Central Planning Always Fails: The Fed Will Self-Destruct

‘Central Planning’ loses before it even begins. In America, central planning of the economy was cemented into place when the U.S. Congress established the monopolist Federal Reserve in 1913. The seeds were planted then, and they have been bearing rotten fruit ever since. The time for planting the seeds of sound money, detached from government, has arrived. The Fed’s perennial self-destruction provides the opportunity to think.

Original Youtube video here.

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The Rothchild's control Israel. They will nuke the USA if the people try to regain control by ending the fed.


Hey doctor Paul we probably would have more money left over if you and your generation didn't bother to spend so much money on seven thousand nuclear weapons leaving 80000 tons of nuclear waste behind or so much money on supporting dictatorships around the world that were kind to us and our corporations with their natural resources or maybe leaving Public Schools fall to the ranking of 21st and 26th in the world and building private prisons and continuing with a War on Drugs for over 50 years maybe you and your government version of spying on every citizens and… Read more »


Hey doctor Paul I'm sure you know that there is a Koch brothers study that discovered we would save over a trillion dollars and 10 years on medical care which would also include Euro Universal Health Care and would cover the 30 million people presently left out because it is a more efficient system but I guess you don't want to save a trillion dollars you and your spilling of f**** free markets you and your generation oversaw the massive steroidal corruption of Wall Street you & yours watch citizens united you & yours haven't even left us proper voting… Read more »

Patricia M

Netanyahu (aka Mileikowsky of Poland), "Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away." 2002

Natural Man

The Fed's job is to prop up asset prices, especially stocks and housing, to suit their owners on Wall Street. That is what they do. That is all they do.
The only thing standing between a young family and a historically real and fair 1960s house price to income ratio is the Federal Reserve. They want the price you pay to be higher and hence your standard of living to be lower. And that's exactly the way they've made it.

G Pozdol

It's been pearls before swine for your whole career. Thanks for hanging in there.

Jenn West

Acknowledgement of “Private Citizens.”
Title 5.
Chapter 5 Administrative Procedure.
Subchapter V – Administrative Conference of the United States.
Section 593. Administrative Conference of the United States.
(6) The Chairman shall select the members in a manner which will provide broad representation of the views of private citizens and utilize diverse experience.

Bryanna Green

Wonder if anyone still thinks trumps playing 3d chess?

Douglas Marsh

I have a question no one seems to address. Trump is accusing China of constantly manipulating their currency to the detriment of the United States. Can't the US people see that the Federal Reserve has been manipulating the US currency for over 45 years. Why isn't Trump addressing that issue of manipulation?

Newfie World Order

3 thumbs down work for the fed 😛

Flying Dutchman

This system and many more only benefits one specific group of entities ….
Zionic Fake Jews….

Nomen Nescio

"Passing it off to the next generation" (kicking the can, like government always loves) is a scary thought, Dr. Paul. Most Millennials will flee to their safe spaces with cookies, warm milk, and unicorns while the rest of us actually dig liberty out of the ashes of this empire.

Flying Lap Productions

Central corporatist Planning by the new Nazis of the fourth Reich. Let's hope they fail but I don't think they're going to. Too many billionaire and trillionaires invested. Rogue murdering CIA FBI and military personnel protecting the central banksters. Pedophiles murderers warmongers pieces of shit, who should be hanging from a noose will unfortunately Escape any punishment.

Seventh Anubis

One thing I don't get, is where do central banks get such unchallenged power? All I hear from the rest of those in banking and finance is, what will we do if the fed does this or that? Not even one of the other big wigs would say that we have to try and stop a central bank. It's, the fed is going to cause a recession, how are we going to prepare? Not a single proactive thought comes to their minds, ever. Everything else is challenged by protests and lobbyist, but not the fed.

Google account 1

The fed wont fail

Mike Hill

One of the main criteria of rental property on the written rental form goes like:Do you and/or any adult 16 years of age have steady employment, 15 hours or greater. Then/and if so be prepared to show 3 to 6 months worth of pay stubs.


???????? The main reason Trump & Co. cannot win a currency war with China is the fact that the Chinese Government owns 80% of the Banks. These Banks cannot fail because they created the money and they can just Sit on the Debt when Businesses/Corporations fail or they can simply erase the debt. Here in our debt based system, Debt continues to accrue until it cannot be serviced and everything collapses. The Chinese need not Fire workers, or stop corporations from continuing to produce…here we have hedge funds using naked shorts and derivative betting to undermine the economic system which… Read more »

Ed Waggoner Sr.

As long as children and women are allowed to vote we will never quit spending, we will end up bankrupt.

Mike B

Well said. However for many there is no point in trying to tell them its a loosing battle because people are happy in their bubble world.


We are approaching Ground Zero in terms of fiat debt.


The current Fed chairman actually wants to do the right thing more than Trump who wants cheap money to facilitate his huge budgets and trade war. As a result he's a frequent target of abuse from Trump on Twitter.


The Freemasons/Jews/Zionists/Globalists/Israel have planned that a long time ago. They intent to destroy all countries, especially the Christians and White race. All things have been planned and they carried it out exactly as they wish. Too bad, our people have been duped for 200 years at least. We need to wake up and take action now.


Audit them, seize all their assets, and then execute them for their crimes against our country and the whole world for century to century… They created wars and genocide people for their own gain… Don't let one of them escape.

Two Term War Criminal

Dr. Paul is a true defender of liberty and freedom. God bless him.


I can't believe they don't know what they are doing at the FED and every other central bank, including the BIS. They must be destroying the economy on purpose. I just wonder what they are going to present as the solution. The whole system is rigged. No sound money means no truth anywhere. As long as we use Fiat currencies we are feeding the beast and let them steal our time. That's what it all comes down to.

Gisela Watson

Thank you Dr. Paul for the first words of common sense I’ve heard in months if not years.