‘Carpet Bomber’ Cruz: Libertarian or Neocon?

While the Weekly Standard and BuzzFeed are advertising Ted Cruz as the keeper of the libertarian flame, where do real neocons call for carpet bombing and making sand glow in the dark? Is this a media snow job?

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Original Youtube video here.

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Gregory Smith

I sure wish Rand was polling better than he is.  I loved his speach in the NH townhall meeting the other day.


The volume on the intro is really low.


Ron Paul Helped to wake me up in 2011 , my reality has changed since then . I know now that whoever gets elected won't make any difference . Their different wings of the same dirty bird . Nobody is coming to save me , so i prepare for the worst with a smile on my face .


Glenn Beck, are you listening to what Dr. Ron Paul is saying?^

Cruz had some people fooled for a little bit. But once you scratch the surface things start to stink. I think he is stepping into that role of neocon very nicely. Once i learned just who exactly he was married to it validated my gut instinct about him. Anyone else had that creepy feeling about him and just wasn't sure what it was? Couldn't quite put you finger on it? Well if you don't know he is married to the managing director and VP of Goldman-Sachs.


2 reasons NOT to vote for Cruz:
1) He is not a "natural born" US citizen (both parents US citizens born on US soil) &
2) He's a neocon
(I'll vote 3rd party first if Cruz gets the nomination, period).


what is your understanding regarding Cruz's claim to citizenship as it applies to holding the office of President


We all love you, Dr. Paul. Keep spreading the message.

Phil Magliulo

Rand Paul 2016!!

Robert Timsah

Wolsey is a piece of work. Watch the Jan Helfield interviews with Woolsey.

Wilson Tenney

Your endorsement of Cruz is the reason we are even having this conversation.

Guy Parris

Libertarians MUST start to distance themselves from today's GOP, that is not to say to swing to today's Democratic party, but just simply away from the disaster that is The GOP. I will point out that almost all of my Liberal acquaintances agree with all Libertarian positions but the close ties with the GOP clowns scare them off. I hope Dr. Paul can continue what he does for as long as he can. It is truly working.

Merrimour The Red

Cruz was throwing up masonic hand signs at that one GOP debate to , the old hand in the jacket nonsence , I don't trust him


Excellent information!


Rand Paul 2016!!!

Andy Schlabach

So… who is the better alternative?

Coon hound

A Cuban-Canadian in the employ of AIPAC w/wife on CFR group w/North American Union project and Amero? No thanks, I'll pass.

t42 Press

Neocon's like Cruz because he went to Harvard and Princeton. – fact is the Neocons are so entrenched in media control you can't even believe that he went to these schools. You can fake a school background and educational background….illegals and immigrants and special protected's get fake historys and fake careers all the time…question is "Why do Americans knowingly accept fake documents?" communist inception liberal training programs = Brainwashed. Need a Reset!!

Dank Dark

So what now? No Rubio, Cruz, Carson, Rand is out, Trump is kind of crazy, what do we do? And does it really matter who gets elected?

Sonia Monahan

Cruz is an Aipac beast puppet as they come.

Danny Knapp

Beto O'Rourke > Beta Ted Cruz