Co-Conspirator: Ecuador Paid Off To Deliver Assange

The timing was hardly “coincidental.” Not long after a trip by Vice President Pence to “convince” Ecuador to hand over Julian Assange, a $4.2 billion IMF loan appears on the scene. Then Ecuador follows through and delivers the Wikileaks publisher to face the wrath of the US political establishment. Do what Washington says, get a bribe. Don’t do what Washington says, get a bomb.

Original Youtube video here.

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So obvious indeed.

AddresseeNot Recognized

People believe that they are spectators in this system , but we are not. When you do NOTHING, then you are CONSENTING to Govt and Corps which are taking your FREEDOM. You can withdraw consent from Govt and Corps by returning their MAIL,(addressee not recognized, no contract). You are then not bound by LEGAL AGREEMENT, but FREED by the protection of the LAW.


the word bipartisan usually means some larger than usual deception is being carried out -George Carlin

June Shannon

Did Ron cut his own hair after a drink or two? Lol

David Higgins

"As Long As Asshat Is In Prison, We Are All In Prison". Ron Rot talking Paul is uttering utter Garbage.
The best place for a Political Terrorist… is 'in' jail.
All the supporters and sympathizers, all the Tyler Durden 'zero hedge' crony's, all the other news medium and political crony's who are so upset about it, are no better. Putting your narrow minded political agenda above peoples lives, just as the offending article did, condemning many conscientious people to an early grave.

Brenda Sinclair

Assange is “guilty” of two “cardinal sins”: Revealing US war crimes committed in Iraq and; Committing the unpardonable sin of publishing the emails of Clinton, Podesta and the Democratic National Committee, thereby revealing such chicanery in US domestic politics as the fraud committed against Bernie Sanders in the 2016 Democratic primaries. These revelations among the many (Vault 7, Torture, Diplomatic cablograms), by Assange’s Wikileaks, these transgressions in the eyes of the US ruling elite, struck at the very foundations on which the edifice of “American exceptionalism” is built, namely, the democracy that is meant to be a light unto the… Read more »

thomas renner

Seth rich

Peter of The Awakened

History is great at repeating itself….
Judas was also paid off 💰 for delivering a 'whistle-blower' and look what happened to him! 🤔

The USA (Deep State) are just as corrupt as the Pharisees where.

Carraale human defender

Thank you Dr. Paul, sorry WikiLeaks founder Assange need a protected

thomas renner

He is a hero

Tom Bonn

Are the corrupted-compromised deep state puppets in "our" government anxious to muzzle and exemplify Assange to keep their heinous pasts veiled, or is it especially that they fear having him around to expose them when they execute future-planned surreptitious treasons?

A.A. Allison

"Again, at the tax payers expenses! Why?…


Nahhh… listen how do you introduce evidence to persecute those who are guilty for Seth Rich etc etc? You use the stupid charge that obama didnt even pursue because he said "it would threaten journalism", and use it to get Assange here to testify to put HRC and others in GITMO! Assange is not going to prison here. Trust the plan!!


The governments today have set aside principles,intregity,honor for power and money.This deal would be deeper than an exchange.IMF World Bank,China debt,Gold/Copper Mines,Isaias Bros. Roberto and William crashing the Ecuadorian economy 10 years ago absconded to US.Funding Clinton Campaign.It's another world behind the curtain and it seems to be how they want it to stay.Human trafficking devoid of race,culture.I think Ecuador has actually sold itself with a debt that will never be paid.

Mustafa Iraq

Death to Zionism, Communism, Wahhabism.
Death to the mentality that rules the US: law of the jungle


All Americans need to read “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” to find out how this world really functions with America and the World Bank paying off countries to do their bidding or else. Some countries are bitches working for the Pimp – America – to reign in the other resistance whores. I feel like spitting.


Trump is just another American President. Nothing new under the sun. Trump is not going to do anything for Assange. Deep state is in charge. When Chump dismantles the Federal Reserve Bank, then I would believe he is a true American working for the people. Until then Chump is just anther bitch working for nefarious entities.


Im watching journalist destroy their own rights. Its rather entertaining. Its astounding they forgot that Julian Assange is a journalist. Its astounding they will just let their government kill innocent people overseas and will just let it slide. I hope the souls of those Iraqi citizens slaughtered are watching, I hope one day they get justice and the American scum laughing in the chopper face justice in court. They also killed doctors who healed those people. Bradley now Chelsie Manning is a hero to the American people along with Edward Snowden the more the American elite hate them the more… Read more »

Sunny Light

Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning are both hero’s in my eyes.
Realise them both immediately!!
War criminal Hilary Clinton should be in Jail now!!!


American foreign policy = world domination policy. Its time to stop dancing around with fancy words & call American Govt. what it is, a criminal organization.

Joe Paul

Old mob/cartel saying take gold or take lead


Lenin moreno the current corrupted Ecuadorian president that has been taking and stealing money, with several concrete facts

steven pereira

Julian is a hero..we want him free..

Tony Olsen

Thanks for the updates. 🙂

Have you heard about the manhunt for the Ron-Paul-Supporting Libertarian Seasteaders 15-miles off-coast from Thailand? :-O