CA Shooting Reaction: Wrong Diagnosis, Wrong Treatment

Immediately after yesterday’s shooting in California, anti-gun activists and anti-Muslim activists rushed in to offer their solutions. As usual, they miss the point about such violence.

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Original Youtube video here.

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Mannard Mann

…and they'll keep staging these fake shootings until consensus is that "guns are evil" and everyone cheers for Comrade Barry to confiscate firearms.


Good morning Dr Paul.


It's 2015 for fuck's sake. There are no reasons for owning in a gun, only racist islamophobes want to protect their white privilege to own murder machines.

joe dufey

as a nation of free people we risk have this happen I would rather die free then under tyranny

Matthew Kable

Remember when people said he was too old and would die as President… Well he is still here, still involved.

Mathew Joseph

Thank you Dr. Paul for being the voice of reason

Dan Campbell

The finger-pointing, causes, and pet 'solutions' to the problem, happened long before any facts were in.

Politics has nothing to do with scientific inquiry. Nothing to do with truth.


When are WE THE PEOPLE going to stand up for our right's!??? When is Obama going to put the money and time he spends on crap back in to helping our VET's? as a disabled VET it's hell to get help, I need surgery but they told me it maybe 30 to 90 days out!????????????

Brendon Chase

More often than not, the typical gun owner is portrayed as a white male maniac of sorts. Me thinks these muslim perpetrators were eager to balance that view.Dear Dr Paul, like Murray Rothbard fiercely opposed communism AS WELL AS the Cold War, it must also be possible to oppose islamic doctrine, while also opposing the phoney and very destructive "War on Terror". You apparently don't seem to recognize that option, since islam is almost routinely the underdog in your views. Perhaps, you're not inclined to study the basic tenets of this doctrine, and I can't blame you for that. Perhaps… Read more »

Jeremy Blount

As much as I love Dr. Paul and his consistent fight for liberty, he unfortunately falls into the trope here of "this vs that" when it comes to guns. For whatever reason, the media has perpetuated this idea that we as a society must either have our current situation with guns, or no guns at all. Who says we must take guns from everyone? I don't think President Obama's words of asking us as a society to re-evaluate our views on gun ownership should be taken as an assault on civil liberty – but rather an attempt to have an… Read more »

D Ned

They did it because they were Muslim and they finally read the part in their Koran that says to kill the infidels and thats exactly what they did.

Dana Asbury

it's a lie! why it was isis

4 Eyed Animation

Did he really say more disgruntled employee than terrorist?

Win Taylor

From my cold dead hand.


Much as I agree with just about everything else Ron Paul says I couldn't disagree more with his stance on gun ownership. I even believe that US interventionist foreign policy has a lot to do with the nation's hightened adrenaline level occasioned by guns being so easily got by and sadly so often made use of. The neocons claim that US is universally hated because people the world over are envious of American standards of living. I would put that claim on its head and say that US is fomenting trouble all over the place because it wants to make… Read more »


Just wanted to say i appreciate all that Ron and Daniel does for the liberty moment! Thank you!

The L.A. Explorer

Ron Paul 2016!


3 possible outcomes to this false flag

~ Possible Gun Grab

~ Possible false flag to get the NSA data collection program activated again

~ arms manufacturers tricking us into buying more guns etc

richard Hines

What idiocy this man spews .

Eduardo Rivera

'They" hate Muslims..They hate Christians..They hate very well..Who could that be Got A clue do you?

Eisen J Eisen

Hi Dr.Ron Paul, our troops in Syria will inter fair with Russia troops do we sit by and watch WW111 start,or else we get Obama to bring back all the troops from abroad,the NRA say they got 5 million members and we show Obama we mean business?

Priscilla Sieckman

Thank you Ron Paul.


Rand Paul is not a libertarian, why does Ron endorse his campaign?

Cesar Magana

no, ron paul, i wanna thank YOU.

The Rational Man

Paul they don't want to connect it to Islam. They want to connect it to the NRA, the Guns, and the white race. But abandon the narrative once they find out it's not a white guy, it's a Muslim and is against their propaganda agenda.

Jacob Morgan

I love to sit down after a long day at college and watch the Ron Paul Liberty Report as I am enjoying food. You are the only source I trust Dr. Paul. Have a blessed day #GodSaveTheRepublic


should have been president, would have pushed back all thats going on for a decade at least…

Annie Khan

they killed the couple in cold murder and handcuffed them!

Jacob d'Autriche