Building a Broad Coalition – Ron Paul Congressional Staff Panel at RPI Media & War Conference

How can we defeat the warmongers and interventionists? Rep. Paul’s Congressional policy team reunites (with the addition of Liberty Report co-host Chris Rossini) to talk about how to reach out not just across the aisle but beyond the aisle.

Original Youtube video here.

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George Colón

Yep , a broad coalition is necessary to put a stop to the bully .. About time

jo phoenix

We American people no longer has a Representative Government it is full of plu8nder and loots in both party's! My country has become the Worlds Terrorist Nation we use sections to HARM the little people of country's throughout the world the force the peoples of meany country's to denounce their faith or starve!! We are a evil empire ruled over by Zionist ethic haters of all Christians …

Crystal Horning

I concur with you Mr. Singleton. Thank you!

Max Plank

We need to increase Pentagon spending because China is spending a lot on cheaply manufactured military hardware which they're doing because the Pentagon budget went up to what is it 730 billion? So now that China is building up we're going to have to raise the Pentagon budget to 800 billion… And then China….

Betty Keller-zal


Crystal Horning

Much respect for each one of you!

Dan O'Neill

Thanks !

Ben Bricker

I agree that 3rd party candidates steal votes and upset the general election

Joe Magnets

We don't NEED no stink'n coalition, too MANY JEWS, too little time. What we need is a NEWS MEDIA that is not corrupted by the JEW. What we NEED is a financial system not corrupted by the JEWS. What we need is a political system that hasn't been corrupted by the JEW LOBBY, AIPAC, what we need is the ENFORCEMENT of the DEATH PENALTY FOR ALL TRAITORS, whether 'god' chose them or NOT. What we NEED is to VOTE with the only BALLOTS that has not been corrupted by the JEW< the LEAD BALLOTS, the only way the American people… Read more »


Israel owns both sides so you cant spoil anything. push forward

Mountain made

End the wars. End the FED!

Developer 004

War & peace / end the fed. 💰Strong topics that are unavoidable. 💰Sound check is another topic for the love of the Living God! 🎙Our Father in Heaven And DOGS; mankind's Best Friend! 🐕🙏 and all the rest of animal/nature rights including our adorable serial killing cats 🐅As in from Pets to service animals; they are either a part of the family or an employee. If there is to be no maximum wage; why for bother with a minimum wage? When all need a living wage?Death penalty is too swift, life lessons are not learned; there are a thousand fates… Read more »

Waste In Ruins

These guys are awesome !

TrumpArmy ofKentucky

This is such an echo chamber. There is no hope for the libertarians. We need a celebrity presidential candidate. The rest of these policy wonks would get knocked out by a racist news letter.

David Knight

Great discussion guys!! This just shows the influence that Dr. Paul has had on the people around him……after Dr. Paul is gone, we have many people to carry the torch!


A balanced budget would be a great start…..We once protected Christian democratic Europe from the Atheist Communist Soviet Union. We now protect the atheist and moslem globalist socialist Europe from the Christian nationalist Russians.

Too Bad Slim

5:25 Sound guy's not getting a good recommendation…

Aj Jobe

Pls post to Would appreciate Dr. Paul especially

Peter Hall



I think I fit the label Progressive the most (Norwegian btw). That said, honesty and wanting the best for society isnt a exclusive trait for left leaning people. There are good arguments for conservative and liberal (progressives) (altho not the neo-liberal neo-con offshots) systems, but I think both are vunerable for rigging no matter what you do. Sosiopaths/psycopats have a tendency to seek power, while socalled normal people just want to carry on with their lives, and have good relations with their neighbours. I think thats a universal trait, no matter where you live and your political leanings/system design. You… Read more »

Mike Dunn

The idea of spoilers is nothing but another control tactic that uses fear to keep people in the "2" party system. Sadly, it works very well. I'd much rather see the green party beat out all Ds and Rs and I don't agree with them on almost anything outside of their typically commendable anti–war views.

Smedley Butler III

The hardest part, that makes my head hurt…is a great group of individuals have been high jacked.. by group thought, through networking) now realizing the only way to take back the rights of the individual, is by joining groups as well.. fighting against this group centralized ideology for our lives. Perhaps WWIII is a psychological war instead.

Gpah drnglk

please invest in a soundman, the feedback kills me.

Sarah Brown

Thank you, Daniel! People need these kinds of discussions! End the illegal wars in all their forms! Liberty, peace, and prosperity is what we need to stand up for! I love you all! Thank you for all your hard work getting the message out! Peace!


Vote out all the Neocons and Warmongers in November!

none none

Bad audio from speaker microphone and clanking of people eating in the background.

Gabriel 1

Once you cut through the haze, Midterms is not about red vs. blue, but ordinary American citizens vs. political establishment & corporatocracy.

sanibel island

Yeah,,, keep voting, keep voting….I'm so sick of this!!!! People we seriously need to get out of this mind frame!!!!!