China Sells Treasuries: Dollar in Trouble?

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Luis Rosales

I hope businesses could adopt other currency options, especially cryptocurrencies.

The Mdw

Thanks Dr.

Randy Hartono

Sell treasury and buy gold

American Patriot for Trump

The US dollar is toast thanks to Obama adding over $8 trillion to the national debt since 2009, and bankrupting the country.


The problem is the euro is unsustainable too, the single currency will not last. Japan's debt is similarly staggering. China just devalued its currency… Problems all over. Gold is an option, but one that's always based on fear.

Mendicant Bias

There is one last bubble waiting to pop and it's government.

olli tuovinen

Time to accumulate some hard assets like gold.

James Cioffi

The dollar has been in trouble since 1913. The bubble has just been growing slowly but surely. The air just gets put in a bigger balloon every so often (aka quantitative easing). Eventually there is no balloon big enough to hold all the air, and the balloon will pop. It may not be this year, or next year, or the next 10 even, but the bubble will pop and it will be an economic catastrophe unlike any other time in history when the dollar implodes.

Siu Wilson

American "politicians" always say China is trying to make the RMB weak. Well they are selling USD so that the RMB won't devalue. That is one of the reason .

Fallen Angels

Deez Nutz is ready for war. Prepare to hear this more often. Repeat after me! "Fuck the government". "Fuck the government" "Fuck the government". Alright now tell your friends.

Yui-Omi Muni

I was once a cash paying medical customer….. 🙁
Now I am paying quadruple of previous years. Thanks Barry Soetoro!!
Thank you Dr. for breaking down economics for an ignorant person such as myself on the subject. I hated economics in both high school and college. Loved math though


Abolish the FED !

TrumpArmy ofKentucky

I think China stopped holding onto our worthless debts because Obama left them out of the TPP.

John Zook

Thank you Dr. Paul. One thing people should invest in is emergency supplies such as long term food storage,water, guns, ammo and other preparedness items for when this Ponzi scheme collapses and it's going to. Buying gold is not going to help you when there is nothing to buy with it. You cannot eat gold. Preparing for what is coming is the best thing to use extra cash, even making upgrades to your home ie: better insulation, efficient heating and cooling, and low energy devices. Many people are purchasing land in which to build a shelter against the coming collapse.… Read more »

D Ned

Time to build our kingdom in Heaven, not on earth. This life is passing away! Money is not the answer. We can't serve both God and money. You have to choose one or the other. Choose wisely. Amen.

Bevin Chu

It's about time they sold them off!

Stephen Weber

Yes, we all need to invest in hard assets to protect ourselves from what is coming! 999.95% Gold by the gram is a good start!

Jon Bdoe

thank you. if everyone listen, America will be saved/

Jon Bdoe

Yes. america will be saved without all of these killings and wars.n we spend more on killing machines then building infractructures,. go figure.

Michael Ball

I know a guy who can inhale a cigarette through his mouth and blow smoke out of his arsehole!

Carlos Campos


Momma J Speaks Channel 2

Umm. sorry, Can't Put ALL the Blame on Obama. the Debt was there before he got into office… and he got blocked every which way for anything he wanted to Do Right.
NOTHING Is what it Seems.

ba sook

I agree, specially when US is sanction China, try to get rid of dollar, thus helping China

B 2

Tend to over spend!!!!!!! You are dead broke.

Nina Liu

Its not even backed up by oil. The us external debt is 21 trillion dollars. But the oil export market is only worth 800 billion. There isnt enough oil to pay for all the garbage dollars