CEO Of Prepares For The Worst

While government economic stats keep telling a rosy tale of recovery, many are skeptical of Washington’s “good news” stories. What are some of the big players doing to prepare for a possible economic collapse? CEO Patrick Byrne joins the Liberty Report to discuss.

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Original Youtube video here.

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Teresa Bromaghim

The video only shows 15 secs of black screen……Can the video be reloaded?


I really like your channel!

Jay Stimson

The system will collapse. Debt upon debt … the exponential function is always fatal.

Luis Rosales

I wonder when online bitcoin ad exchanges will grow. would love to use it on my sites.

Abbas Virji

Iam a first time homebuyer (not yet) looking to purchase a 216k house in Dec'15. I have 0 debt and work at a large financial earning 100k/yr.
Do you think it is good idea to buy a house if the collapse does come or Hinflation does hit? Should i buy or continue to rent?….
Here is more mortgage details:
Expected monthly mortgage = $1350 (4.375% 30yr fixed, 0 down & no PMI. Includes Home insurance and HOA) and current rent is = $1000.

Chris Hamilton

Foundations and private donations favor only the causes they like or feel they have a stake in. There is also uneven support in the pipeline from cause to cause. Government should be limited but should lend guidance in an integral format to those who wholly want to revitalize this country.

Light Fawn

Patrick seems like a Nice Man, and all, but since He had cancer He shouldn't be drinking cola out of an aluminum can!! It could be an all natural one or it was the only thing he had to grab to take a sip before this interview…?

Kelly Dansie

Great interview

Peter VandenBerg

Daniel McCadams is awkward AF. Ha ha love this show though. "What do I do with my hands?" lmao

American Patriot for Trump

With Patrick Byrne as the CEO of Overstock, it's easy to see why that company has been so successful.

Fred Von Hayek

After hearing this story I made my first purchase from Overstock, VOTE WITH YOUR DOLLARS!


Definitely switching from Amazon to Overstock! With everything going on right now and the lack of trustworthy people it's nice to see someone who is upright and respectable and deserving of every bit of his success. Hopefully others will look to him as an example.

Jihadi Justine Turdeau

That's just it … The "State" doesn't want educated, independent citizens … They want brain-washed robots easy to control. They won't get their New World, One World with thinking people.

J. Egan

Love Ron Paul! Hope Jonathon Johnson gets the Utah governorship…


I agree with the guest, things are om the edge and we are headed for a fall. Also I too would love a Ron Paul Presidency.. Would like to work for Overstock very much. Since that most likely won't happen, I will continue to prepare for the fall.. Good luck fellow Citizens.

brian kelly

these billioniers know something…


daniel mouthes the word "fuck" at 3:17


<10% chance, he said.

Miss-andry Begone

Mr Byrne says he's interested in how you form human capital and how you marry it to financial capital. I'm a retired ex teacher and I would suggest, Mr Byrne that the most empowering things you can teach kids, is not what they are taught in schools, but "Financial Literacy". I think Robert Kiyosaki uses that phrase. What I mean by it is learning what he is talking about but also to teach kids "how to start businesses". It's akin to the idea of not feeding the masses but teaching them how to feed themselves. Of course the powers that… Read more »

Emil Phoryew

Overstock sucks! They ruined my business doing Overstock Auctions when the company got taken over. I like Ron & Rand Paul but Overstock I don't think much of today. I wrote in Ron Paul too and if I have to I will do the same for Rand.


seems to me people are spending, spending, spending..don't know about overstock, but amazon isn't hurting..