California’s ‘Corporate Fascist’ Vaccine Law

California governor Jerry Brown signed into law one of the most restrictive mandatory vaccine laws in the country. It is nearly impossible to opt-out. Comedian Jim Carrey called the new law “corporate fascism.” Why is the government playing doctor with us and what does it mean for our liberties?

Original Youtube video here.

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Charles Haynes

The Government think they own your children, and you for that matter (since they can now force us to buy a product – insurance).


Each time I listen to Dr. Paul I love him even more.


I <3 Ron Paul!


JUST SAY ….NO…..imho


Dr.Paul, you should advertise your channel on youtube. I don't think many know you have a channel and I'm positive once people know your videos will break into then 100k+ view range fairly easy. People need to hear what you have to say! Thank you for your all your service Sir.

Tina DiMatteo

NO PRIVATE SCHOOL EITHER!!!!! I just want everybody to know that.


1:24 "Why did they elect this guy anyways". Ron ,you know first hand they do not count the votes and that Politicians are now appointed. Research Black Box Voting. It has been proven in court.  Also when you ran for President they 100% Lied about your votes and delegate count. I Tweeted EVERY person I could find that worked at the corporate owned "News". I told them that they were 100% lying and knew it ,with proof. That I would be asking that every single person at their company be prosecuted and jailed. Within an hour the 3 major networks took… Read more »

Sean Burke

Bravo, thank you Dr Paul


California so totally sucks. What a shit azz "state".

RJP Phoenix

Can we establish another country… Texas secede and Ron be our leader?


I didn't get vaccines. My kids didn't get vaccines. We don't get sick.

Amanda Kotter

"The FDA is a menace." Couldn't agree more!


Yes please. All Californian Anti-Vaxxers please move to Texas.

Jill Beckwith Williams

Thank you Dr. Paul!!! This country is so backwards!!!

David Noble

Private school attendance outside the home will also require all mandated vaccines (including chickenpox & hep B) when SB277 takes effect.

Since homeschooling isn't specifically recognized by California law, the bill's language has to refer to home-based private schools (ie private school affidavits) and independent study programs.


Well said as always Dr. No!

Felix el chingon

Wat can we due but prep for wats coming I hope we can stand up like the union and get this country In order .we should ALWAYS be good with each other Canada USA mexico we are nabers we can change this before it's to late nobody will be safe not the elite not the poor .we must be united.

Terry Marvin

Friday, July 3, 2015–8:02 am CST

Thank you Ron Paul for your comments and coming to actor Jim Carrey's defense. I agree with your comments. Parents shouldn't be forced to give their children vaccinations.

Jack Voorheis

Good parents question everything… from what our children eat, medical treatments they receive, how our children are taught….. Everything. The right to decide what is best for our children is our right as free Americans. What is next if we allow these rights to be taken from us? What would we NOT do for our children and our children's children? We must protect our children now. NOW!

Antoinette Capasso

Not hard and fast. Vaccines causing injuries, disease and deaths. Roulette more like it.


How many people realize that, we taxpayers are responsible to cover the over 3 billion dollars in settlements to vaccine damaged children from the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. Big Pharma is NOT responsible for those costs since they manipulated lawmakers into writing this exemption. They proved vaccines were too unsafe for them to be able to cover damages and remain in business. But hey, they still claim they are safe enough to inject in your children though… So in addition to being proven to cause serious harm and/or death to a number of children we have to pay the bill… Read more »

Brett Houston Tube

Very interesting to hear this from a Doctor. Most Doctors and Scientists that warn people about vaccines lose their career.
Ron deserves some respect for speaking some truth in this area, although he did tread very lightly on the subject…

Honesty Counts

Just look at the effect that vaccines have on the Black population.  After black children get vaccinated there is a MASSIVE increase in their autism rates, so large that it cannot be explained as 'natural causes'.   That alone is the 'Canary in the coal mine' sort of thing that shows us that these vaccines really are quite dangerous in the minds of children who are still undergoing synapse growth in their brain cells. Something in the vaccines is causing inflammation scarring in the developing synaptic regions, and it is this damage which is leading to dramatic rises in Autism cases.


I'm so happy to see Ron Paul side with anti-vaccine people. I always suspected he was an evil dipshit but now it warms my black husk of a heart to have proof. :3


He looks wonderful. Healthy and strong. I miss him terribly.

Maria Castillo

We need to clone Ron Paul! Every state needs a Ron Paul!!!


Your body developed from a sperm and an egg do you really think it ends there?
Do you think some company knows more then the natural dynamics of the immune system?  Would you rather trust a profit oriented company to protect you or your children, then an amazing biological computer (immune system?)  Your immune system is just like the free market.  The more you mess with it, the the less effective it is.  Let your child's immune system develop naturally and it will give them the strongest immunity possible.

Ida Ilona van Toor

We <3 you Ron Paul, greetings from the Netherlands. Luckily the world is starting to wake up. Slowly but surely!!! 🙂

Fan Smith

No one is mentioning the fact that millions of unvaccinated people will continue to expose Californians as they come here from all over the world thereby negating the reason for this "law".  What a joke!!!

Maiden Mandy

But at 12:55 RP states that private school is still an option for unvaccinated kids. That's not true! SB277 takes away ALL school options EXCEPT homeschooling…and even homeschoolers under an independant study program cannot gather for classes even once or twice a week! Literally the ONLY options under this new law is for kids to homeschool away from all other children.


Oh, my God!!! Rubella lasts 3 days…Vax everyone NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Vaxs are extremely dangerous–289 by first year of baby.

J So

Why do we have Obama as president and not Ron Paul. Our world is upside down and we are surely living in End times


I hope you encourage your son to speak out on the campaign trail against corporate fascism and vaccine mandates (especially when vaccines cause injury and death with NO LIABILITY!)

Justthe Truthtv

Yes we do know! I have had several vaccine shots I ended up in the hospital for 6 months. I know 1000'ds of people who have never had vaccines. They are perfectly healthy and I am still sick because of one Vaccine shot! I was perfectly healthy before the shot!

ruben gomez

first Disney,then Obama care then the vaccines. This is a plan,there's no coincidence's in life. Time to stand up. Power to the people.

Beth Shepherd

I'm late to the comments on this one but this battle between the people and legislature in California is far from over. Those who want to retain their right to choose what is injected into their children's bodies are fighting with a recall of Richard Pann in the works and a referendum of SB 277. I applaud the parents in Cali for continuing the fight, one would have wonder what drives the parents to go to such great lengths. Even the most avid proponent of the vaccination schedule should step back and consider this.  In the same breath though, I… Read more »

fred barns

GTFO big gov't!!


Thank you Dr. Paul.


Wow, what brilliant common sense he expouses. Thanks Dr. Paul..


God bless you, Dr. Paul, for all that you've done and continue to do for the American People and our Republic. You are truly a man of and for the People.

Dmitry Andreyev

Science must be falsifiable. Karl Popper.

Wide Open

Jeez never mind politics and think about RIGHTS, you think anything of this kind would have been accepted by oldtime Patriots? What about all this Evolution workings and Natural defenses? Anything comming from outside, aliens, yet?


California is going down the hole and taking it's citizens with it. Love Texas. Will never leave. Hope Trump builds a wall around it.

jerry sontoro

we just had a new born last week and they were so quick to try to give him hep b, i told the dr to get the fuck out.


jerry moonbeam brown is a leftist sociopath