianism!

Joe Tittiger

I went and read the description of the new book and think that The author is very misguided in her infatuation with Rockefeller pharmaceuticals. They are clearly an unmitigated disaster. 45,000 dead from Viox. Millions with SV40 cancer from the original polio vaccine…. I like the authors past work but she is way off base with this one.

Please get off of YouTube Mr paul. The #&^@ censors here deleted my channel this week because I exercise my free speech. Screw YouTube….


Man I wish these shows were longer, something like a traditional podcast. I want MOAR!!!!

Max Freedom

Mary is awesome.

Thomas Jefferson

SHES LIEING,a doctor in POLAND,discovered a cure for cancer,that worked on almost every desase known to man,it set your system back to what the program was in your dna,and OVER NIGHT you were pissing out anything in your body that wasn't natural,and belonged there..THAT WAS THE FDA who stopped it here in america…and it was made from you own dna…its still out there ,just no one can use it in america..Thank you federal government….


A humble correction from a Surgeon.  Regulations don't sometimes backfire, they always backfire.  Regulations don't sometimes make things more dangerous, they always make things more dangerous.   If everyone from the DEA and FDA did not go to work tomorrow and their jobs were forever removed magically EVERYONE would be better off.  The FDA pushes their own brand of poison.  Anti-depressants that have a side affect as severe as suicide are perfectly ok with the government flunkies.  Cannabis, a medication that does NOT impair driving, Cannabis has NO lethal dose, Cannabis has NO negative side affects, Cannabis is a perfect protein to eat, you… Read more »

Raymond Payette

Congress should be responsible for policy shift, such as the transfer between prevention and treatment, The problem is that Congress is not owning up to its responsibilities. Sacking all policies is not a viable answer.